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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  
Occupiers of land in the Parish of Drumcreehy [TAB spelling: Dromcreehy] on 14th February 1829.
Transcriber: Anne Greene, Ellicott City, MD, USA .

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
Moran  John Mr. Muckinish Drumcreehy  
Burke Martin   Muckinish Drumcreehy  
Winkle James   Muckinish Drumcreehy  
Fahy Peter   Muckinish Drumcreehy  
Reedy John   Muckinish Drumcreehy  
Diviny Peter   Muckinish Drumcreehy  
O'Loghlen Edmund   Ballinafad Drumcreehy  
Curtin Patt   Ballinafad Drumcreehy  
Donoghue Patt   Ballinafad Drumcreehy  
Kean Anthony   Ballinafad Drumcreehy  
Hynes Mich'l   Ballinafad Drumcreehy  
Kean Thomas   Ballinafad Drumcreehy  
Lally John   Ballinafad Drumcreehy  
McNamara Connor   Ballinafad Drumcreehy  
O'Connor Mich'l   Touniron Drumcreehy  
Kerin James   Touniron Drumcreehy  
Fahy Patt   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
Commane Dennis   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
Carthy John   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
Kerin Moll   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
Kean Laurence   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
Callaghan James   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
Tully Mich'l   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
Hrogan John   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
King Patt   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
McGann John   Ballinacraga Drumcreehy  
Francis Peter   Castlepark Drumcreehy  
Curtin Mich'l   Castlepark Drumcreehy  
Callaghan John   Island Drumcreehy  
Callaghan Connor   Island Drumcreehy  
Kerin John   Island Drumcreehy  
Kerin Darby   Island Drumcreehy  
Lourhy Patt   Island Drumcreehy  
Francis Patt   Island Drumcreehy  
O'Flaherty Patt   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
O'Connor Mich'l   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
Sweeny Patt   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
Sweeny John   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
Egan John   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
Hayley Mich'l   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
O'Loghlin Patt   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
Wilson Wil'm   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
Grey Thom's   Cahirloghlin East Drumcreehy  
Neylan Mich'l   Cahirloghlin West Drumcreehy  
Boyle Patt   Cahirloghlin West Drumcreehy  
Kerin James   Cahirloghlin West Drumcreehy  
Kerin James Dennis   Cahirloghlin West Drumcreehy  
Francis Peter   Park Drumcreehy  
Curtin Mich'l   Park Drumcreehy  
Francis Wil'm   Park Drumcreehy  
Francis Thomas   Park Drumcreehy  
King Mich'l   Enagbane Drumcreehy  
Casey William   Enagbane Drumcreehy  
Quin Tim   Enagbane Drumcreehy  
O'Flaherty Patt   Middle Enaghbane Drumcreehy  
Grey Wil'm   Middle Enaghbane Drumcreehy  
Francis Thomas   Middle Enaghbane Drumcreehy  
Egan John   Middle Enaghbane Drumcreehy  
Francis John   Bishops Quarter Drumcreehy  
Curtin Mich'l   Bishops Quarter Drumcreehy  
Francis Thomas   Bishops Quarter Drumcreehy  
Francis Mich'l   Bishops Quarter Drumcreehy  
Comyn Connor   Bishops Quarter Drumcreehy  
Comyn James   Bishops Quarter Drumcreehy  
O'Loghlin   Mrs. Clareville Drumcreehy  
Lennane Thomas   Killoghill Drumcreehy  
Lennane Mich'l   Killoghill Drumcreehy  
Murphy Mich'l   Killoghill Drumcreehy  
Curtin Mich'l   Killoghill Drumcreehy  
Casey James   Killoghill Drumcreehy  
Lennane Thomas   Acres Drumcreehy  
Gilligan Mich'l   Acres Drumcreehy  
Fahy Timothy   Acres Drumcreehy  
Kerin Mich'l   Acres Drumcreehy  
Neville Patt   Acres Drumcreehy  
O'Loghlin James   Acres Drumcreehy  
Hynes Edmund   Acres Drumcreehy  
Lennane Thomas   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Lennane Darby   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Lennane James   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Lennane Mich'l   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Casey John   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Casey Patt   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Casey James   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Currin Mich'l   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Murphy Mich'l   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Murphy Tim   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Comyn Connor   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Comyn William   Loughrask Drumcreehy  
Hogan Coleman   Tounarassa Drumcreehy  
Kerin Jonothan   Tounarassa Drumcreehy  
Lennane Patt   Tounarassa Drumcreehy  
Lennane Thom's   Tounarassa Drumcreehy  
Lennane Peter   Tounarassa Drumcreehy  
Dowd Patt   Tounarassa Drumcreehy  
Dowd John   Tounarassa Drumcreehy  
Mungovan John   Tounarassa Drumcreehy  
Lennane Patt   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Egan Mich'l   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Casey Patt   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Casey James   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Conolin Mich'l   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Conolan Patt   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Kerin Mich'l   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Kerin Thom's   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Kerin Jonathan   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Kerin Mich'l   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Hynes Mich'l   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Lennane Thomas   Dangins Drumcreehy  
Kelly Peter   Dungins Drumcreehy  
Connalen Patt   Ballycahill Drumcreehy  
Connalen Mich'l   Ballycahill Drumcreehy  
Connalen John   Ballycahill Drumcreehy  
Clancy Tim Patt   Ballycahill Drumcreehy  
Clancy John   Ballycahill Drumcreehy  
Clancy Mich'l   Ballycahill Drumcreehy Mich'l Clancy & Son
Clancy     Ballycahill Drumcreehy Mich'l Clancy & Son
Egan Mich'l   Ballycahill Drumcreehy  
Comyn William   Ballycahill Drumcreehy  
Comyn Connor   Ballycahill Drumcreehy  
Kinnere Patt   Cahirawaraga Drumcreehy  
Kinnere John   Cahirawaraga Drumcreehy  
Kinnere Mich'l   Cahirawaraga Drumcreehy  
McNamara John Mr. Knockatian Drumcreehy  
McNamara John Mr. Lisaroo Drumcreehy  
Liddy John   Lisaroo Drumcreehy  
Liddy Thomas   Lisaroo Drumcreehy  
Laheen Batt   Lisaroo Drumcreehy  
Liddy Mich'l   Lisaroo Drumcreehy  
McNamara Wil'm   Newtown Drumcreehy  
O'Loghlin Charles Mr. Newtown Drumcreehy  
Carthy Mich'l   Newtown Drumcreehy  
O'Loghlin Mich'l   Newtown Drumcreehy Mich'l O'Loghlin & Egan
Egan     Newtown Drumcreehy Mich'l O'Loghlin & Egan
O'Loghlin Thomas   Newtown Drumcreehy Thomas & Mich'l O'Loghlin
O'Loghlin Mich'l   Newtown Drumcreehy Thomas & Mich'l O'Loghlin
Comyn Wil'm   Newtown Drumcreehy  
Morony   Dr. Newtown Drumcreehy  
Comyn Wil'm   Newtown Drumcreehy  
Donoghue John   Newtown Drumcreehy  
O'Callaghan John   Newtown Drumcreehy  
Casey John   Newtown Drumcreehy  
O'Dea John   Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
Lennane Thomas   Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
Daly Mich'l   Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
Hickey Patt   Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
O'Brien Mich'l Mr. Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
Carthy Patt   Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
Rabbit Patt   Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
O'Loughlin John   Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
Kean John   Feenahyona Drumcreehy  
Kerin Dennis   Balliconree Drumcreehy  
Tierny Mich'l   Balliconree Drumcreehy  
Lennane Tom   Balliconree Drumcreehy  
Casey Luke   Balliconree Drumcreehy  
Fahy Roger   Balliconree Drumcreehy  
Egan Mich'l   Balliconree Drumcreehy  
Brennan Wil'm   Balliconree Drumcreehy  
Shone Patt Mr. Balliconree Drumcreehy  
Shone Patt Mr. Harbourhill Drumcreehy  
Kerin Dennis   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Liddy Terence   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Casey Luke   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Lennane Tom   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Lennane John   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Davoren Austin Mr. Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Clancy James   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Flaherty Patt   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Sweeny John   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Sweeny Patt   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Wilson Wil'm   Cappanwailla Drumcreehy  
Lennane Martin   Lisanard Drumcreehy  
O'Brien Mich'l   Lisanard Drumcreehy  
Daly John   Lisanard Drumcreehy  
Casey Bernard   Lisanard Drumcreehy  
Westrop John Rev. Lisanard Drumcreehy  
McMahon Terence   Ballyvahane Drumcreehy  
O'Callaghan Patt Snr. Ballyvahane Drumcreehy  
O'Callaghan Patt Jnr. Ballyvahane Drumcreehy  
O'Callaghan Dan'l   Ballyvahane Drumcreehy  
O'Callaghan Martin   Ballyvahane Drumcreehy  
McNamara Geo Esq. Ballyvahane Drumcreehy  
O'Dea John   Drimnacurrin Drumcreehy  
Jordan John   Drimnacurrin Drumcreehy  
Gilmore Thomas   Drimnacurrin Drumcreehy  
McMahon Terence   Drimnacurrin Drumcreehy  
Lennane Thomas   Drimnacurrin Drumcreehy  
Tierny Coleman   Drimnacurrin Drumcreehy  
Westrop John Rev. Drimnacurrin Drumcreehy  
McNamara Geo Esq. Drimnacurrin Drumcreehy  
Casey John   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Connole John   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
McNamara W'm   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
McNamara   Widow Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
O'Callaghan Dan'l   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
O'Callaghan Martin   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Casey Wil'm   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Jordan John   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
McInnerhiny James   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Halley John   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Folan John   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Kerin Mich'l   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Lennane Thomas   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Flanagan Mich'l   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Irwin Thom's   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Kerin Thomas   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Markham Tim   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Quealy Amby   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Conloghty James   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Rock Mich'l   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Fahy John   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Waters Mich'l   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
O'Loghlin John   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Hastry Dan'l   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
Grady Rich'd   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
O'Brien Patt   Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
McNamara Geo Esq. Knocknagro Drumcreehy  
McNamara Geo Esq. Knocknagro Drumcreehy Parkgarriv

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