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Subscribers to a New Fair Green for Ennis, 1868

In 1868, Lord Leconfield made arrangements for the purchase of a fair green for Ennis. A committee was formed in Ennis to collect subscriptions throughout the county to present to Lord Leconfield as a token of appreciation for his generosity. The total amount collected was £369-16-0. The Clare Journal printed the lists of subscribers from different areas and their subscriptions in November 1868, which are given here below, with an alphabetical list of all subscribers. The fair green, comprising nine Irish acres was walled in 1870 and cattle auctions were held there shortly afterwards. The lists were transcribed by Peter Beirne and Brian Doyle of Clare County Library's Local Studies Centre.

Subscribers and Subscriptions by List
Subscribers and Subscriptions arranged alphabetically by Surname

Subscribers to a New Fair Green for Ennis, 1868

The Clare Journal Monday, November 16, 1868

The New Fair Green for Ennis

The Testimonial to Wainright Crowe Esq.

At a Meeting convened by Circular, and recently held at Mr Pearson’s Room, Ennis, and at which were present (among others) Captain Butler, DL, in the chair; William Butler, Esq., JP; James Frost Esq., JP; Thomas Greene, Esq., JP; PJ Coffee, Esq., JT Lingard, Esq.; John O’Donnell, Esq., William Matthews, Esq., R Pearson, Esq. Jeremiah Kelly, Esq., Denis Callinan, Esq. PJ Dillon, Esq., Thomas O’Gorman, Esq., Patrick Barry, Esq., JP, George Walton, Esq.; EB Browne, Esq., John Christie, Esq., George Carson, Esq., John Cangley, Esq., James Leech, Esq. &c., &c. It was announced that a Committee had already been formed in Ennis for the purpose of presenting Mr Crowe, with some token of their appreciation of his services in effecting the purpose, for the Right Hon. Lord Leconfield, of a suitable Fair Green for the Town. It being felt, however, by the Committee, that others besides the inhabitants of Ennis were interested, it was suggested that steps should be taken to make the matter more general. A Committee consisting of the majority of those present was at once formed, and Messers PJ Coffee and JH Leech were appointed Hon. Secs., and Mr PJ Dillon, of Ennis, as Treasurer to the Fund; and the Hon Secs. were directed to apply to those whom they thought most likely to exert themselves as collectors.

It was resolved that no Subscription should exceed One Pound.
The Hon. Secretaries now append the lists of subscriptions, which are published as they have been received, with the exception of the Ennis List, which has been alphabetically arranged by the Local Committee. The order in which the lists are printed has been regulated by the relative amounts.
PJ Coffee
JH Leech
Hon. Secs.

Lists of subscribers and subscriptions
List No. 1 – The Ennis Committee. – Messers Cangley, Smith, James Leech, Carson, Harvey, and Dillon. Total Subscriptions: £94-12-6
List No. 2 – Mr Thomas Lingard, Cooga. Total Subscriptions: £29-10-0
List No. 3 – Mr John O’Donnell, Carrowduff. Total Subscriptions: £46-5-0
List No. 4 – Mr William Matthews, Kildeemon, Miltown Malbay. Total Subscriptions: £43-4-6
List No. 5 – Mr Michael O’Brien, Killaloe. Total Subscriptions: £35-16-6
List No. 6 – Mr William Cannon, Crovraghan, Kildysert. Total Subscriptions: £21-10-0
List No. 7 – Mr Thomas O’Gorman, Buncraggy. Total Subscriptions: £17-12-6
List No. 8 – Mr PJ Coffee. Total Subscriptions: £14-14-0
List No. 9 – Mr Michael Kenny, Freagh. Total Subscriptions: £13-5-0
List No. 10 – Mr Michael Moran, Dromgranif. Total Subscriptions: £10-15-0
List No. 11 – Mr George Gabbett, Knockenira. Total Subscriptions: £5-17-0
List No. 12 – Mr Matt McNamara, Tulla. Total Subscriptions: £5-5-0
List No. 13 – Mr Frank O’Donnell, Kilrush. Total Subscriptions: £5-2-0
List No. 14 – Mr M Killeen. Total Subscriptions: £4-7-6

Total Subscriptions: £369-16-0
Patrick J Dillon, Treasurer
Ennis, 12th Nov., 1869.

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