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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  

Occupiers of land in the Parish of Dysert [TAB spelling: Dysart] on 8th April 1843.
Transcribers: Paddy Casey, Bern, Switzerland; Bryce Normoyle, Victoria, Australia.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
Synge E Esq. Ahastla Dysert  
Doogan Mich'l   Ahastla Dysert  
O'Loughlin Mich'l   Ahastla Dysert  
O'Loughlin Tho's   Ahastla Dysert  
Leary Dan'l   Ahastla Dysert  
Mulcreevy Martin   Ahastla Dysert  
Barry James   Ahastla Dysert  
Synge E Esq. Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Ready John   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Howard Denis   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Howard   Widow Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Flannery Patt   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Flanery Mich'l   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Neylon John   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Doogan Patt   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Morony Austin   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Flanagan Patt   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Pantrige James   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Carney Thom's   Ballanagunoughter Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Derrinasura Dysert  
Cotter John   Derrinasura Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Knockreagh Dysert  
Barry Anth'y   Knockreagh Dysert  
Leary John   Knockreagh Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Gurteenalascrane Dysert  
Howard Patt   Gurteenalascrane Dysert  
Cassey Bidy   Gurteenalascrane Dysert  
Lourden   Widow Gurteenalascrane Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Knockmore Dysert  
Custy John   Knockmore Dysert  
Howard Conner   Knockmore Dysert  
Howard Thady   Knockmore Dysert  
Howard Con'r Snr. Knockmore Dysert  
Howard John   Knockmore Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Mounlafagin Dysert  
Kelly Mich'l   Mounlafagin Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Moughquillan Dysert  
Kelly Jas   Moughquillan Dysert  
Kelly John   Moughquillan Dysert  
Kelly Thady   Moughquillan Dysert  
Kelly Patt   Moughquillan Dysert  
Synge E Esq. Driminchin Dysert  
Fitzgerald Patt   Driminchin Dysert  
Neylan Stephen   Driminchin Dysert  
Neylan   Widow Driminchin Dysert  
Hallenan Bridget   Driminchin Dysert  
Synge E Esq. Raghferrine Dysert  
Tierney John   Raghferrine Dysert  
Linnane Peter   Raghferrine Dysert  
McMahon And'w   Raghferrine Dysert  
Synge E Esq. Rusfadda Dysert  
Hurley William   Rusfadda Dysert  
Synge E Esq. Knockanroe Dysert  
Leary Patt   Knockanroe Dysert  
Molony Patt   Knockanroe Dysert  
Roughan Patt   Knockanroe Dysert  
McMahon And'w   Knockanroe Dysert  
Leary John   Knockanroe Dysert  
Carty Tho's   Knockanroe Dysert  
Pynne John   Knockanroe Dysert  
Pynne William   Knockanroe Dysert  
McMahon And'w   Knockanroe Dysert  
Synge E Esq. Dromcurrine Dysert  
Patt Dowling   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Flynne Denis   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Kelly Jo's.   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Caher John   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Hogan Denis   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Hayes Tho's   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Tierney John   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Cotter John   Dromcurrine Dysert  
McMahon And'w   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Kelly Jo's.   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Neylan Stephen   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Neylan   Widow Dromcurrine Dysert  
Howard Thady   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Flanagan Patt   Dromcurrine Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Banagher Dysert  
O'Brien Con'r   Banagher Dysert  
Tierney Patt   Banagher Dysert  
Crowe Mich'l   Banagher Dysert  
Ready John   Banagher Dysert  
Gleeson Tho's   Banagher Dysert  
Talty Patt   Banagher Dysert  
McGrath John   Banagher Dysert  
Calery Patt   Banagher Dysert  
O'Neil Martin   Banagher Dysert  
Flyn Denis   Banagher Dysert  
Caher John   Banagher Dysert  
Synge E Esq. Gurtcurka Dysert  
Gleeson Patt   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Gleeson John Jn'r Gurtcurka Dysert  
Gleeson John Sen'r Gurtcurka Dysert  
Roughan Patt   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Cullinan Mich'l   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Neylan Mich'l   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Cullinane John   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Cullinan Patt   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Neylan Denis   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Gleeson Tho's   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Griffy Ja's.   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Teerney Patt   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Leary Patt   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Hurley John   Gurtcurka Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Rafarilla Dysert  
Caher Mich'l   Rafarilla Dysert  
Meer John   Rafarilla Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Caherhue Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Dysart Dysert  
Curtin Hugh Mr Dysart Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Ballycullinan Dysert  
Kishane Pat   Ballycullinan Dysert  
Howard Thady   Ballycullinan Dysert  
Malone Martin   Ballycullinan Dysert  
Malone Ja's.   Ballycullinan Dysert  
Hayes Ja's.   Ballycullinan Dysert  
Linnane Ja's.   Ballycullinan Dysert  
Roughan Thady   Ballycullinan Dysert  
Doogan Ja's.   Ballycullinan Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Molooneen Dysert  
Jones John Mr Molooneen Dysert  
Fitzgerald   Widow Molooneen Dysert  
Kelly   Widow Molooneen Dysert  
Jones James   Molooneen Dysert  
Malony   Widow Molooneen Dysert Widow of Patt Malony
Fitzpatrick Patt   Molooneen Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. KillinaneBeg Dysert  
Moy Martin   KillinaneBeg Dysert  
Moy Mich'l   KillinaneBeg Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. KillinaneMore Dysert  
Jones J. Mr KillinaneMore Dysert  
Synge E. Esq. Scalp Dysert  
McGuane John   Scalp Dysert  
O'Brien Lucius Sir Killaculla Dysert  
Mahan Charles Esq. Killaculla Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Clontohill Dysert  
Daly William Mr Clontohill Dysert  
O'Brien Cor Esq. Knocknargill Dysert  
Neylan Ja's.   Knocknargill Dysert  
Cunningham   Lord Cragabeg Dysert  
Broady Mich'l   Cragabeg Dysert  
Broady Constance   Cragabeg Dysert  
Broady Bryan   Cragabeg Dysert  
Broady Ja's.   Cragabeg Dysert  
Broady Patt   Cragabeg Dysert  
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Moygowna Dysert  
Cullinane Ralph Mr Moygowna Dysert  
O'Brien Cor. Esq. Capanakilla Dysert  
Kelly Ja's. Mr Capanakilla Dysert  
Kelly John   Capanakilla Dysert  
Kelly Martin   Capanakilla Dysert  
Mulvihill Ja's.   Capanakilla Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Poulscart Dysert  
Barry Peter   Poulscart Dysert  
Morgan William   Poulscart Dysert  
Fitzgerald Tho's   Poulscart Dysert  
Studdart   Minor Killcross Dysert  
Fraly Patt   Killcross Dysert  
Fraly Patt Jnr. Killcross Dysert  
Studdart   Minor Carhue Dysert  
Mackeen Mich'l   Carhue Dysert  
McMahon Bryan   Carhue Dysert  
Kenedy Ja's.   Carhue Dysert  
Custy John   Carhue Dysert  
Custy   Widow Carhue Dysert  
Lyons Mich'l   Carhue Dysert  
Callaghan D. Esq. Erinaghmore Dysert  
Kenny Edw Mr. Erinaghmore Dysert  
Neylan Mich'l   Erinaghmore Dysert  
Brooks Mich'l   Erinaghmore Dysert  
Holleran Lott   Erinaghmore Dysert  
Callaghan D. Esq. Erinaghmore Dysert  
McNamara Mich'l Jnr. Erinaghmore Dysert  
McNamara Mich'l Snr. Erinaghmore Dysert  
Howard Martin   Erinaghmore Dysert  
Howard   Widow Erinaghmore Dysert  
Martin Mich'l   Erinaghmore Dysert  
Cunningham   Lord Erinaghbeg Dysert  
Cullinane Roger   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
Cullinane Patt   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
Consadine Patt   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
Roughan Tim   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
Roughan Martin   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
McNamara Patt   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
McNamara Dan'l   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
McNamara Mich'l Snr Erinaghbeg Dysert  
Shaughnessy Patt   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
Howard Martin   Erinaghbeg Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Cragnaseigh Dysert  
Neylan Mich'l   Cragnaseigh Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Ballyleridane East Dysert  
Meer Ja's   Ballyleridane East Dysert  
Neylan Francis Snr. Ballyleridane East Dysert  
Neylan Francis Jnr. Ballyleridane East Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Ballyleridane West Dysert  
Coffey Denis   Ballyleridane West Dysert  
Morgan Joseph   Ballyleridane West Dysert  
Morgan Charles   Ballyleridane West Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Clounteen Dysert  
Reynolds Tho's   Clounteen Dysert  
Hegarty John   Clounteen Dysert  
O'Brien Corn'ls Esq. Toonagh Dysert  
Kelly Mich'l   Toonagh Dysert  
McNamara Tho's   Toonagh Dysert  
Malone Tho's   Toonagh Dysert  
Kinnane Mich'l   Toonagh Dysert  
Fitzgerald Mich'l   Toonagh Dysert  
Carney Tho's   Toonagh Dysert  
Conway Edw.   Toonagh Dysert  
Neylan John   Toonagh Dysert  
Conway   Widow Toonagh Dysert  
Morgan Mich'l   Toonagh Dysert  
Coffey Denis   Toonagh Dysert  
Williams Mary   Toonagh Dysert  
McNight Ja's   Toonagh Dysert  
Irwin Mich'l   Toonagh Dysert  
Mulqueeny Patt   Toonagh Dysert  
Conway Patt   Toonagh Dysert  
Griffy Tho's   Toonagh Dysert  
Griffy John   Toonagh Dysert  
Griffy Patt   Toonagh Dysert  
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Ballybroden Dysert  
Cullinane Ja's Mr. Ballybroden Dysert  
Cullinane Patt Mr. Ballybroden Dysert  
Hays John   Ballybroden Dysert  
Fitzgerald Ja's   Ballybroden Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Dromona Dysert  
Kelly Patt Mr. Dromona Dysert  
Mealy John   Dromona Dysert  
Tarpy Mich'l   Dromona Dysert  
Haverty Patt Snr. Dromona Dysert  
Haverty Patt Jnr. Dromona Dysert  
Hayes Mich'l   Dromona Dysert  
Hayes James   Dromona Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Dromeer Dysert  
Finucane Dan'l   Dromeer Dysert  
Fitzgerald Maurice Mr. Dromeer Dysert  
Hayes Patt   Dromeer Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Teeronaun Dysert  
Keating Ja's   Teeronaun Dysert  
Keating Dom'k   Teeronaun Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Payfield Dysert  
Arthur John Mr. Payfield Dysert  
Finucane A. Esq. Clouny Dysert  
Roche Thomas   Clouny Dysert  
Molony John   Clouny Dysert  
Kelly Patt Mr. Clouny Dysert  
Howley John   Clouny Dysert  
Hanrahan   Widow Clouny Dysert  
Callaghan D. Esq. Ballygriffy North Dysert  
Considine John   Ballygriffy North Dysert  
Mooney Patt   Ballygriffy North Dysert  
Fitzpatrick Patt   Ballygriffy North Dysert  
Arthur Ja's.   Ballygriffy North Dysert  
O'Loghlen Bryan Esq. Ballygriffy North Dysert  
O'Brien Stafford   Ballygriffy South Dysert  
Faircloth Henry Esq. Ballygriffy South Dysert  
Thomond   Lord Tierna Dysert  
McNamara Batt   Tierna Dysert  
O'Brien Stafford   Attitirela Dysert  
Griffy Darby   Attitirela Dysert  
Burns   Widow Attitirela Dysert  
Lucas John   Attitirela Dysert  
McNamara Patt   Attitirela Dysert  
O'Brien John Mr. Attitirela Dysert  
O'Loghlen Mich'l Sir Aughrim Tuohey Dysert  
O'Loghlen Bryan Esq. Aughrim Tuohey Dysert  
Clune Ja's.   Aughrim Tuohey Dysert  
Clune Matt   Aughrim Tuohey Dysert  
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
Clune Ja's   Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
O'Loghlen Laurence   Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
Donohoe Patt Mr. Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
Fitzgerald Mich'l   Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
Sullivan   Widow Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
Burke Ja's   Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
Quilling Ja's   Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
Tracey John   Aughrim Kelly Dysert  
O'Loghlen Mich'l Sir Aughrim Ross Dysert  

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