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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 24

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions—continued
Barony of Bunratty Upper: Part A
: Quin Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Ardnavoylane Conor MacNamara; Thomas Arthur Dr. Edmond Mara
Ballaghbuoy Mahone MacNamara;
Maurice Conroy
Lord Clare;
Peter Crainsborough
Ballykilty John MacInerney Sir Henry Ingoldsby, as purchaser from the heirs of James Martin, a Protestant
Ballymacloon Thos. Arthur;
Teige, son of John MacNamara
John White
Ballymarkahan Teige, son of John MacNamara;
Thos. Arthur;
John, son of Donald MacNamara
William Lysaght
Ballyroughan John, Daniel and Teige, sons of Donald Reagh MacNamara;
Rory O'Guerane
Joane Mahoone (sic);
Peter Crainsborough
Cahercalla John and Conor MacNamara Dr. Mara;
Donogh O'Callaghan;
John MacNamara
Cant (Ballymulkane & Cloghrinnagh) Donogh MacNamara;
John MacNamara; Earl of Thomond; Thomas O'Guerane
William Lysaght;
Peter Crainsborough
Carnmallow Teige, son of John MacNamara Peter Crainsborough
Carrowgar Sir Rowland Delahoyde;
Mahone MacClune;
Teige O'Brien, Esq.
Wm. Lysaght;
John MacNamara;
Peter Crainsborough
Carrowmeer Teige, son of Donogh Reagh; Teige, son of Daniel Maol, son of Daniel; Mahone and Daniel MacNamara Lord Clare;
Peter Crainsborough
Carrowroe Sir Daniel O'Brien;
Earl of Thomond
Lord Clare;
Earl of Thomond
Carrowandoreska, and Carrownaglogh Daniel MacNamara, Fionn. Pierce Creagh FitzPierce, Alderman of Limerick
Carrowkeele, otherwise Druminlisha Daniel MacNamara, Fionn. John MacNamara
Carrowkeiltian John Strasse John White
Cloonaherna Mahone & Daniel MacNamara Peter Crainsborough;
Lord Clare
Coolshamroge [56] Meyler MacRedmond;
David MacRedmond
James Power
Craggaunowen Maurice Conroy Peter Crainsborough
Creevagh Thomas Arthur Dr. Edmond Mara
Creaghanenashynagh Sir Rowland Delahoyde James Power;
George Ferris; Henry Ivers
Cullauniartigane John, son of John MacNamara;
Earl of Thomond;
John O'Hartigan; Daniel O'Hartigan
Earl of Thomond;
Peter Crainsborough
Cullauniheeda Earl of Thomond Earl of Thomond
Creaghnanainh John MacNamara;
Teige, son of John MacNamara
Nicholas Lysaght
Cullenagh Mahone MacCloone;
Maoelin, son of Conor MacCloone
John Cusack
Danganbrack Thomas Arthur;
Donogh MacNamara (Fionn.)
Dr. Edm. Mara;
Barth. Stacpole;
John MacNamara
Feaghquin Daniel MacNamara (Fionn);
Donogh MacNamara
John MacNamara; Bryan M'Grath, a Transplanted Papist; (afterwards John Gore and Robert Longfield)
Gorteen Teige, son of Donald Reagh MacNamara Pierce Creagh
(ceab, producing long marshy grass)
Sir Rowland Delahoyde;
Cumarra MacNamara;
Earl of Thomond; Teige O'Hurney; Thomas Arthur; John MacNamara
Dr. Edmd. Mara;
John Drew; James Rice; John MacNamara;
John Dury
Kildrum Thos. Arthur;
John, Rory, Murtagh Oge and
Donogh MacNamara
Dr. Edmd. Mara; Jas. Rice; Robt. Dixon; H. White; Capt. Teige MacMahon
Knopoge Daniel MacNamara (Fionn). John MacNamara
Macincrolrow John, son of Donogh MacNamara Bartholomew Stacpole
Madara Danl. O'Brien; Thos. MacRedmond; Conor MacMahone;
Sir Rowland Delahoyde;
Teige, son of Donogh MacNamara;
Thomas Arthur; Meyler MacShane
Thos. Hickman;
Dr. Edmd. Mara;
John Drew; John Cusack; James Rice;
Lord Clare
Rathluby Mahone; Teige, son of Daniel Reagh; Teige Merigagh; and John MacNamara; and Maurice Conry Lord Clare;
Peter Crainsborough;
Pat Lysaght
Rosslumane [57] Daniel Clancy John White

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