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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost
Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 25

Book of Forfeitures and Distributions—continued
Barony of Inchiquin: Part B
: Kilnamona Parish

Proprietors in 1641
To whom disposed of
Ballyneillan [88] Flan O'Neylan;
Donogh O'Brien;
Conor O'Brien of Leamaneh
John Clancy; William Neylan; Murrogh O'Hehir; Honora Hogan; (afterwards Thos. Hickman; Earl of Inchiquin)
Ballyasheea Donogh O'Brien of Ballynebaney; Conor O'Brien of Leamaneh;
Conor Crive O'Brien of Tobbermaly
John Dury
Ballymongaun Andrew O'Griffia Earl of Thomond
Ballynabinnia Bishop of Killaloe Bishop of Killaloe; (his tenant was James Hehir)
Ballyknock Flan O'Neylan Same; (his tenants were Catherine Clancy and Walter Davis)
Cloongowna Bishop of Killaloe Same
Clooncaurha Same Same
Carrowkille Dominick Fanning;
Donogh O'Brien of Ballynabinnia
William Neylan;
Earl of Inchiquin
Craggluske Conor; Mahone, son of Murrogh; and Teige McCarrig O'Brien Earl of Inchiquin
Knockacaurhin Flan O'Neylan Same
Kilnamona Patrick Hogan Honora Hogan
Leckaun Bishop of Killaloe Bishop of Killaloe
Lurga Dominick Fanning;
Mahone, son of Murrogh O'Brien;
Conor O'Brien of Lemnaghaward
William Neylan; Benjamin Lucas; (afterwards Thomas Hickman)
Moarhaun Conor O'Brien of Leamaneh

William Neylan

Magowna Dom. Fanning; Mahone, son of Murrogh O'Brien, and Conor O'Brien of Leamaneh, in equal parts Earl of Inchiquin;
Brian Goodwin
Rushaun Patrick Hogan Honora Hogan
Shallee Lord Inchiquin Earl of Thomond

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