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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 25

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions—continued
Barony of Inchiquin: Part B
: Dysert Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Ahasla Dermot O'Dea No name given
Aughrim Conor, son of Donogh O'Brien;
Jas. Neylan
Donogh O'Brien;
Sir Henry Lynch
Aughrim Brian O'Brien;
Donogh O'Dea
Sir Henry Lynch;
Earl of Inchiquin
Ballybrody Ogan O'Hogan; Flann O'Kerin Earl of Inchiquin
Ballycullinanmore William Neylan William Neylan
Ballycullinanbeg Dermot, son of Denis; Conor, son of Edmund; Teige, son of Daniel; and Conor; son of Loghlen (O'Dea) Walter Spring
Bancher Conor O'Dea John O'Dea; (afterwards Bishop of Killaloe)
Ballygriffy Conor, son of Donogh O'Brien Donogh O'Brien
Ballynagonnaghtagh Conor, son of Edmund; Dermot, son of Denis; Conor; son of Loghlen;
Conor Crone; and Teige O'Dea
No name given
Ballyteernan Dominick Fanning Earl of Inchiquin
Caherclancy Flann O'Neylan; Mahone O'Brien;
Ogan O'Hogan
Cappanakilla Murtagh O'Brien; Mahone O'Gripha Same
Carhoo, Clonmore and Cuttenbeg [83] Dermot O'Dea; Loghlen O'Dea No name given
Cuttenmore, Carrow-igorman, Cruit, Rathareil, Turnageehy William Neylan William Neylan;
Edmund O'Hehir
Cloontohil and Clooneybeg William Neylan William Neylan
Cloonlegane Conor, son of Donogh O'Brien;
Daniel, son of John O'Dea
Earl of Inchiquin;
John Dury
Cloona Hibt (sic), O'Kearney;
William Neylan
Earl of Inchiquin;
John Dury; William Neylan
Carrowbrist Daniel O'Dea; Dominick Fanning; Dermot O'Brien;
Conor, son of Donogh O'Brien
Earl of Inchiquin
Cregnashee Dominick Fanning;
Mahone O'Brien; Dermot O'Brien
Carrowcastle Conor, son of Donogh O'Brien Donogh O'Brien
Drumcurreen Loghlen O'Dea;
William Neylan
John O'Dea; William Hennessy; William Neylan
Drummina Conor; Teige and Conor, sons of Loghlen O'Dea; Dermot Neylan; Mahone, son of Loghlen O'Dea;
Pat Hogan; Danl. Oge O'Huire
Earl of Inchiquin
Drummoyle Mahone; Brian, son of Donogh; and Graine O'Brien Same
Derrydrumbuige Conor O'Brien, son of Donogh;
Daniel, son of John O'Dea
Earl of Inchiquin; Edmund O'Hehir; Michael O'Dea
Erinagh Flann O'Neylan; Rory, Dermot, and Teige MacDonagh; Owen McGillavyle; Maoelrona O'Gripha; Teige Roe O'Gripha; James O'Meighan Samuel Burton; Earl of Inchiquin; Lord Clare; (afterwards Francis Burton and others)
Gurtcurka William Neylan William Neylan
Knockaun Dermot, and Loghlen O'Dea Bishop of Killaloe; (Tenant in 1660, John Brigdall)
Killeenan Boetius and Daniel Clancy;
Daniel O'Dilline
Turlogh MacMahon
Kilcurrish Patrick O'Hogan Bishop of Killaloe; (his tenants were Turlogh O'Hyne, Murtagh O'Hogan, and Michael O'Dea)
Kilkie and Lisheenrahanick Conor, son of Maoelin MacBrody [84] Earl of Inchiquin
Lisheencreevy John MacBrody Earl of Inchiquin
Moyhullin Edmond, son of Hugh O'Hogan;
Patrick O'Hogan; Loghlen O'Dea
Murtagh Hogan
Mollaneen William O'Neylan William Neylan
Poulnanyne Lord Inchiquin Earl of Inchiquin
Teeronaun William O'Neylan;
Mahone O'Brien
Earl of Inchiquin;
William Neylan
Toonagh Teige na Sorgee;
Mahone MacMoighe, Moyle O'Brien
Earl of Inchiquin;
Robert Rochford
Trinagh, otherwise Drumminclare Patrick O'Hogan Earl of Inchiquin

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