Notes on the Sheriffs of County Clare, 1570-1700
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By Thomas Johnson Westropp, M.A., Member

1700 John Cusack

1700. John Cusack of Kilkishen, confirmed in his lands in Tulla Barony, February, 1679. He purchased the forfeited estates of John Comyn, Redmond Magrath, and others, from the Commissioners, 1703,[72] and got a licence to hold fairs at Ross and Oughterrush, county Clare, March 16, 1714.[73] His only daughter married Thomas Studdert of Bunratty, son of George Studdert (Chancellor of Limerick, and chaplain to William III.), whose father resided in Antrim, 1671, and is stated to have come from Cumberland; but she died s.p., and the property descended to Thomas, the son of the second wife, who granted it to his brother, George, May 1, 1774,[74] in whose family it remains. In Lenihan’s “History of Limerick,” is legend of Cusack’s unpopularity, and how some miscreant insulted his very grave by cutting on its slab this epitaph:?

“God is pleased when man doth cease to sin,
Satan is pleased when he a soul does win?
Mankind is pleased whene’er a villain dies;
Now all are pleased?for here Jack Cusack lies.”

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