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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books - Surname Index

1820s-1840s Clare Tithe Applotment Books: Surname Index

A to Austin


The Tithe Applotment Books were compiled between 1823 and 1837 in order to establish the amount landholders should pay towards the upkeep of the Church of Ireland. The taxable land in each parish was surveyed, giving the names of the occupiers of land in each townland, the acreage and class of land they held, and the amount of taxes (tithes) they were liable for. The original manuscript books are held in the National Archives in Dublin.

Here we give an index to the Tithe Applotment Books by surname. The original Tithe Applotment Books are arranged by parish and townland and can be viewed in this format in the Tithe Applotment Books: Parish Index, or by clicking on the “Go to” button at the end of each row in the Surname Index. This will bring you to the original transcription, arranged by parish and townland, where the person is listed. You will need to search the list for the townland in which the person is placed.

Standardisation of Surnames
When the Tithe Applotment Books were transcribed for this project, all personal and townland names were transcribed as they appeared in the original books - see Tithe Applotment Books: Parish Index - except for the “O” surnames, where an apostrophy was added after the “O”. For example, “O Donoghue” is given as “O’Donoghue”.

For this surname index we have also standardised the “Mac/Mc” and “Fitz” surnames as follows:

All Mac/Mc surnames have been changed to “Mc”, with no space between this and the next element in the surname, e.g. “MacMahon”, “Mac Mahon” and “Mc Mahon” are given as “McMahon”.

All “Fitz” surnames are given without any space and without an internal capital letter, e.g. Fitz Gerald and FitzGerald are given as Fitzgerald.

These changes were made to avoid the separation of similar names within the index.


Clare County Library wishes to thank Rainer Kosbi
for his assistance in creating this surname index.



Baggot to Bloomfield  
Bolam to Broderick  
Brody to Byrt  
C to Carmody  
Carney to Clancy  
Clap to Collis  
Colopy to Conry  
Consadine to Corry  
Cosgrave to Cullen  
Culligan to Custy  
D'Esterre to Digidan  
Dillane to Doolaghty  
Doolan to Dywer  
Eagan to Eyres  
Fahee to Fitzgerald  
Fitzgibbon to Flinn  
Flood to Fury  
G to Gordon  
Gore to Guttry  
H to Haren  
Hargrove to Heagney  
Healey to Hickie  
Hickman to Honan  
Honeen to Hynes  
Ievers to Jurdon  
Kanavane to Kelliher  
Kelly to Kennevan  
Kenney to Kyne  
Lacey to Linihan  
Linnane to Lysaght  
M to Mann  
Mannaron to McGinnis  
McGrath to McInnerny  
McKa to McLoughlin  
McM to McMahon  
McNally to McNemara  
McNereny to Mollony  
Molloy to Morane  
Morassy to Mulrony  
Mulvihil to Myles  
Nagel to Nurse    
O'Brien to O'Brine    
O'Callaghan to O'Gormon    
O'Grady to Ownes    
Page to Pynne    
Quaely to Qunlevan    
Rabbit to Roice    
Ronan to Rynne    
Sadler to Synge    
Taaffe to Thompson    
Thornton to Tyne  
Umphries to Whitestone    
Whitty to Young    

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