Notes on the Sheriffs of County Clare, 1570-1700
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By Thomas Johnson Westropp, M.A., Member

1684 Simon Purdon

1684. Simon Purdon of Tinneranna, son of George Purdon, 1663-M.P. for Ennis, 1703; commissioner 1695-97;[66] married Helena, daughter of Dr. Synge, Bishop of Cork. His pretty monument is on the north wall of Killaloe Cathedral. Under a neatly cut escutcheon of his arms (quarterly 1 and 4, two-headed eagle; 2 and 3, three roses) and wooden crest; a large oval slab bears the words:--“Pro aris et focis--P.M.S. Simonis Purdon nuper de Tinneranna in Com Clare armig. qui obiit Nov. 4 A.D. 1719.[67] Fuit Christianus vere pius et sobrius. Ecclesiæ Hibernicæ sincerus alumnus. Regiæ majestati subditus fidelis. Legum patriæ inter primos peritus. Maritus indulgens, pater amans paterfamilias providens, omnibus Justus, multis beneficus, nulli inimicus. Filius unicus fuit Georgii Purdon ex Margarita uxor.

Purdon of Tinneranna 1684
Quae matrem habuit Elizabetham Synge. Quorum omnium atque Johannis Bourk de Tinneranna armig: (Quem Georgius habuit avunculum) corpora etaim sepulta sunt. Helena Purdon alias Synge, Simonis uxor, nunc vidua, charissimo conjugi, mæsta posuit A.D. 1730.” His will dates September 28, 1701. He settled nearly all the woods of Tinneranna on his said son at the latter’s marriage.
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