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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  
Occupiers of land in the Parish of Killinaboy [TAB spelling: Kilnaboy]. No date given.
Transcribers: Sue & Ross Miller, Wellington, New Zealand; Lorraine O'Brien, Victoria, Australia; Jo Banks, Las Cruces, NM, USA; Michelle
O'Neil, New Hampshire, USA.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
Ward Thomas Mr. Knockardaming Killinaboy  
Freel Mich'l   Knockardaming Killinaboy  
Ward Tho's Mr. Caherblonig Killinaboy  
Magan Owen Mr. Caherblonig Killinaboy  
O'Brien Dan'l Mr. Caherblonig Killinaboy  
Cahir Pat'k Mr. Caherblonig Killinaboy  
Nestor John Mr. Caherblonig Killinaboy  
Kerse John Mr. Cahermacun Killinaboy  
McMahon James   Cahermacun Killinaboy  
Malone Thomas   Cahermacun Killinaboy  
Neylan Will'm   Cahermacun Killinaboy  
Callinan James   Cahermacun Killinaboy  
Corey Andrew   Cahermacun Killinaboy  
Neylan James   Carhunahone Killinaboy  
Lennane Thomas   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Guttery Mich'l   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Collins John   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Magan James   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Kinnane Pat'k   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Barry Pat'k   Drommoher Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Thomas   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Dobe Charles   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Brew Timothy Mr. Drommoher Killinaboy  
Kerse Robert   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Carkel Martin   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Ryan John   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Flahy Mich'l   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Meehan Patrick   Drommoher Killinaboy  
O'Dwyer John   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Egan Patrick   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Leary Arthur   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Leary John   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Costelly Thomas   Drommoher Killinaboy  
Costelly James   Drommoher Killinaboy  
O'Brien Martin   Crossard Killinaboy  
Commane Laurence   Crossard Killinaboy  
Curtis Thomas   Crossard Killinaboy  
Egan John   Crossard Killinaboy  
Lardner Mathew   Crossard Killinaboy  
Fitzpatrick Pat'k   Crossard Killinaboy  
O'Donnell Susanna   Crossard Killinaboy  
McCormick Mathew   Crossard Killinaboy  
Dixson James   Crossard Killinaboy  
Burton Edward Esq. Woodvil & Vigo Killinaboy  
Kenny Arthur   Woodvil & Vigo Killinaboy  
Brody James   Woodvil & Vigo Killinaboy  
Powell Patrick Esq. Nooane Killinaboy  
Sheehan John   Nooane Killinaboy  
McMahon Patrick   Nooane Killinaboy  
Dixson   Widow Nooane Killinaboy  
Dobe John   Nooane Killinaboy  
Mitchell George   Nooane Killinaboy  
Dixson William   Nooane Killinaboy  
Emerson   Widow Nooane Killinaboy  
Smyth James   Nooane Killinaboy  
Ruin Thomas   Nooane Killinaboy  
Reidy James   Nooane Killinaboy  
Mulkeeny Pat'k   Nooane Killinaboy  
Davis George Esq. Ballycasheen Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin John   Ballycasheen Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Andrew   Ballycasheen Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Hugh Esq. Cahirfadda Killinaboy  
Kelly John   Elenvale Killinaboy  
Hogan Timothy   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Hogan Murty   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Neylan James   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Corbitt Mich'l   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Howley Pat'k   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Downs John   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Egan Mich'l   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Rabbit Pat'k Snr. Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Rabbit Pat'k Jnr. Baunkeil Killinaboy  
McNamara Charles   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Conneally   Widow Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Conneally Pat'k   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Conneally Denis   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Kenny Pat'k   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Mackeey Mich'l   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Blood Henry S Esq. Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Neylan James   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Huddy John   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
O'Brien C Widow Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Hipson   Widow Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Coghlin Richard   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
Coghlin   Widow Baunkeil Killinaboy  
McMahon Pat'k   Baunkeil Killinaboy  
O'Brien Lucius Sir, Bart. Backland Killinaboy  
Howard Conner   Backland Killinaboy  
White   Widow Backland Killinaboy  
McMahon   Widow Backland Killinaboy  
Keating Conner   Backland Killinaboy  
Davis John   Backland Killinaboy  
Kenny Mich'l   Backland Killinaboy  
Davis George   Backland Killinaboy  
Stephen Thomas   Backland Killinaboy  
Begley Pat'k   Backland Killinaboy  
O'Brien Pat'k   Backland Killinaboy  
Hipson   Widow Backland Killinaboy  
O'Brien C Widow Backland Killinaboy  
Hickey John   Backland Killinaboy  
Huddy John   Backland Killinaboy  
Callinan   Widow Backland Killinaboy  
Hogan Conner   Backland Killinaboy  
McNamara James   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Griffy Denis   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Griffy Pat'k   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Caher John   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Caher Pat'k   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
McNamara Pat'k   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Cullinan Denis   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Molony Dan'l   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Lardner Philip   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Quin Dan'l   Inchiquin Castle Division Killinaboy  
Donohoe John   Cloonimulvidane Killinaboy  
Caher Pat'k   Cloonimulvidane Killinaboy  
McNamara Pat'k   Cloonimulvidane Killinaboy  
O'Brien James   Cood Killinaboy  
O'Brien Pat'k   Cood Killinaboy  
O'Brien Thomas   Cood Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin James   Cood Killinaboy  
Keaton Mich'l   Cood Killinaboy  
Keaton John   Cood Killinaboy  
Quin John   Cood Killinaboy  
Nestor James   Cood Killinaboy  
Heher Pat'k   Cood Killinaboy  
Haverty William   Cood Killinaboy  
Donohoe Pat'k   Cood Killinaboy  
O'Brien John   Cood Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Terrence   Cood Killinaboy  
Donohoe Owen   Cood Killinaboy  
Donohoe Tho's   Cood Killinaboy  
Gready Martin   Ballymacugh Killinaboy  
Curtis Murty   Ballymacugh Killinaboy  
Maguane Pat'k   Ballymacugh Killinaboy  
Maguane Mich'l   Ballymacugh Killinaboy  
Owen Peter J Esq. Inchiquin Killinaboy  
FitzGerald Francis J Esq. Anville Killinaboy  
Powell Thomas Esq. Leameaneagh Killinaboy  
Kenny William Esq. Roughan Killinaboy  
Cullinan Timothy Esq. Roughan Killinaboy  
Daly Will'm Mr. Roughan Killinaboy  
Callinan Thomas   Roughan Killinaboy  
Pelkenton Will'm   Roughan Killinaboy  
Kean Pat'k   Leana Killinaboy  
Kerse John   Leana Killinaboy  
Kerse Robert   Leana Killinaboy  
Dillon Pat'k   Leana Killinaboy  
Flahy Mich'l   Leana Killinaboy  
McMahon Timothy   Leana Killinaboy  
Flahy Pat'k   Leana Killinaboy  
Carkel John   Leana Killinaboy  
Torpy John   Leana Killinaboy  
Torpy Mich'l   Leana Killinaboy  
Carkil Martin   Leana Killinaboy  
Curtis Denis   Garfeloone Killinaboy  
Callinan Andrew   Garfeloone Killinaboy  
Rabbit Pat'k   Garfeloone Killinaboy  
Nestor John   Bunnaanagat Killinaboy  
McNamara Pat'k   Bunnaanagat Killinaboy  
Kennane Pat'k   Bunnaanagat Killinaboy  
Griffy Mich'l   Bunnaanagat Killinaboy  
Cashane Thomas   Bunnaanagat Killinaboy  
Griffy Martin   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Griffy James   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Griffy Pat'k   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
McMahon John   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Mullins Pat'k   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Curtis Tho's   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Lawler Francis   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Edwards Thomas   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Roche Tho's   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Edwards Mich'l   Carhunamodra Killinaboy  
Caher Pat'k Mr. Moneenaleen Killinaboy  
Nestor James   Moneenaleen Killinaboy  
Curtis Pat'k   Moneenaleen Killinaboy  
Gannessy Bryan   Moneenaleen Killinaboy  
Griffy Pat'k   Moneenaleen Killinaboy  
Hurley John   Auglish Killinaboy  
Gilligan Pat'k   Auglish Killinaboy  
Hennessy Pat'k   Auglish Killinaboy  
Burke   Widow Auglish Killinaboy  
Fogarty Pat'k (Mich'l)   Auglish Killinaboy Pat'k Fogarty Mich'l
O'Mara Martin   Auglish Killinaboy  
McMahon James   Auglish Killinaboy  
Hennissy Mich'l   Auglish Killinaboy  
McMahon   Widow Auglish Killinaboy  
Walsh James   Auglish Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Mich'l   Auglish Killinaboy  
Fogarty Pat'k (James)   Auglish Killinaboy Pat'k Fogarty James
Fogarty Denis   Auglish Killinaboy  
Fogarty John   Auglish Killinaboy  
O'Brien John   Ballard Killinaboy  
O'Brien Terrence   Ballard Killinaboy  
O'Brien Mich'l Snr. Ballard Killinaboy  
O'Brien James   Ballard Killinaboy  
O'Brien Mich'l Jnr. Ballard Killinaboy  
O'Brien Timothy   Ballard Killinaboy  
O'Brien John Jnr. Ballard Killinaboy  
O'Brien Dan'l   Ballard Killinaboy  
O'Brien Pat'k   Ballard Killinaboy  
FitzGerald Pat'k   Ballard Killinaboy  
Shaugnessy Thomas   Ballard Killinaboy  
Gandley Pat'k   Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
Cusack James   Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
Quin   Widow Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
Corey Mich'l   Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
McNamara Pat'k   Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
Heher Edmond   Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
Carty Mich'l   Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
Corey Pat'k   Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
Carty James   Cahermackateer Killinaboy  
Flanagan Timothy   Boulladuff Killinaboy  
Flyn Mich'l   Boulladuff Killinaboy  
Kerse James   Boulladuff Killinaboy  
Kinnane Pat'k   Boulladuff Killinaboy  
Beaky Pat'k   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Kerse John   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Kinnane Pat'k   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Hynes Edmond   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
McNamara Pat'k   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Collins John   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Collins Pat'k   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Kerse James   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Kinnane Pat'k Snr. Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Malone Pat'k   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Collins Barth'w   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Collins Bryan   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Collins Tho's   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Harvey Mich'l   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Leyden Pat'k   Booltaghadine Killinaboy  
Roche Pat'k   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Donohoe   Widow Reenamona Killinaboy  
Donohoe Thomas   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Donohoe John   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Emirson Edmond   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Donohoe Thomas Snr. Reenamona Killinaboy  
Curtis Pat'k   Reenamona Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Pat'k   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Roche John   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Quin John   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Kerse John   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Quin Pat'k   Reenamona Killinaboy  
Hynes Mich'l   Knockaunrood Killinaboy  
Hynes James   Knockaunrood Killinaboy  
O'Brien John   Parkroe Killinaboy  
O'Brien Mich'l   Parkroe Killinaboy  
McMahon James Snr. Parkroe Killinaboy  
McMahon James   Parkroe Killinaboy  
O'Brien James   Mollough Killinaboy  
O'Brien Mich'l   Mollough Killinaboy  
Mackee John   Mollough Killinaboy  
Mara Timothy   Mollough Killinaboy  
Hogan William   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
O'Brien John   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
Quin Peter   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
Hynes Mich'l   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
Donohoe Conner   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
Fox Edmond   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
Donohoe John   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
Doolan John   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
Scales Samuel   Ballanfuntha Killinaboy  
Maguane Francis   Gortlecka Killinaboy  
Sexton James   Gortlecka Killinaboy  
Carrucan Dan'l   Gortlecka Killinaboy  
O'Brien P Widow Gortlecka Killinaboy  
Reidy Mich'l   Creehaun Killinaboy  
Reidy Thomas   Creehaun Killinaboy  
Kelly Pat'k   Creehaun Killinaboy  
Kelly Mich'l   Creehaun Killinaboy  
Kelly   Widow Creehaun Killinaboy  
Waters Patrick   Coolurta Killinaboy  
Waters Mathias   Coolurta Killinaboy  
Lee John   Coolurta Killinaboy  
Roche Pat'k   Coolurta Killinaboy  
Glynn Murty   Tullycommon Killinaboy  
Glynn John   Tullycommon Killinaboy  
Magan Bryan Mr. Tullycommon Killinaboy  
Powell Thomas Esq. Teeska Killinaboy  
Molony Pat'k Mr. Slievnaglisha Killinaboy  
Glynn John Snr. Slievnaglisha Killinaboy  
Glynn Murty   Slievnaglisha Killinaboy  
Glynn John   Slievnaglisha Killinaboy  
Molony Mich'l   Slievnaglisha Killinaboy  
Mulconry James   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Flanagan James   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Finn James   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Kerse John   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Flanagan Mich'l   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Flanagan Thomas   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Lawler Francis   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Lawler Mich'l   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Lawler Stephen   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Heher John   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Molony Pat'k   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Kerse Martin   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Kerse Thomas   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Kerse Francis   Glanquin Killinaboy  
Kerse Mich'l   Kelleen Killinaboy  
Waters Thomas   Kelleen Killinaboy  
Roche Mich'l   Kelleen Killinaboy  
Griffy Pat'k   Kelleen Killinaboy  
Edwards James Mr. Knockballytreala Killinaboy  
Brody John Mr. Lackenreigh Killinaboy  
Brody Francis Mr. Lackenreigh Killinaboy  
Cullinan John   Lackenreigh Killinaboy  
Kerse Timothy   Lackenreigh Killinaboy  
Murry Pat'k   Lackenreigh Killinaboy  
Forbes Mich'l   Lackenreigh Killinaboy  
Conners Patrick   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
O'Brien Mathew   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
Quin Thomas   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
Quin Pat'k   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
Hynes Andrew   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
Heher Mich'l   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
Doolan James   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
Hynes Thomas   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
O'Brien John   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
Donohoe John   Garrynafinchoage Killinaboy  
Walsh Stephen Rev. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Mullin Pat'k Mr. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
McNamara Mich'l Mr. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Spellecy James Mr. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Shannon Pat'k Mr. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Howley John   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Pat'k   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Francis   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Maguane Pat'k   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin Pat'k Jnr. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Hogan Henry   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Tierney Martin   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
O'Brien Conner Mr. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Reidy John   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Howley Mich'l   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Kenny Mathew   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
McCormick   Widow Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
O'Brien Lucius Sir, Bart. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Flanagan Pat'k   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Quin Mich'l Mr. Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Barrett John   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Egan Lau'ce   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Cahill Pat'k   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Owen Mich'l   Kilvoidane Killinaboy  
Cullinan James Mr. Islandmore Killinaboy  
McNerny Conner   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
O'Brien Pat'k   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Kerin J Widow Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Edwards James   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Foster John Esq. Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
McTygue Owen   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Foster Francis   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
McNamara Mich'l Mr. Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Hogan Conner   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Kenny Pat'k   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Tierney Martin   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Heher P Widow Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Lannard Joseph   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Bane Thomas   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Connelly John   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Burns John   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Magane J Widow Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Cullinan   Widow Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
O'Flanagan   Widow Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Shannon Pat'k Mr. Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Caher Dan'l   Laghtagoona Killinaboy  
Doolan Simon   Inchiquin Pound Division Killinaboy  
Doolan Mich'l   Inchiquin Pound Division Killinaboy  
Brassill   Widow Inchiquin Pound Division Killinaboy  
Forde John Mr. Lissduff Killinaboy  
Mullins Pat'k Mr. Dabrian Killinaboy  
Cahill Thomas Mr. Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Cahill John Mr. Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Cahill Edmond Mr. Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Molony John   Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Molony Mich'l   Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Mulroney Thomas   Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Mulrony John   Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Mulroney Lau'ce   Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Mulroney John   Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Mulrony Anthony   Ballyportry Killinaboy  
O'Keeffe Mich'l   Ballyportry Killinaboy  
Cahill Tho's Mr. Cahirbolane Killinaboy  
Cahill John Mr. Cahirbolane Killinaboy  
Cahill Edmond Mr. Cahirbolane Killinaboy  
Callaghan   Widow Commonage South Killinaboy  
Heher   Widow Commonage South Killinaboy  
Curtis Denis   Commonage South Killinaboy Dummy
Sullivan John   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Nestor Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Nestor James   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Curtis John   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Joyce Martin   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Emirson Neppy   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Heher Barth'w   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Burke John   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Higgins Martin   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Higgins John   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Higgins Mich'l   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Griffy Martin   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Corey James   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Flahy Thomas   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Menehan John   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Rourke Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Handlon Mich'l   Commonage South Killinaboy  
McMahon Edm'd   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Guttery Mich'l   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Crohan Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Dooley Mich'l   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Donnevan Andrew   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Kerse Francis   Commonage South Killinaboy  
O'Brien Mich'l   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Higgins Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Caher Tho's   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Higgins Pat'k Snr. Commonage South Killinaboy  
Curtis Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy Reaskmore
Magrath Mich'l   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Roche Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Heher Mich'l   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Heher S Widow Commonage South Killinaboy  
Doolan Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Flanagan Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Corey Pat'k   Commonage South Killinaboy  
O'Loghlin James   Commonage South Killinaboy  
Kerse John   Commonage North Killinaboy  
Callinan Pat'k   Commonage North Killinaboy  
Kean Mich'l   Commonage North Killinaboy  
Mulconry Edmond   Commonage North Killinaboy  
Shehan   Widow Commonage North Killinaboy  
Joyce Honora   Commonage North Killinaboy  
Rabbit Dan'l   Commonage North Killinaboy  
Cullinan Mich'l   Commonage North Killinaboy  
Carcals Thomas   Commonage North Killinaboy  
Donohoe John   Commonage North Killinaboy  

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