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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  
Occupiers of land in the Parish of Gleninagh on 14 February 1829.
Transcriber: Elaine Pratt, Lincolnshire, England.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
McNamara Geo Esq. Murrugh Tohy Gleninagh  
McMahon James   Murrugh Tohy Gleninagh  
McCormick Connor   Murrugh Tohy Gleninagh  
McNamara Wil’m N. Esq. Murrugh Tohy Gleninagh  
Cullinan Mich’l   Murrugh Tohy Gleninagh  
Cullinan Mich’l   Rock Gleninagh  
Casey Thomas   Parknaniletragh Gleninagh  
FitzPatrick Francis   Parknaniletragh Gleninagh  
FitzPatrick Mich’l   Parknaniletragh Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Patt   Parknaniletragh Gleninagh  
Birmingham M.   Parknaniletragh Gleninagh  
Casey John   Parknaniletragh Gleninagh  
Quin Mich’l   Parknaniletragh Gleninagh  
Casey Thomas   Shorecraig Gleninagh  
FitzPatrick Francis   Shorecraig Gleninagh  
FitzPatrick Mich’l   Shorecraig Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Patt   Shorecraig Gleninagh  
Birmingham M.   Shorecraig Gleninagh  
Casey John   Shorecraig Gleninagh  
Quin Mich’l   Shorecraig Gleninagh  
Casey Thomas   Blackhead Gleninagh  
FitzPatrick Francis   Blackhead Gleninagh  
FitzPatrick Mich’l   Blackhead Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Patt   Blackhead Gleninagh  
Birmingham M   Blackhead Gleninagh  
Casey John   Blackhead Gleninagh  
Quin Mich’l   Blackhead Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Patt   Old Town Gleninagh  
McDonough James   Old Town Gleninagh  
Linnane Patt   Old Town Gleninagh  
Linnane John   Old Town Gleninagh  
Gilligan John   Old Town Gleninagh  
McMahon Dennis   Old Town Gleninagh  
Donoghue James   Old Town Gleninagh  
Cullinan John   Old Town Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Mich’l   Old Town Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Patt   Poulroe Gleninagh  
McDonogh James   Poulroe Gleninagh  
Linnane Patt   Poulroe Gleninagh  
Linnane John   Poulroe Gleninagh  
Gilligan John   Poulroe Gleninagh  
Cullinan John   Poulroe Gleninagh  
McDonogh James   Poulroe Gleninagh  
McMahon Dennis   Poulroe Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Mich’l   Poulroe Gleninagh  
Carley John   Murruigh kelly Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Patrick   Murruigh kelly Gleninagh  
Hayes Dennis   Murruigh kelly Gleninagh  
McNamara Thomas   Murruigh kelly Gleninagh  
Donoghue Patrick   Murruigh kelly Gleninagh  
Quin Morty   Murruigh kelly Gleninagh  
Moran Austin Mr Aughiglinny Gleninagh  
McDonogh Henry Mr Gleninagh Gleninagh  
Blood Bindon Esq. Gleninagh Gleninagh  
O’Neil Owen   Gleninagh Gleninagh  
Lee Batt   Gleninagh Gleninagh  
Lee John   Gleninagh Gleninagh  
Daly Patt   Cloughmore Gleninagh  
Fitzpatrick Bryan   Cloughmore Gleninagh  
Bakey Dennis   Cloughmore Gleninagh  
O’Neil Tim   Cloughmore Gleninagh  
Daly Morty   Bunawaum Gleninagh  
Roche Patt   Bunawaum Gleninagh  
Daly Patt   Bunawaum Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin James   Bunawaum Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Mich’l   Bunawaum Gleninagh  
O’Loghlin Simion   Bunawaum Gleninagh  
Linnane John   Loughane Gleninagh  
FitzPatrick Patt   Loughane Gleninagh  
Cunningham Patt   Loughane Gleninagh  
Kerin Dennis   Loughane Gleninagh  

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