Notes on the Sheriffs of County Clare, 1570-1700
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By Thomas Johnson Westropp, M.A., Member

1673 Henry Ievers

1673. Henry Ievers of Mount Ievers, who is thus described by Dyneley, 1681 (R.H.A.A.I. Journal, 1864, vol. v., p. 73): “This gentleman came over as clerk to Mr. Fowles, a barrister . . . and has in time, by his industry, acquired £1,000 a year; the first and chiefest of his rise was occasioned by his being concerned in the revenue as clerk to the king’s commissioners for applotting quit rents.” He had a grant to hold fairs at Mount Ievers, 1679.[53] His will dates August 10th, 1690, and was proved at Dublin, 1692. He disinherited his eldest son, Henry, for marrying a lady “of noe fortune and rejecting considerable fortunes I had proposed for him,” so Henry, senior, settled the estates on his second son, John, ancestor of the present family. The arms (on his seal and on those of his grandchildren), or three fleurs-de-lys on a bend azure.

Ievers of Mount-Ievers 1673
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