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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 24

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions—continued
Barony of Bunratty Upper: Part A
: Clooney Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Ballycrighan John, son of Teige MacNamara Colonel John MacNamara
of Moyriesk
Ballyhickey Conor, son of Rory; Mahone Oge; John, son of Teige; Rory, son of Donogh (MacNamara); Solomon Kinie; Sir Roland Delahoyde;
Maurice O'Hickey; Thomas Arthur; Daniel O'Hickey
Pierce Butler;
Pierce White
Ballyvergin Teige, son of Donald Roe O'Brien; Teige Merigagh, son of Mahone MacNamara; Daniel Roe, son of Mahone MacNamara; Teige O'Brien Donogh, son of Hugh, and others;
John MacNamara;
Murtagh MacMahon
Ballimergan (Ballyvroughan ?) Daniel, son of Teige, son of Mahone Boy; John, son of Teige; Conor, son of Mahone; and Daniel Roe, son of Mahone MacNamara; Teige O'Brien Mary Butler, alias Purcell;
Honora Bourke; Dominick Fleming; John MacNamara;
Lord Clare
Caherlogan Earl of Thomond George Ferris
Cahershaughnessy, alias Curraghmoghaun Earl of Thomond;
Donald Oge, son of Teige MacNamara
Earl of Thomond;
Roger Jones
Clooney Donogh O'Grady David Bindon; James Roche;
afterwards Ensign Henry Bindon, married to the daughter of David Roche, a Protestant.
Cranagher Earl of Thomond; John Delahoyde;
Murtagh, son of Dermot O'Grady
Philip Dwyer;
Earl of Thomond
East and West [48]
John Delahoyde;
Teige O'Brien
Philip Dwyer;
Earl of Thomond
Corbally and Ballyhickey Mahone, son of John MacNamara;
Roger, son of Teige, son of Rory MacNamara; Teige, son of Daniel, son of Rory MacNamara; Conor, son of Rory, son of Donogh MacNamara
Pierce Butler;
John MacNamara
Corbally Castle Conor, son of Rory MacNamara Pierce Butler
Derrycalliff Edmond Oge, son of Dermot MacQuin;
Daniel, son of Hugh Bane MacQuin;
Mahone, son of Henry MacQuin;
Donogh Oge, son of Donogh Roughane
Murtagh Dowling, a Transplanted Papist in 1676; Theobald Butler; William Ryan
Feenagh Earl of Thomond George Ferris; Donogh Carroll; John Carroll
Knockapreaghaun Earl of Thomond Donogh Carroll
Lissana Teige, son of Daniel, son of Rory MacNamara; Rory MacNamara;
Ouna ni Mahone; Honora ni Mahone
Earl of Thomond;
Lord Clare
Maghera West, alias Cloney Earl of Thomond Murtagh MacMahon;
Earl of Thomond
Maghera East, alias Rathclooney Earl of Thomond James Butler; Lord Clare
Maghera Bryan O'Brien Lord Clare
Muckinish Teige MacNamara; Sheeda, son of Rory; and Mahone, son of Teige MacNamara; Earl of Thomond Paul Strange (a Transplanted Papist, his decree is dated 17th October, 1676);
John MacNamara;
Earl of Thomond
Toonaghbeg (a green field) Sir Rowland Delahoyde; John, son of Daniel; and Donogh, son of Daniel MacNamara Conor O'Glissane;
Teige Ryan
Toonaghmore Mahone, son of Conor MacNamara Teige Ryan; Daniel Ryan
Colostovisk Teige O'Brien;
Daniel, son of Mahone MacNamara
Lord Clare
Cahergal Teige O'Brien William Ryan
Cragnashanagh [49] Sir Rowland Delahoyde Geo. Ferris; Henry Jones; John Carroll

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