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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  
Occupiers of land in the Parish of Clonloghan [TAB spelling: Clonlohan] on 30th September 1830.
Transcriber: Barry O'Shea, ACT, Australia.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
Mulquiny Thomas   Drumguiley Clonloghan  
King John   Drumguiley Clonloghan  
McNamara Patrick Snr. Drumguiley Clonloghan  
McNamara James   Drumguiley Clonloghan  
McNamara Patrick Jnr. Drumguiley Clonloghan  
McNamara John   Drumguiley Clonloghan  
Gloster James Esq. Tullyglass Clonloghan  
Murray Mich'l   Tullyglass Clonloghan  
McMahon John Esq. Tullyvaraga Clonloghan  
Keane Mich'l   Tullyvaraga Clonloghan Mich'l Keane & Sons
Keane     Tullyvaraga Clonloghan Mich'l Keane & Sons
McMahon Mich'l   Tullyvaraga Clonloghan  
McInerheny Thomas   Tullyvaraga Clonloghan  
Kelly William Mr. Cahirteague Clonloghan  
Canny James   Cahirteague Clonloghan  
Conlan John   Cahirteague Clonloghan  
O'Halloran John Mr. Cahirteague Clonloghan  
McNamara James   Cahirteague Clonloghan  
McNamara Dan'l   Cahirteague Clonloghan  
Lyddy Patrick   Cahirteague Clonloghan  
Corbett John   Cahirteague Clonloghan  
Maley James   Cahirteague Clonloghan  
Gloster Arthur Mr. Lismaclane Clonloghan  
Kelly Will'm Mr. Ballymurtagh Clonloghan  
McMahon Patt Mr. Ballymurtagh Clonloghan  
Couney Mich'l   Leamaneagh Clonloghan Mich'l & Ja's Couney
Couney Ja's   Leamaneagh Clonloghan Mich'l & Ja's Couney
Ladder Thomas   Leamaneagh Clonloghan  
O'Donnell Darby   Leamaneagh Clonloghan Darby O'Donnell & Son
O'Donnell     Leamaneagh Clonloghan Darby O'Donnell & Son
Kildea Hugh   Leamaneagh Clonloghan  
Coffee Mich'l Mr. Leamaneagh Clonloghan  
McMahon Thomas Esq. Lisconners Clonloghan  
Kennedy Mich'l   Lisconners Clonloghan  
Maley James   Lisconners Clonloghan  
McMahon Brien   Lisconners Clonloghan  
Molony Thomas   Lisconners Clonloghan  
McMahon John Esq. Clonlohan Clonloghan  
Neenan Timothy   Clonlohan Clonloghan  
Gleeson John   Lisleagh Clonloghan  
Hartigan John   Lisleagh Clonloghan  
Burke Patrick   Lisleagh Clonloghan  
Barry Mich'l   Lisleagh Clonloghan  
Creagh James Esq. Rieskavanaher Clonloghan  
Hehir James   Rieskavanaher Clonloghan  
Clara Michael   Rieskavanaher Clonloghan  
Coffee Pat'k Mr. Knocknagun Clonloghan  
Coffee Pat'k Mr. Ballyvouskna Clonloghan  
Coffee John Mr. Ballyvouskna Clonloghan  
Gleeson Morty   Killulla Clonloghan  
C??han John   Killulla Clonloghan  
Mahon Charles Esq. Killulla Clonloghan  
Healy Fran's Mr. Killulla Clonloghan  
Finn Thady   Killulla Clonloghan  
Haneen Lau'ce Snr. Killulla Clonloghan  
Haneen Lau'ce Jnr. Killulla Clonloghan  
Mulcunry Ja's   Killulla Clonloghan Ja's & Den's Mulcunry
Mulcunry Den's   Killulla Clonloghan Ja's & Den's Mulcunry
Davoran Marcus   Killulla Clonloghan  
Wilson Michael   Killulla Clonloghan  

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