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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 24

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions—continued
Barony of Bunratty Upper: Part A
: Inchicronan Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Ballygassanmore (young shoots) Earl of Thomond Earl of Thomond
Ballygassanbeg Rory MacGivin (Quin) Earl of Arran
Ballynagranagh (gravel pits) Earl of Thomond Earl of Thomond
Ballyvanna (banac, a fox) Same Same
Bunnahow Same James Quin
Bealnafirvarnagh and Drumtarsna;
(now Durra and O'Brien's Castle)
Bryan O'Brien;
Teige O'Brien
Donogh MacNamara;
Mannagh O'Grady;
Francis O'Brien;
Henry Ivers;
Lieut. Wm. Roche;
Lord Clare (Durra)
Calluragh John O'Grady; Dermot O'Grady James Rice and others
Cappafean Daniel, son of Murtagh O'Grady;
John and Hugh O'Grady
James Butler;
Earl of Arran;
Sir H. Ingoldsby
Cappanapeasta Earl of Thomond  Earl of Thomond
Carrahil Earl of Thomond;
Daniel, son of Murtagh O'Grady
Theobald Butler;
Earl of Thomond
Carrowkeel Daniel, son of Murtagh;
Managh, son of Rory; and
Loghlen O'Grady
Murtagh Dowling;
Teige MacNamara;
Earl of Arran
Carrownacloghy Daniel, son of Loghlen;
Hugh, and Loghlen Oge O'Grady
Lord Clare
Cloonawillin James Oge MacBrody Francis O'Brien; William Roche; Ben. Lucas
Clooneen Earl of Thomond;
Richard O'Grady
Jas. Butler; Donogh Carroll; Earl of Thomond
Curragh Patk. Darcy;
Jas. O'Grady;
Donald O'Quin
Murtagh Dowling;
Jeoffrey Power;
Roger Delahunty
Doon [52] Earl of Thomond Earl of Thomond; John Carroll; Murtagh Dowling
Derrynagleragh Richard O'Grady;
Earl of Thomond
Earl of Thomond
Drumminaknew Danl., son of Murtagh O'Grady James Butler
Cneam, wild garlic Danl., son of Loghlen O'Grady  
Drumcore John MacQuin Earl of Thomond
Drummentuke Loghlen; Hugh; Dermot, son of Murtagh; and Thos., son of John O'Grady Mannagh O'Grady; Murtagh Dowling; Teige MacNamara; Theobald Butler
Drumumna (oak ridge) Earl of Thomond Humphrey Baggally
Drumbonniv (blasts) Maoelin MacBruodin;
James Oge MacBruodin
Donogh MacNamara;
Francis O'Brien;
(afterwards Sam. Burton)
Moymolane Daniel, son of Murtagh;
Daniel, son of Loghlen O'Grady
Murtagh Dowling; Jas. Butler; Earl of Inchiquin; Theobald Butler;
Daniel MacNamara;
Benjamin Lucas
Lahardan [53] John Oge More Col. Garrett Moore;
Teige MacNamara
Kiltoulagh Earl of Thomond Earl of Thomond
Knockamucky Donogh Brody Donogh O'Roughan;
Brian O'Brien
Kilvoydan Brian O'Brien;
John MacNamara
Brian O'Brien; Managh O'Grady; John MacNamara; Lord Clare; Francis O'Brien; Earl of Thomond
Scalpnagown Donogh, son of Murtagh O'Grady Teige Carrigge;
Murtagh Dowling
Sranagalloon Richard O'Grady; Hugh O'Grady Sir George Hamilton
Sunnagh North (a milking place) Donogh Oge O'Roughan;
Mahone and Daniel MacQuin;
Edmond Oge Quin
Earl of Inchiquin;
Roger Delahunty;
Donogh MacNamara
Sunnagh South [54] Charles O'Roughan Donogh O'Roughan; Theobald Butler;
Daniel MacNamara;
Murtagh Dowling;
Roger MacNamara;
Benjamin Lucas

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