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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  

Occupiers of land in the Parish of Kilkeedy on 17th Jan 1824.

Transcriber: Paddy Casey, Bern, Switzerland.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
Mullins Mich'l   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Geegan Patt   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Geegan John   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Bridgeman Hewit Esq. Poulatangle Kilkeedy Landlord
Geegan James   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Fahey James   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Gorman Patt   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Kinnelly Mich'l   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Hynes John   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Gegan Joseph   Poulatangle Kilkeedy  
Laughry John   Clounseherna Kilkeedy  
Connors Luke   Clounseherna Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Clounseherna Kilkeedy Landlord
Connors Patt   Clounseherna Kilkeedy  
Carney Daniel   Clounseherna Kilkeedy  
Moylan John   Clounseherna Kilkeedy  
Moylan James   Clounseherna Kilkeedy  
Flaherty Martin   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Flaherty Patt   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Ballybourna Kilkeedy Landlord
Armstrong E.J. Esq. Ballybourna Kilkeedy Landlord
Hynes Daniel   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Hynes John   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Kelly Patt   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Purcell Thomas   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Laughry Mich'l   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Cavanagh Patt   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Ballybourna Kilkeedy Landlord
DArcy James Esq. Ballybourna Kilkeedy Landlord
Kelly Connor   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Donohoe Martin   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Kelly James   Ballybourna Kilkeedy  
Hynes Daniel   Woodpark Kilkeedy  
Hynes John   Woodpark Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Woodpark Kilkeedy Landlord
Hynes Barth'w   Woodpark Kilkeedy  
Kelly Tim   Tullagh Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Tullagh Kilkeedy Landlord
Hynes Martin   Knockansheen Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Knockansheen Kilkeedy Landlord
Hynes Mich'l   Knockansheen Kilkeedy  
Cavanagh Peter   Knockansheen Kilkeedy  
Waters Thomas   Derreenbloughtane Kilkeedy  
Moylan John   Derreenbloughtane Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Derreenbloughtane Kilkeedy Landlord
Walsh Thomas   Derreenbloughtane Kilkeedy  
Walsh Edmond   Derreenbloughtane Kilkeedy  
Mulville Charles   Poulinacona Kilkeedy  
Butler Mich'l   Poulinacona Kilkeedy Landlord
Mungovin Thomas   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Cunningham   Marquis of Boulevin Kilkeedy Landlord
Roach Martin   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Lyons Patt   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Lyons Stephen   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Henchy John   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Ruan William   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Ruan Thomas   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
McMahon Mich'l   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Keefe Daniel   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Kean John   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Roach Mich'l   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Holahan Tim   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Holahan John   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Holahan Martin   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Holahan Patt   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Ruane Martin   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Holahan Denis   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Holahan Patt   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Roach Martin   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Henchy Patt   Boulevin Kilkeedy  
Ruane James   Killeenacook Kilkeedy  
Ruane John   Killeenacook Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Killeenacook Kilkeedy  
DArcy Ja's Esq. Killeenacook Kilkeedy  
Ruane Patt   Killeenacook Kilkeedy  
Neylan Patt   Killeenacook Kilkeedy  
Ruane Martin   Killeenacook Kilkeedy  
Waters John   Killeenacook Kilkeedy  
Hynes Barth'w   Killeenacook West Kilkeedy Barth'w Hynes & Thomas Hynes
Hynes Thomas   Killeenacook West Kilkeedy Barth'w Hynes & Thomas Hynes
Thomond   Marquis of Killeenacook West Kilkeedy  
DArcy Ja's Esq. Killeenacook West Kilkeedy  
Neylan John   Knockroe Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Knockroe Kilkeedy  
Kelly Martin   Cushacurra Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Cushacurra Kilkeedy Landlord
Kelly Mich'l   Cushacurra Kilkeedy  
Kelly Mich'l Jnr. Cushacurra Kilkeedy  
Guiness Mich'l   Tullamore West Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Tullamore West Kilkeedy Landlord
Clancy Dom'k   Tullamore West Kilkeedy  
Quin Mich'l   Kiltackymore Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Kiltackymore Kilkeedy Landlord
Quin James   Kiltackymore Kilkeedy  
Quin Nicholas   Kiltackymore Kilkeedy  
McInerheny     Kiltackymore Kilkeedy  
Neylan John   Kiltackymore Kilkeedy  
McInerheny     Kiltackymore Kilkeedy  
McMahon Mich'l   Kiltacky Beg Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Kiltacky Beg Kilkeedy Landlord
Burns Malachy   Dromadine Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Dromadine Kilkeedy Landlord
McMahon Thomas   Dromadine Kilkeedy  
Walsh James   Dromadine Kilkeedy  
Roughan James   Curhunagoul Kilkeedy  
Roughan Ja's   Curhunagoul Kilkeedy Landlord
Lyons Patt   Leitrim Kilkeedy  
Roughan Ja's   Leitrim Kilkeedy Landlord
Neylan Martin   Killakreen Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Killakreen Kilkeedy Landlord
Malley Barth'w   Maharra beg Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Maharra beg Kilkeedy Landlord
Waters Thomas   Maharra beg Kilkeedy  
Malley John   Maharra beg Kilkeedy  
Denny John   Maharra beg Kilkeedy  
Darcy James Esq. Ballybane Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Ballybane Kilkeedy Landlord
Darcy James Esq. Rockvale Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Rockvale Kilkeedy Landlord
O'Brien Stafford   Tiermana Kilkeedy  
Hogan     Tiermana Kilkeedy Hogan & Burns
Burns     Tiermana Kilkeedy Hogan & Burns
O'Brien Stafford Esq. Tiermana Kilkeedy Landlord
Carty John   Tiermana Kilkeedy  
Cullinane Ralph   Killeneane Kilkeedy  
Blood Bindon   Killeneane Kilkeedy Landlord
Darcy James   Aughrim Boylan Kilkeedy  
Whitelock   Mr. Aughrim Boylan Kilkeedy Landlord
Darcy James   Riencahy Kilkeedy  
Whitelock   Mr. Riencahy Kilkeedy Landlord
Foster John   Rinroe Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Lucius Sir Rinroe Kilkeedy Landlord
Cullinane Ralph   Killeneane Kilkeedy  
Blood Bindon Esq. Killeneane Kilkeedy Landlord
Davis George   Bealighter Kilkeedy  
Westby   Mr. Bealighter Kilkeedy Landlord
Blood Bindon   Bealighter Kilkeedy  
Finne Patt   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy  
Moyarty Patt   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy  
Ruane Laurence   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy Laurence Ruane & Thomas Maddican
Maddican Thomas   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy Laurence Ruane & Thomas Maddican
DArcy Ja's Esq. Belanahaglish Kilkeedy Landlord
Finn John   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy  
Neylan Martin   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy Martin Neylan & Mich値 Carney
Carney Mich'l   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy Martin Neylan & Mich値 Carney
Ruane Mich'l   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy  
Crow Timothy   Belanahaglish Kilkeedy  
Hanberry John   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Grady Thomas   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Ruane John W知 Mich'l   Culleen Kilkeedy John W知 Mich'l Ruane
O'Brien   Rev. Mr. Culleen Kilkeedy  
Kean Mich'l   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Culleen Kilkeedy Landlord
Kean Thomas   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Ford   Widow Culleen Kilkeedy  
Mullins Mich'l   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Kean Mich'l   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Fahey   Widow Culleen Kilkeedy  
Fahey James   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Hehir Mich'l   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Ford John   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Culleen Kilkeedy  
Ford Mich'l   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Neylan John   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Minahan John   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Atkinson George   Culleen Kilkeedy  
O'Brien John   Culleen Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Pat談   Culleen Kilkeedy  
Hehir Mich'l   Poulmahorig Kilkeedy  
Westby Mr.   Poulmahorig Kilkeedy Landlord
Rourke Patt   Carhunacrusha Kilkeedy  
Hardy Denis   Carhunacrusha Kilkeedy  
Donohoe Owen   Carhunacrusha Kilkeedy  
Droiny   Widow Carhunacrusha Kilkeedy  
Conry Patt   Kilkeedy Kilkeedy  
Conry Mich'l   Kilkeedy Kilkeedy  
Conry John   Kilkeedy Kilkeedy  
Gegan Barth'w   Ballinlisheen Kilkeedy  
Caher Peter   Ballinlisheen Kilkeedy  
Quin Mich'l   Ballinlisheen Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Ballinlisheen Kilkeedy Landlord
Grady John   Ballinlisheen Kilkeedy  
Grady Patr'k   Ballinlisheen Kilkeedy  
Hanberry Dan'l   Castle Quarter Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Castle Quarter Kilkeedy Landlord
Mullins Peter   Castle Quarter Kilkeedy  
Power Thomas   Castle Quarter Kilkeedy  
Mullins James   Castle Quarter Kilkeedy  
Mitchell W'm   Castle Quarter Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Castle Quarter Kilkeedy Landlord
Kerr Mich'l   Castle Quarter Kilkeedy  
Mitchell   Widow Castle Quarter Kilkeedy  
Nestor Thomas   Poulroe Kilkeedy Thomas Nestor, Martin Glyn & Mich値 Kelly
Glyn Martin   Poulroe Kilkeedy Thomas Nestor, Martin Glyn & Mich値 Kelly
Kelly Mich'l   Poulroe Kilkeedy Thomas Nestor, Martin Glyn & Mich値 Kelly
O'Brien James   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Nestor Thomas   Poulroe Kilkeedy Thomas Nestor, Martin Glyn & Mich値 Kelly
Glyn Martin   Poulroe Kilkeedy Thomas Nestor, Martin Glyn & Mich値 Kelly
Kelly Mich値   Poulroe Kilkeedy Thomas Nestor, Martin Glyn & Mich値 Kelly
O'Brien James   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Carney Patrick   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Poulroe Kilkeedy Landlord
Donohoe   Widow Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Cullinane Mich'l   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Keefe Patrick   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Patrick   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Carney Mich'l   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Carney John   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Droiny James   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Glynne Patt   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Dixon Frederick   Poulroe Kilkeedy  
Carney Patrick   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Carney Mich'l   Templebana Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Thomas   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Carney James   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Markaham Thomas   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Ruane Patt   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Markam Martin   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Carney Mich'l D   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Carmidell John   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Donohoe Patt   Templebana Kilkeedy  
Geohegan Patt   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Shaughnessy Mich'l   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Kelly Patrick   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Doogan John   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Attyslany North Kilkeedy Landlord
Reynolds Thomas   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
McMahon Pat談   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Clancy Timothy   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Glyn   Widow Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Walsh Martin   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Geohegan Thomas   Attyslany North Kilkeedy  
Geohegan Patrick   Attyslany South Kilkeedy  
Lopdell John   Derryowen Kilkeedy  
Ford Denis   Carhucraheen Kilkeedy  
Kilkelly Morgan   Carhucraheen Kilkeedy  
Kilkelly Edmond   Carhucraheen Kilkeedy  
Darcy James   Lyen Kilkeedy  
Doolaty Martin   Quakers Town Kilkeedy  
Haulihan Thomas   Quakers Town Kilkeedy  
McNamara Thomas   Quakers Town Kilkeedy  
O'Loghlen Mich'l Sir Quakers Town Kilkeedy Landlord
Keefe Daniel   Quakers Town Kilkeedy  
O'Flaherty Mich'l   Quakers Town Kilkeedy  
O'Laughlin John   Quakers Town Kilkeedy  
Ruane Thomas   Quakers Town Kilkeedy  
Donaher Thomas   Gurteentenure Kilkeedy  
O'Keefe Dan'l   Gurteentenure Kilkeedy  
Thomond   Marquis of Gurteentenure Kilkeedy Landlord
Naughten John   Gurteentenure Kilkeedy  
Murray Henry   Derrylumane Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Derrylumane Kilkeedy Landlord
Kinedy Thomas   Mungreagh Kilkeedy  
Carroll James   Mungreagh Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Mungreagh Kilkeedy Landlord
Murray John   Mungreagh Kilkeedy  
Egan   Widow Mungreagh Kilkeedy  
Connors Patt   Ballyanahane Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Ballyanahane Kilkeedy Landlord
Fogarty John   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy John, James & Mich値 Fogarty & Mich値 Fox
Fogarty James   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy John, James & Mich値 Fogarty & Mich値 Fox
Fogarty Mich'l   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy John, James & Mich値 Fogarty & Mich値 Fox
Fox Mich'l   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy John, James & Mich値 Fogarty & Mich値 Fox
Murphy Stephen   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy Stephen Murphy & Mich値 Carroll
Carroll Mich'l   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy Stephen Murphy & Mich値 Carroll
Butler Mich'l   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy  
Curtain Patrick   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy  
Curtain Tim   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy  
Carney Thomas   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy  
Laughrey   Widow Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy  
Fogarty Patt   Ballynabodagh Kilkeedy  
Blake Mary   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
Murray John   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Loughwood Kilkeedy Landlord
Murray Henry   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
Mullowny Mich'l   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
O'Neil Mich'l   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
McInerheny John   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
Kean Patrick   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
O'Neil Patrick   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
Ryan Charles   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
Morrisy Richard   Loughwood Kilkeedy  
Taffe George Snr. Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Shanbally Kilkeedy Landlord
Taffe George Jnr. Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Taffe G J   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Taffe Richard   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Hynes John   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Kelly John   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Geohegan Barth'w   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Taffe John G.   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Taffe Rich'd   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Taffe G.J.   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Ford Laurence   Shanbally Kilkeedy  
Murphy Stephen   Blakemount Kilkeedy  
Malboro Mich'l   Blakemount Kilkeedy  
Keating Thomas   Blakemount Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Blakemount Kilkeedy Landlord
Sullivan Patt   Blakemount Kilkeedy  
Blake Thomas Mr. Blakemount Kilkeedy  
Kilkelly John   Cregacahill Kilkeedy  
O'Connell Maurice Esq. Cregacahill Kilkeedy Landlord
Kilkelly James   Cregacahill Kilkeedy  
Tracey   Widow Cregacahill Kilkeedy  
Burke Martin   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Fogarty James   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
O'Connell Maurice Esq. Coolbane Kilkeedy Landlord
Burke John   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Mcnamara Patr'k   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
King Darby   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Byrnes Thomas   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Hartigan John   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Sullivan John   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Hickey Patr談   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Taffe Patrick   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
McInerhery John   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Goggan John   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Taffe John   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
McCooke H. I.   Coolbane Kilkeedy  
Ryan Terence   Adragoole Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Adragoole Kilkeedy Landlord
Ryan Patrick   Adragoole Kilkeedy  
Ryan John   Adragoole Kilkeedy  
Ryan James   Adragoole Kilkeedy  
Byrnes Mich'l   Knockavulleen Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Knockavulleen Kilkeedy Landlord
O'Connor   Widow Knockavulleen Kilkeedy  
Mungovin Mich'l   Knockavulleen Kilkeedy  
O'Connor James   Knockavulleen Kilkeedy  
O'Connor Patrick   Knockavulleen Kilkeedy  
Casey John   Knockavulleen Kilkeedy  
Howard Denis   Knockavulleen Kilkeedy  
Fahey James   Knockavulleen Kilkeedy  
Bolton Thomas   Windmill Hill Kilkeedy  
O'Connell Maurice Esq. Windmill Hill Kilkeedy Landlord
Burnell Patr談   Castlequarter Kilkeedy  
Burnell Mich'l   Castlequarter Kilkeedy  
O'Connell Maurice Esq. Castlequarter Kilkeedy Landlord
Brew Thomas Mr. Castlequarter Kilkeedy  
Sulivan Denis   Drimneen Kilkeedy  
Whelan Thomas   Drimneen Kilkeedy  
Whelan Patrick   Drimneen Kilkeedy  
Fitzgerald   Lord Drimneen Kilkeedy Landlord
Cahir Thomas   Drimneen Kilkeedy  
Rowhan John   Drimneen Kilkeedy  
Halloran Pat談   Drimneen Kilkeedy  
Fogarty Patrick   Drimneen Kilkeedy  
O'Loghlen Hugh   Turkena Kilkeedy  
O'Loghlen Hugh Esq. Turkena Kilkeedy  
Halloran Thomas   Garryincahala Kilkeedy  
O'Loghlen Hugh Esq. Garryincahala Kilkeedy Landlord
O'Brien   Widow Kells Kilkeedy  
Kearse Timothy   Kells Kilkeedy Timothy & John Kearse
Kearse John   Kells Kilkeedy Timothy & John Kearse
O'Brien Lucius Sir Kells Kilkeedy Landlord
O'Brien James   Kells Kilkeedy  
Kearse Patt   Kells Kilkeedy  
O'Brien Murty   Kells Kilkeedy  
Grady Patt   Kells Kilkeedy  
Toll Mathias   Kells Kilkeedy  
Sullivan Patt   Kells Kilkeedy  
McMahon Tim   Kells Kilkeedy  
McMahon Pat'k   Kells Kilkeedy  
McMahon Terence   Kells Kilkeedy  
Kearse Mich'l   Kells Kilkeedy  
Haher Mich'l   Kells Kilkeedy  
Flynn Pat'k   Kells Kilkeedy  
Kearse John   Kells Kilkeedy  
Holahan Tim   Kells Kilkeedy  
Cullinane James   Kells Kilkeedy  
Butler Walter Esq. Kells Kilkeedy  

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