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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  
Occupiers of land in the Parish of Kilconry on 30 September, 1830
Transcriber: Bertram Foy, Malahide, Co. Dublin.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
McMahon John Esq. McNaughten Island Kilconry  
Donohoe Thomas Mr. Finish Island Kilconry  
Donohoe Timothy Mr. Rinanna Kilconry  
Donohoe Thomas Mr. Rinanna Kilconry  
Donohoe Martin Mr. Rinanna Kilconry  
Donnellan     Rinanna Kilconry  
Gloster Arthur Esq. Rinanna Kilconry  
OíBrien John Esq. Rinanna Kilconry  
Burke Michael   Rinanna Kilconry  
Blake Patík Mr. Rinanna Kilconry  
McMahon Thomas Esq. Rinanna Kilconry  
McMahon John Esq. Rinanna Kilconry  
Donohoe Simon Mr. Rinanna Kilconry  
Donohoe Tim Mr. Knockardanna Kilconry  
McMahon Patrick   Derenish Island Kilconry  
Kelly Wím Mr. Ballycalla Kilconry  
Donohoe James Mr. Ballycalla Kilconry  
Gloster Arthur Mr. Ballycalla Kilconry  
Donohoe John   Ballycalla Kilconry  
Halloran James   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry  
McNamara Dennis   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry  
Quinlivan James   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry  
Roughan Patík   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry Patík & Jaís Roughan
Roughan Jaís   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry Patík & Jaís Roughan
Quinlivan Maurice   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry  
Donnellan Andrew   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry  
Connell Michael   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry  
Donohoe Timothy   Ballycalla Beg Kilconry  
Howard John   Ballyhennessy Kilconry  
Gabbett John Esq. Ballyhennessy Kilconry  
McMahon Thoís Esq. Ballyhennessy Kilconry  
McMahon Thoís Esq. Craggane Kilconry  
Creagh Charles Esq. Carrigerry Kilconry  
Reidy William   Garrynamona Kilconry  
McMahon Thoís Esq. Stonehall Kilconry  
Carmody Thomas   Stonehall Kilconry  
Morony John   Stonehall Kilconry  
Quinlivan Cathíne   Stonehall Kilconry  
Corbett James   Stonehall Kilconry  
McMahon John   Stonehall Kilconry  
Reddan John   Stonehall Kilconry  
Kennedy Michíl   Stonehall Kilconry  
McMahon Michíl   Stonehall Kilconry  
Morony Patrick   Stonehall Kilconry Patrick & Jnío Morony
Morony Jnío   Stonehall Kilconry Patrick & Jnío Morony
Stamer Thomas   Stonehall Kilconry  
Liddy Patrick   Stonehall Kilconry  
Corbett John   Stonehall Kilconry  
Carmody   Widow Stonehall Kilconry  
McMahon John Esq. New Corcass Kilconry  

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