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Tithe Applotment Books of County Clare - List of Surnames
This list records every surname which occurs in the Tithe Applotment Books for County Clare. We hope it will help in locating surnames and their variations. Also included below is the number of occurences for each surname collected in the Tithes. Clare County Library wishes to thank Rainer Kosbi for his assistance in creating this surnames list.

Occurs on surname index page
??rrein A to Austin 1
Adams A to Austin 5
Adamson A to Austin 1
Adlim A to Austin 1
Aheirn A to Austin 1
Aherin A to Austin 2
Ahern A to Austin 26
Ahherin A to Austin 1
Alen A to Austin 1
All??? A to Austin 1
Allan A to Austin 1
Allen A to Austin 8
Allender A to Austin 1
Anderson A to Austin 1
Anglam A to Austin 2
Anglem A to Austin 4
Angley A to Austin 2
Anglim A to Austin 7
Archer A to Austin 1
Arkins A to Austin 4
Armstrong A to Austin 23
Arthur A to Austin 36
Atkinson A to Austin 1
Auglim A to Austin 1
Aunglem A to Austin 1
Austin A to Austin 7
Baggot Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Bagot Baggot to Bloomfield 3
Baker Baggot to Bloomfield 17
Bakey Baggot to Bloomfield 4
Baland Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Ballard Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Ballton Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Balton Baggot to Bloomfield 28
Bane Baggot to Bloomfield 6
Banks Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Barclay Baggot to Bloomfield 6
Barcley Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Baree Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Barington Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Barnes Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Barnett Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Barnstable Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Barret Baggot to Bloomfield 6
Barrett Baggot to Bloomfield 25
Barrington Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Barron Baggot to Bloomfield 6
Barry Baggot to Bloomfield 77
Barry & Ready Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Barthley Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Bartley Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Barton Baggot to Bloomfield 8
Bawlton Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Bayley Baggot to Bloomfield 3
Beahan Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Beakey Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Beaky Baggot to Bloomfield 17
Beary Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Beatty Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Beaty Baggot to Bloomfield 3
Beecham Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Beevan Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Begley Baggot to Bloomfield 9
Behan Baggot to Bloomfield 7
Behane Baggot to Bloomfield 51
Bellet Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Bellit Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Belson Baggot to Bloomfield 8
Benn Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Bennet Baggot to Bloomfield 8
Bennett Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Bennis Baggot to Bloomfield 6
Benson Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Bentley Baggot to Bloomfield 10
Bently Baggot to Bloomfield 5
Berkley Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Berkrey Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Bermingham Baggot to Bloomfield 17
Berrane Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Beston Baggot to Bloomfield 3
Bethell Baggot to Bloomfield 4
Beveridge Baggot to Bloomfield 4
Billett Baggot to Bloomfield 5
Binden Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Bindon Baggot to Bloomfield 11
Bingham Baggot to Bloomfield 3
Birch Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Birmingham Baggot to Bloomfield 10
Blache Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Blackall Baggot to Bloomfield 8
Blackwel Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Blackwell Baggot to Bloomfield 5
Blake Baggot to Bloomfield 60
Bleach Baggot to Bloomfield 6
Bleak Baggot to Bloomfield 2
Blood Baggot to Bloomfield 19
Bloomfield Baggot to Bloomfield 1
Bolam Bolam to Broderick 1
Bolan Bolam to Broderick 20
Boland Bolam to Broderick 53
Boland & Culligan Bolam to Broderick 1
Bolen Bolam to Broderick 2
Bolton Bolam to Broderick 3
Bonfield Bolam to Broderick 2
Bonfill Bolam to Broderick 1
Borough Bolam to Broderick 3
Bouchier Bolam to Broderick 6
Bounce Bolam to Broderick 1
Bourk Bolam to Broderick 2
Bourke Bolam to Broderick 69
Bowells Bolam to Broderick 1
Bowels Bolam to Broderick 1
Bowen Bolam to Broderick 4
Bower Bolam to Broderick 1
Bowler Bolam to Broderick 3
Bowles Bolam to Broderick 2
Boyce Bolam to Broderick 6
Boyle Bolam to Broderick 9
Boyse Bolam to Broderick 8
Bradley Bolam to Broderick 6
Bradly Bolam to Broderick 12
Brady Bolam to Broderick 24
Bran Bolam to Broderick 9
Brandon Bolam to Broderick 2
Brann Bolam to Broderick 6
Brannan Bolam to Broderick 1
Brasil Bolam to Broderick 4
Brassil Bolam to Broderick 3
Brassill Bolam to Broderick 3
Brazil Bolam to Broderick 2
Bready Bolam to Broderick 2
Breen Bolam to Broderick 26
Breene Bolam to Broderick 11
Brellihen Bolam to Broderick 1
Bren Bolam to Broderick 1
Brenan Bolam to Broderick 5
Brenn Bolam to Broderick 1
Brennan Bolam to Broderick 31
Brenon Bolam to Broderick 3
Breslawn Bolam to Broderick 2
Brett Bolam to Broderick 3
Brew Bolam to Broderick 65
Brick Bolam to Broderick 4
Bridgeman Bolam to Broderick 4
Bridgman Bolam to Broderick 5
Brien Bolam to Broderick 28
Brimigan Bolam to Broderick 1
Brinnen Bolam to Broderick 2
Britt Bolam to Broderick 2
Britton Bolam to Broderick 1
Broady Bolam to Broderick 11
Broden Bolam to Broderick 1
Broderick Bolam to Broderick 11
Brody Brody to Byrt 31
Brogan Brody to Byrt 17
Broggy Brody to Byrt 2
Brogy Brody to Byrt 1
Brohan Brody to Byrt 5
Brookes Brody to Byrt 1
Brooks Brody to Byrt 6
Broughton Brody to Byrt 1
Brown Brody to Byrt 36
Browne Brody to Byrt 50
Brudenell Brody to Byrt 1
Brugget Brody to Byrt 1
Bruggy Brody to Byrt 1
Buchanan Brody to Byrt 1
Buckley Brody to Byrt 11
Buckly Brody to Byrt 2
Bulger Brody to Byrt 2
Bullen Brody to Byrt 1
Bullin Brody to Byrt 1
Bulter Brody to Byrt 2
Bunane Brody to Byrt 1
Bunce Brody to Byrt 3
Bunch Brody to Byrt 2
Bunfield Brody to Byrt 1
Bunse Brody to Byrt 3
Bunton Brody to Byrt 1
Burk Brody to Byrt 2
Burke Brody to Byrt 150
Burley Brody to Byrt 4
Burne Brody to Byrt 1
Burnell Brody to Byrt 7
Burnes Brody to Byrt 6
Burnett Brody to Byrt 1
Burns Brody to Byrt 42
Burrane Brody to Byrt 6
Burton Brody to Byrt 5
Bush Brody to Byrt 6
Bushell Brody to Byrt 3
Bushill Brody to Byrt 1
Butler Brody to Byrt 84
Byram Brody to Byrt 6
Byrn Brody to Byrt 1
Byrne Brody to Byrt 6
Byrnes Brody to Byrt 5
Byrns Brody to Byrt 9
Byrt Brody to Byrt 5
C? C to Carmody 1
C??han C to Carmody 1
Ca?????le C to Carmody 1
Cabey C to Carmody 2
Caby C to Carmody 2
Cahen C to Carmody 1
Caher C to Carmody 14
Cahil C to Carmody 3
Cahill C to Carmody 76
Cahir C to Carmody 18
Calaghan C to Carmody 7
Calahan C to Carmody 4
Calery C to Carmody 1
Callaghan C to Carmody 67
Callahan C to Carmody 9
Callanan C to Carmody 3
Callcut C to Carmody 1
Callihen C to Carmody 1
Callinan C to Carmody 34
Callinen C to Carmody 1
Cally C to Carmody 1
Calnan C to Carmody 9
Camidell C to Carmody 1
Campbell C to Carmody 16
Campbelle C to Carmody 3
Canavan C to Carmody 1
Canavane C to Carmody 2
Canivan C to Carmody 1
Cannane C to Carmody 1
Canney C to Carmody 6
Cannole C to Carmody 9
Cannon C to Carmody 1
Canny C to Carmody 58
Canole C to Carmody 2
Canty C to Carmody 8
Car C to Carmody 2
Carane C to Carmody 1
Carcals C to Carmody 1
Carden C to Carmody 1
Carey C to Carmody 39
Carig C to Carmody 1
Carigg C to Carmody 1
Carkel C to Carmody 2
Carkil C to Carmody 1
Carley C to Carmody 2
Carmidell C to Carmody 1
Carmody C to Carmody 119
Carney Carney to Clancy 40
Carrey Carney to Clancy 1
Carrick Carney to Clancy 5
Carrig Carney to Clancy 8
Carrigg Carney to Clancy 20
Carrigge Carney to Clancy 1
Carrol Carney to Clancy 4
Carroll Carney to Clancy 58
Carrucan Carney to Clancy 1
Carrucane Carney to Clancy 2
Carter Carney to Clancy 8
Carthy Carney to Clancy 45
Carty Carney to Clancy 48
Casewell Carney to Clancy 1
Casey Carney to Clancy 90
Cashane Carney to Clancy 1
Cashen Carney to Clancy 3
Cashie Carney to Clancy 2
Cashin Carney to Clancy 3
Cassady Carney to Clancy 1
Cassey Carney to Clancy 2
Cassidy Carney to Clancy 7
Casson Carney to Clancy 1
Castle Carney to Clancy 2
Caswell Carney to Clancy 3
Casy Carney to Clancy 4
Caughlen Carney to Clancy 3
Caughlin Carney to Clancy 2
Caulfield Carney to Clancy 5
Cavanagh Carney to Clancy 12
Cavenagh Carney to Clancy 1
Cavenaugh Carney to Clancy 1
Cavey Carney to Clancy 5
Cavy Carney to Clancy 2
Cawfield Carney to Clancy 1
Ceasy Carney to Clancy 4
Chadwick Carney to Clancy 1
Chambers Carney to Clancy 24
Chapple Carney to Clancy 2
Cherry Carney to Clancy 11
Clanchy Carney to Clancy 84
Clancy Carney to Clancy 60
Clap Clap to Collis 1
Clapp Clap to Collis 2
Clara Clap to Collis 2
Clare Clap to Collis 8
Clarke Clap to Collis 8
Clauder Clap to Collis 1
Claunchy Clap to Collis 3
Cleary Clap to Collis 73
Clehane Clap to Collis 1
Clogheran Clap to Collis 1
Cloghessy Clap to Collis 1
Cloghissy Clap to Collis 2
Clohessy Clap to Collis 4
Clohesy Clap to Collis 1
Clohissy Clap to Collis 10
Clohosy Clap to Collis 1
Cloonan Clap to Collis 2
Closkey Clap to Collis 1
Cloughessy Clap to Collis 4
Clune Clap to Collis 83
Clyne Clap to Collis 1
Coady Clap to Collis 1
Cody Clap to Collis 3
Coffee Clap to Collis 46
Coffey Clap to Collis 10
Cogeran Clap to Collis 1
Coggeran Clap to Collis 1
Coghlan Clap to Collis 2
Coghlen Clap to Collis 1
Coghlin Clap to Collis 12
Cogoran Clap to Collis 1
Coleman Clap to Collis 14
Colenan Clap to Collis 2
Colgan Clap to Collis 2
Collands Clap to Collis 3
Collenge Clap to Collis 1
Collings Clap to Collis 5
Collins Clap to Collis 198
Collis Clap to Collis 1
Colopy Colopy to Conry 6
Colpoys Colopy to Conry 8
Comane Colopy to Conry 4
Comber Colopy to Conry 2
Comerford Colopy to Conry 3
Commane Colopy to Conry 9
Commons Colopy to Conry 3
Commyn Colopy to Conry 1
Comyn Colopy to Conry 41
Comyns Colopy to Conry 2
Condine Colopy to Conry 1
Condon Colopy to Conry 5
Conedine Colopy to Conry 1
Conellan Colopy to Conry 5
Conelly Colopy to Conry 3
Conelon Colopy to Conry 1
Coner Colopy to Conry 1
Coniory Colopy to Conry 1
Conlan Colopy to Conry 18
Conlaughty Colopy to Conry 2
Conloghty Colopy to Conry 1
Conlon Colopy to Conry 1
Connalen Colopy to Conry 4
Connare Colopy to Conry 1
Conneally Colopy to Conry 3
Conneely Colopy to Conry 8
Conneen Colopy to Conry 1
Connele Colopy to Conry 1
Connell Colopy to Conry 121
Connellan Colopy to Conry 26
Connellon Colopy to Conry 7
Connelly Colopy to Conry 15
Conneon Colopy to Conry 1
Conners Colopy to Conry 17
Connery Colopy to Conry 1
Connican Colopy to Conry 1
Conningham Colopy to Conry 1
Connoguan Colopy to Conry 2
Connole Colopy to Conry 12
Connolen Colopy to Conry 5
Connor Colopy to Conry 4
Connors Colopy to Conry 63
Connoulty Colopy to Conry 1
Cono? Colopy to Conry 1
Conoe Colopy to Conry 7
Conolan Colopy to Conry 1
Conole Colopy to Conry 12
Conolin Colopy to Conry 1
Conroy Colopy to Conry 5
Conry Colopy to Conry 10
Consadine Consadine to Corry 1
Consedine Consadine to Corry 3
Considen Consadine to Corry 4
Considene Consadine to Corry 1
Considine Consadine to Corry 143
Consodine Consadine to Corry 5
Conveyl?? Consadine to Corry 1
Conway Consadine to Corry 89
Conyegham Consadine to Corry 1
Conyngham Consadine to Corry 23
Conynyham Consadine to Corry 1
Cooleen Consadine to Corry 1
Coolen Consadine to Corry 1
Cooley Consadine to Corry 2
Cooly Consadine to Corry 2
Coonaghty Consadine to Corry 2
Cooney Consadine to Corry 37
Coonnty Consadine to Corry 2
Cooper Consadine to Corry 4
Coorneen Consadine to Corry 2
Coote Consadine to Corry 1
Coppinger Consadine to Corry 1
Corban Consadine to Corry 1
Corbet Consadine to Corry 32
Corbett Consadine to Corry 53
Corbin Consadine to Corry 1
Corbit Consadine to Corry 1
Corbitt Consadine to Corry 2
Corbon Consadine to Corry 2
Corcoran Consadine to Corry 1
Core Consadine to Corry 1
Coree Consadine to Corry 11
Corey Consadine to Corry 16
Cormicon Consadine to Corry 2
Cornwall Consadine to Corry 2
Cornwell Consadine to Corry 1
Corre?? Consadine to Corry 1
Corree Consadine to Corry 12
Correy Consadine to Corry 17
Corrie Consadine to Corry 1
Corry Consadine to Corry 30
Cosgrave Cosgrave to Cullen 4
Cosgriffe Cosgrave to Cullen 2
Costello Cosgrave to Cullen 28
Costelloe Cosgrave to Cullen 19
Costelly Cosgrave to Cullen 2
Costelo Cosgrave to Cullen 2
Costillo Cosgrave to Cullen 4
Costilloe Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Costollo Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Costolloe Cosgrave to Cullen 17
Costoloe Cosgrave to Cullen 5
Cotter Cosgrave to Cullen 25
Cotton Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Cottor Cosgrave to Cullen 5
Coughlan Cosgrave to Cullen 12
Coughlane Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Coughlin Cosgrave to Cullen 15
Counahan Cosgrave to Cullen 2
Counehan Cosgrave to Cullen 4
Couney Cosgrave to Cullen 17
Couny Cosgrave to Cullen 2
Courneen Cosgrave to Cullen 10
Cox Cosgrave to Cullen 27
Craddock Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Crafford Cosgrave to Cullen 2
Crass Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Cravan Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Craven Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Crawford Cosgrave to Cullen 5
Crawley Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Cready Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Creagh Cosgrave to Cullen 15
Creaghe Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Creaghton Cosgrave to Cullen 4
Creamer Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Crean Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Creaton Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Creegh Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Crehane Cosgrave to Cullen 25
Creigh Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Creighton Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Cripps Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Crohan Cosgrave to Cullen 2
Croley Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Croneen Cosgrave to Cullen 5
Cross Cosgrave to Cullen 11
Crotty Cosgrave to Cullen 50
Crow Cosgrave to Cullen 24
Crowe Cosgrave to Cullen 105
Crowley Cosgrave to Cullen 25
Crowly Cosgrave to Cullen 3
Cruice Cosgrave to Cullen 8
Crusky Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Cuddihie Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Cuddihy Cosgrave to Cullen 6
Cudmore Cosgrave to Cullen 12
Cudmour Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Cueny Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Cuinane Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Culhane Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Cull Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Culleen Cosgrave to Cullen 2
Culleeny Cosgrave to Cullen 6
Cullen Cosgrave to Cullen 1
Culligan Culligan to Custy 41
Cullinan Culligan to Custy 95
Cullinane Culligan to Custy 26
Cullins Culligan to Custy 1
Culliny Culligan to Custy 9
Culloo Culligan to Custy 3
Culloury Culligan to Custy 1
Cullow Culligan to Custy 5
Cumane Culligan to Custy 1
Cummane Culligan to Custy 5
Cummins Culligan to Custy 1
Cuningham Culligan to Custy 1
Cunlivan Culligan to Custy 1
Cunnane Culligan to Custy 1
Cunnedy Culligan to Custy 8
Cunneen Culligan to Custy 58
Cunneens Culligan to Custy 1
Cunnere Culligan to Custy 1
Cunnigham Culligan to Custy 1
Cunningham Culligan to Custy 63
Cunnole Culligan to Custy 1
Curless Culligan to Custy 1
Curley Culligan to Custy 4
Curran Culligan to Custy 2
Curreen Culligan to Custy 1
Curren Culligan to Custy 2
Currin Culligan to Custy 2
Curry Culligan to Custy 12
Curtain Culligan to Custy 7
Curtayne Culligan to Custy 1
Curten Culligan to Custy 3
Curtin Culligan to Custy 103
Curtis Culligan to Custy 13
Cusack Culligan to Custy 68
Cusheen Culligan to Custy 2
Cushin Culligan to Custy 2
Cushion Culligan to Custy 2
Cusick Culligan to Custy 2
Custy Culligan to Custy 7
D'Esterre D'Esterre to Digidan 3
D?y D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Daffey D'Esterre to Digidan 8
Daffy D'Esterre to Digidan 21
Daily D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Daley D'Esterre to Digidan 13
Dalton D'Esterre to Digidan 6
Daly D'Esterre to Digidan 98
Danagher D'Esterre to Digidan 3
Danaher D'Esterre to Digidan 3
Danoher D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Darby D'Esterre to Digidan 3
Darcey D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Darcy D'Esterre to Digidan 55
Davaran D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Daveen D'Esterre to Digidan 4
Davenport D'Esterre to Digidan 2
Daveran D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Daverin D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Daveron D'Esterre to Digidan 2
Davey D'Esterre to Digidan 1
David D'Esterre to Digidan 2
Davies D'Esterre to Digidan 10
Davine D'Esterre to Digidan 6
Davinport D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Davis D'Esterre to Digidan 28
Davitt D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Davoran D'Esterre to Digidan 14
Davoren D'Esterre to Digidan 46
Daxon D'Esterre to Digidan 19
de Ruvynes D'Esterre to Digidan 4
Dea D'Esterre to Digidan 12
Dealy D'Esterre to Digidan 7
Dean D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Dee D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Deegedan D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Deely D'Esterre to Digidan 5
Deeran D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Deeviny D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Degidan D'Esterre to Digidan 3
Delahunty D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Delane D'Esterre to Digidan 2
Delohery D'Esterre to Digidan 17
Deloughery D'Esterre to Digidan 6
Delughery D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Dempsy D'Esterre to Digidan 3
Denmead D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Denny D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Dermody D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Destere D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Desterre D'Esterre to Digidan 2
Devereaux D'Esterre to Digidan 2
Devereux D'Esterre to Digidan 2
Devine D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Deviny D'Esterre to Digidan 2
Devit D'Esterre to Digidan 10
Devitt D'Esterre to Digidan 37
Dickson D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Digaden D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Digan D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Digidan D'Esterre to Digidan 1
Dillane Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Dillen Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Dillion Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Dillon Dillane to Doolaghty 44
Dinaher Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Dinan Dillane to Doolaghty 41
Dincher Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Dinon Dillane to Doolaghty 3
Dinvey Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Discole Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Divine Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Diviny Dillane to Doolaghty 12
Dixon Dillane to Doolaghty 8
Dixson Dillane to Doolaghty 3
Dobe Dillane to Doolaghty 3
Dodd Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Dogherty Dillane to Doolaghty 19
Doherty Dillane to Doolaghty 57
Dohoney Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Dolan Dillane to Doolaghty 7
Dologhry Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Dolougherry Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Doloughry Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donaghough Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Donaghue Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Donaher Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Donahoe Dillane to Doolaghty 8
Donahue Dillane to Doolaghty 4
Donaugho Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donaughue Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Dondon Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Donelan Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donellan Dillane to Doolaghty 29
Donican Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donilan Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donlan Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donleavy Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donneely Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Donnell Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donnellan Dillane to Doolaghty 44
Donnellin Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donnellon Dillane to Doolaghty 2
Donnelly Dillane to Doolaghty 13
Donnevan Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donnillan Dillane to Doolaghty 3
Donoghoe Dillane to Doolaghty 3
Donoghue Dillane to Doolaghty 33
Donohoe Dillane to Doolaghty 53
Donohoue Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donohu Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donohue Dillane to Doolaghty 22
Donougho Dillane to Doolaghty 3
Donoughue Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Donovan Dillane to Doolaghty 10
Doody Dillane to Doolaghty 10
Doogan Dillane to Doolaghty 26
Doohan Dillane to Doolaghty 13
Doolaghly Dillane to Doolaghty 1
Doolaghty Dillane to Doolaghty 6
Doolan Doolan to Dywer 8
Doolaty Doolan to Dywer 1
Doole Doolan to Dywer 2
Dooley Doolan to Dywer 14
Doolin Doolan to Dywer 2
Doologhty Doolan to Dywer 5
Dooly Doolan to Dywer 4
Dooneely Doolan to Dywer 3
Doonelly Doolan to Dywer 1
Doonely Doolan to Dywer 1
Doorty Doolan to Dywer 6
Doran Doolan to Dywer 2
Doras Doolan to Dywer 1
Dorgan Doolan to Dywer 1
Dorony Doolan to Dywer 1
Doud Doolan to Dywer 3
Doughan Doolan to Dywer 1
Doughery Doolan to Dywer 1
Doughna Doolan to Dywer 1
Dovoran Doolan to Dywer 1
Dowd Doolan to Dywer 6
Dowens Doolan to Dywer 1
Dowling Doolan to Dywer 1
Downes Doolan to Dywer 52
Downey Doolan to Dywer 4
Downs Doolan to Dywer 34
Downy Doolan to Dywer 4
Doyle Doolan to Dywer 46
Drew Doolan to Dywer 10
Drewry Doolan to Dywer 2
Drews Doolan to Dywer 1
Drischol Doolan to Dywer 3
Driscole Doolan to Dywer 1
Driscoll Doolan to Dywer 14
Driskill Doolan to Dywer 1
Droiny Doolan to Dywer 2
Droney Doolan to Dywer 11
Drony Doolan to Dywer 9
Duany Doolan to Dywer 3
Dubertrand Doolan to Dywer 1
Dubornd Doolan to Dywer 1
Ducey Doolan to Dywer 1
Ducke Doolan to Dywer 2
Ducy Doolan to Dywer 1
Dudd Doolan to Dywer 1
Duffy Doolan to Dywer 1
Dugan Doolan to Dywer 4
Duggan Doolan to Dywer 18
Duggen Doolan to Dywer 1
Duggin Doolan to Dywer 1
Duhan Doolan to Dywer 1
Duhany Doolan to Dywer 1
Duhig Doolan to Dywer 2
Duier Doolan to Dywer 1
Duigedan Doolan to Dywer 1
Duire Doolan to Dywer 2
Dulhunty Doolan to Dywer 12
Dundon Doolan to Dywer 6
Duneely Doolan to Dywer 1
Dunivan Doolan to Dywer 2
Dunleavy Doolan to Dywer 1
Dunmade Doolan to Dywer 1
Dunn Doolan to Dywer 4
Dunneely Doolan to Dywer 6
Dunneen Doolan to Dywer 7
Durac Doolan to Dywer 1
Duran Doolan to Dywer 1
Durick Doolan to Dywer 12
Dwyer Doolan to Dywer 47
Dwyre Doolan to Dywer 7
Dynan Doolan to Dywer 9
Dywer Doolan to Dywer 1
Eagan Eagan to Eyres 5
Eagney Eagan to Eyres 1
Eames Eagan to Eyres 1
Earles Eagan to Eyres 4
Earls Eagan to Eyres 8
Earton Eagan to Eyres 1
Edwards Eagan to Eyres 16
Egan Eagan to Eyres 91
Egane Eagan to Eyres 1
Eligott Eagan to Eyres 1
Ellard Eagan to Eyres 1
Elligott Eagan to Eyres 2
Elliott Eagan to Eyres 3
Emerson Eagan to Eyres 4
Emirson Eagan to Eyres 2
England Eagan to Eyres 5
Englis Eagan to Eyres 1
English Eagan to Eyres 2
Enright Eagan to Eyres 21
Enwright Eagan to Eyres 3
Ervin Eagan to Eyres 2
Eustace Eagan to Eyres 3
Eustice Eagan to Eyres 5
Evans Eagan to Eyres 3
Eyres Eagan to Eyres 9
Fahee Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Fahey Fahee to Fitzgerald 10
Fahie Fahee to Fitzgerald 7
Fahy Fahee to Fitzgerald 38
Faircloth Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Falahee Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Falahy Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Fall Fahee to Fitzgerald 5
Fallen Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Fallihy Fahee to Fitzgerald 3
Fallon Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Falsey Fahee to Fitzgerald 4
Falvey Fahee to Fitzgerald 4
Farrel Fahee to Fitzgerald 14
Farrell Fahee to Fitzgerald 28
Faul Fahee to Fitzgerald 3
Fawl Fahee to Fitzgerald 8
Fehill Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Feighry Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Fennell Fahee to Fitzgerald 11
Fennessy Fahee to Fitzgerald 7
Fennissy Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Fere Fahee to Fitzgerald 3
Ferguson Fahee to Fitzgerald 2
Ferman Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Fethers Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Finley Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Finn Fahee to Fitzgerald 21
Finne Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Finnel Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Finnell Fahee to Fitzgerald 13
Finnessey Fahee to Fitzgerald 2
Finnicane Fahee to Fitzgerald 1
Finnill Fahee to Fitzgerald 6
Finnucane Fahee to Fitzgerald 6
Finucan Fahee to Fitzgerald 3
Finucane Fahee to Fitzgerald 36
Fitzgearld Fahee to Fitzgerald 2
Fitzgerald Fahee to Fitzgerald 174
Fitzgibbon Fitzgibbon to Flinn 37
Fitzgibbons Fitzgibbon to Flinn 3
Fitzmartin Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Fitzpatrick Fitzgibbon to Flinn 116
Fl?? Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flaherty Fitzgibbon to Flinn 25
Flahey Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flahiff Fitzgibbon to Flinn 4
Flahiv Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flahivan Fitzgibbon to Flinn 2
Flahy Fitzgibbon to Flinn 4
Flanady Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flanagan Fitzgibbon to Flinn 115
Flanaghan Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flanedy Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flanery Fitzgibbon to Flinn 17
Flangan Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flanhedy Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flanigan Fitzgibbon to Flinn 35
Flannagan Fitzgibbon to Flinn 7
Flannery Fitzgibbon to Flinn 33
Flannigan Fitzgibbon to Flinn 9
Flecher Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Fleming Fitzgibbon to Flinn 12
Fleming & Coughlin Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flemming Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Fletcher Fitzgibbon to Flinn 1
Flin Fitzgibbon to Flinn 15
Flinn Fitzgibbon to Flinn 8
Flood Flood to Fury 7
Floyd Flood to Fury 8
Floyde Flood to Fury 3
Flyn Flood to Fury 5
Flynn Flood to Fury 25
Flynne Flood to Fury 6
Foaly Flood to Fury 1
Fodge Flood to Fury 1
Fody Flood to Fury 1
Fogarty Flood to Fury 21
Foge Flood to Fury 1
Fogerty Flood to Fury 2
Folan Flood to Fury 2
Foley Flood to Fury 62
Foody Flood to Fury 1
Fooly Flood to Fury 1
Foran Flood to Fury 4
Forbes Flood to Fury 1
Forchin Flood to Fury 1
Ford Flood to Fury 12
Forde Flood to Fury 5
Forehen Flood to Fury 1
Forehin Flood to Fury 4
Foren Flood to Fury 2
Forhan Flood to Fury 12
Fortune Flood to Fury 1
Foster Flood to Fury 10
Foudy Flood to Fury 4
Fourleen Flood to Fury 1
Fowler Flood to Fury 1
Fox Flood to Fury 27
Foy Flood to Fury 1
Fraley Flood to Fury 13
Fraly Flood to Fury 4
Francis Flood to Fury 12
Fraser Flood to Fury 3
Frauley Flood to Fury 2
Frawley Flood to Fury 53
Frawly Flood to Fury 10
Frealy Flood to Fury 1
Freel Flood to Fury 5
Freeman Flood to Fury 8
Freil Flood to Fury 1
Frost Flood to Fury 73
Furnell Flood to Fury 1
Fury Flood to Fury 3
Ga???y G to Gordon 1
Gabbett G to Gordon 6
Gagin G to Gordon 2
Gaigan G to Gordon 1
Gaites G to Gordon 1
Galaher G to Gordon 3
Galahor G to Gordon 1
Galiher G to Gordon 3
Gallagher G to Gordon 20
Gallaher G to Gordon 16
Gallary G to Gordon 5
Galleher G to Gordon 1
Gallery G to Gordon 26
Galligan G to Gordon 1
Galliher G to Gordon 10
Galvan G to Gordon 2
Galvin G to Gordon 69
Galway G to Gordon 1
Gamble G to Gordon 2
Gamster G to Gordon 1
Gandley G to Gordon 1
Ganly G to Gordon 1
Gannessy G to Gordon 1
Gannon G to Gordon 2
Garahy G to Gordon 8
Garden G to Gordon 3
Gardner G to Gordon 5
Garraghy G to Gordon 3
Garrihy G to Gordon 5
Garry G to Gordon 5
Garvey G to Gordon 47
Gash G to Gordon 2
Gavan G to Gordon 4
Gavey G to Gordon 2
Gavin G to Gordon 11
Gaynor G to Gordon 1
Gearan G to Gordon 2
Gearin G to Gordon 2
Geary G to Gordon 4
Geegan G to Gordon 3
Gegan G to Gordon 4
Geltenane G to Gordon 1
Genanne G to Gordon 1
Geoghegan G to Gordon 2
Geohegan G to Gordon 4
George G to Gordon 2
Geornan G to Gordon 1
Geraghty G to Gordon 2
Geran G to Gordon 4
Gerane G to Gordon 3
Gerarty G to Gordon 1
Geraughty G to Gordon 1
Gerin G to Gordon 1
Gerrane G to Gordon 1
Gibbins G to Gordon 1
Gibbons G to Gordon 1
Gibbony G to Gordon 2
Gibson G to Gordon 12
Gill G to Gordon 1
Gill'n G to Gordon 1
Gillane G to Gordon 1
Gilligan G to Gordon 10
Gillinane G to Gordon 2
Gilmore G to Gordon 2
Giltenane G to Gordon 2
Giltinane G to Gordon 14
Ginissy G to Gordon 1
Ginnane G to Gordon 18
Giren G to Gordon 1
Girraghty G to Gordon 1
Giunane G to Gordon 2
Gleesan G to Gordon 1
Gleese G to Gordon 2
Gleeson G to Gordon 66
Glesson G to Gordon 1
Glin G to Gordon 1
Glinn G to Gordon 9
Glinny G to Gordon 3
Gloster G to Gordon 14
Glyn G to Gordon 14
Glynn G to Gordon 31
Glynne G to Gordon 1
Glynny G to Gordon 3
Gnane G to Gordon 1
Goggan G to Gordon 1
Goggin G to Gordon 2
Going G to Gordon 3
Gold G to Gordon 3
Golden G to Gordon 3
Gollahoe G to Gordon 1
Goodman G to Gordon 1
Goodwin G to Gordon 1
Goold G to Gordon 1
Goonan G to Gordon 6
Gooney G to Gordon 5
Gorden G to Gordon 1
Gordon G to Gordon 1
Gore Gore to Guttry 20
Gorm?? Gore to Guttry 1
Gorman Gore to Guttry 122
Gormely Gore to Guttry 1
Gormly Gore to Guttry 1
Gould Gore to Guttry 7
Grace Gore to Guttry 11
Graddy Gore to Guttry 6
Grady Gore to Guttry 52
Grain?? Gore to Guttry 1
Grant Gore to Guttry 5
Gray Gore to Guttry 1
Gready Gore to Guttry 28
Greany Gore to Guttry 3
Green Gore to Guttry 10
Greene Gore to Guttry 54
Gregan Gore to Guttry 2
Gregg Gore to Guttry 3
Grey Gore to Guttry 6
Griffee Gore to Guttry 2
Griffen Gore to Guttry 7
Griffey Gore to Guttry 3
Griffin Gore to Guttry 71
Griffy Gore to Guttry 91
Grimes Gore to Guttry 3
Griott Gore to Guttry 4
Grogan Gore to Guttry 8
Guan Gore to Guttry 1
Guare Gore to Guttry 2
Gueran Gore to Guttry 5
Guerian Gore to Guttry 1
Guerin Gore to Guttry 12
Guery Gore to Guttry 1
Guilligan Gore to Guttry 2
Guillinane Gore to Guttry 1
Guin Gore to Guttry 2
Guinane Gore to Guttry 3
Guiness Gore to Guttry 1
Guiren Gore to Guttry 2
Guirin Gore to Guttry 2
Guiry Gore to Guttry 1
Guligan Gore to Guttry 1
Gullane Gore to Guttry 1
Gulley Gore to Guttry 2
Gulligan Gore to Guttry 9
Gun Gore to Guttry 4
Guning Gore to Guttry 1
Gunn Gore to Guttry 1
Gunning Gore to Guttry 1
Gurden Gore to Guttry 2
Gurren Gore to Guttry 7
Guthery Gore to Guttry 4
Guthiry Gore to Guttry 1
Guthrie Gore to Guttry 12
Guttery Gore to Guttry 7
Guttry Gore to Guttry 7
H??? H to Haren 2
H??r H to Haren 1
Ha??? H to Haren 1
Hacket H to Haren 1
Hadlock H to Haren 3
Haely H to Haren 1
Hagarty H to Haren 2
Hagerty H to Haren 2
Haggins H to Haren 1
Haher H to Haren 1
Hahir H to Haren 1
Haily H to Haren 1
Hair H to Haren 2
Haire H to Haren 1
Halaron H to Haren 1
Haley H to Haren 7
Halihan H to Haren 1
Halinan H to Haren 2
Hall H to Haren 2
Hallanan H to Haren 3
Hallaran H to Haren 32
Hallaron H to Haren 1
Hallenan H to Haren 2
Halleran H to Haren 19
Halleron H to Haren 9
Halley H to Haren 1
Hallinan H to Haren 27
Hallnan H to Haren 1
Hallonan H to Haren 1
Halloran H to Haren 139
Halloren H to Haren 6
Hallorran H to Haren 8
Halnen H to Haren 1
Haloran H to Haren 3
Haloren H to Haren 6
Haloron H to Haren 1
Halory H to Haren 2
Halpin H to Haren 40
Halvey H to Haren 4
Haly H to Haren 1
Hamberry H to Haren 1
Hamill H to Haren 1
Hamilton H to Haren 5
Hammond H to Haren 1
Hanberry H to Haren 4
Handley H to Haren 2
Handlon H to Haren 2
Haneen H to Haren 11
Haney H to Haren 1
Hanheen H to Haren 2
Hanifen H to Haren 1
Hanken H to Haren 1
Hanlan H to Haren 1
Hanlon H to Haren 4
Hannafane H to Haren 1
Hannan H to Haren 6
Hanneen H to Haren 19
Hannon H to Haren 2
Hanraghan H to Haren 6
Hanrahan H to Haren 62
Haran H to Haren 2
Harbert H to Haren 1
Hardgreve H to Haren 1
Hardgrove H to Haren 4
Hardiman H to Haren 2
Hardy H to Haren 2
Hare H to Haren 5
Haren H to Haren 10
Hargrove Hargrove to Heagney 3
Harhan Hargrove to Heagney 24
Harin Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harison Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harkin Hargrove to Heagney 3
Harkins Hargrove to Heagney 4
Harman Hargrove to Heagney 2
Harney Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harold Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harrahell Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harrahill Hargrove to Heagney 2
Harrald Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harrigan Hargrove to Heagney 3
Harrington Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harrison Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harrisson Hargrove to Heagney 6
Harrold Hargrove to Heagney 2
Hart Hargrove to Heagney 7
Hartagan Hargrove to Heagney 4
Harte Hargrove to Heagney 5
Hartigan Hargrove to Heagney 38
Hartly Hargrove to Heagney 1
Hartneady Hargrove to Heagney 4
Hartnedy Hargrove to Heagney 5
Hartneedy Hargrove to Heagney 2
Hartney Hargrove to Heagney 9
Hartny Hargrove to Heagney 1
Hartshaw Hargrove to Heagney 1
Harty Hargrove to Heagney 3
Harvey Hargrove to Heagney 4
Harvy Hargrove to Heagney 3
Haslan Hargrove to Heagney 1
Hasset Hargrove to Heagney 6
Hassett Hargrove to Heagney 64
Hassitt Hargrove to Heagney 3
Hasting Hargrove to Heagney 2
Hastings Hargrove to Heagney 15
Hastry Hargrove to Heagney 2
Haugh Hargrove to Heagney 53
Haulihan Hargrove to Heagney 1
Haunheen Hargrove to Heagney 1
Haverty Hargrove to Heagney 4
Haw Hargrove to Heagney 1
Hawkins Hargrove to Heagney 17
Hay Hargrove to Heagney 2
Hayes Hargrove to Heagney 82
Hayley Hargrove to Heagney 2
Hays Hargrove to Heagney 12
Hayse Hargrove to Heagney 21
Headigan Hargrove to Heagney 3
Heafey Hargrove to Heagney 1
Heagerty Hargrove to Heagney 4
Heagney Hargrove to Heagney 1
Healey Healey to Hickie 7
Heally Healey to Hickie 3
Healy Healey to Hickie 114
Heaney Healey to Hickie 1
Heany Healey to Hickie 1
Hease Healey to Hickie 1
Heath Healey to Hickie 9
Heatherman Healey to Hickie 1
Heddeen Healey to Hickie 1
Hedeen Healey to Hickie 6
Hederman Healey to Hickie 15
Heffernan Healey to Hickie 11
Hegarthy Healey to Hickie 5
Hegarty Healey to Hickie 27
Heher Healey to Hickie 32
Hehir Healey to Hickie 135
Heiffernan Healey to Hickie 1
Hellary Healey to Hickie 1
Henchy Healey to Hickie 6
Hendrick Healey to Hickie 2
Henesey Healey to Hickie 1
Henessey Healey to Hickie 1
Henessy Healey to Hickie 4
Henesy Healey to Hickie 5
Henn Healey to Hickie 2
Hennessy Healey to Hickie 34
Hennesy Healey to Hickie 2
Hennissy Healey to Hickie 3
Henry Healey to Hickie 3
Herbert Healey to Hickie 8
Hertnan Healey to Hickie 1
Hestings Healey to Hickie 2
Heuchen Healey to Hickie 5
Hewet Healey to Hickie 1
Hewett Healey to Hickie 1
Hewghes Healey to Hickie 1
Hewit Healey to Hickie 2
Hewitt Healey to Hickie 5
Hickey Healey to Hickie 127
Hickie Healey to Hickie 21
Hickman Hickman to Honan 8
Hicky Hickman to Honan 8
Higgins Hickman to Honan 42
Hill Hickman to Honan 18
Hillard Hickman to Honan 1
Hillary Hickman to Honan 12
Hillery Hickman to Honan 9
Hinchey Hickman to Honan 9
Hinchy Hickman to Honan 14
Hipson Hickman to Honan 2
Ho??? Hickman to Honan 1
Hoar Hickman to Honan 2
Hoare Hickman to Honan 14
Hodges Hickman to Honan 2
Hoey Hickman to Honan 1
Hogan Hickman to Honan 229
Hogart Hickman to Honan 2
Holahan Hickman to Honan 18
Holeran Hickman to Honan 1
Holesan Hickman to Honan 2
Holihan Hickman to Honan 1
Holl Hickman to Honan 1
Holland Hickman to Honan 9
Holleran Hickman to Honan 8
Holloran Hickman to Honan 1
Holmes Hickman to Honan 2
Holohan Hickman to Honan 39
Holohen Hickman to Honan 5
Holster Hickman to Honan 1
Holstus Hickman to Honan 1
Honan Hickman to Honan 35
Honeen Honeen to Hynes 10
Hoolihan Honeen to Hynes 7
Horagan Honeen to Hynes 4
Horan Honeen to Hynes 23
Hore Honeen to Hynes 3
Horgan Honeen to Hynes 1
Horhan Honeen to Hynes 3
Horihan Honeen to Hynes 1
Hough Honeen to Hynes 7
Houlahan Honeen to Hynes 13
Houlehan Honeen to Hynes 1
Houley Honeen to Hynes 1
Houlihan Honeen to Hynes 17
Houlohan Honeen to Hynes 2
Houneen Honeen to Hynes 23
Houragan Honeen to Hynes 6
Hourgan Honeen to Hynes 1
Hourigan Honeen to Hynes 18
Hourigane Honeen to Hynes 1
Houstain Honeen to Hynes 7
Hovendon Honeen to Hynes 1
Howard Honeen to Hynes 82
Howe Honeen to Hynes 12
Howley Honeen to Hynes 12
Howly Honeen to Hynes 1
Hrogan Honeen to Hynes 1
Huaneen Honeen to Hynes 1
Hubbart Honeen to Hynes 1
Hubbert Honeen to Hynes 1
Huddy Honeen to Hynes 2
Hughes Honeen to Hynes 2
Hughson Honeen to Hynes 1
Huleat Honeen to Hynes 4
Hunneen Honeen to Hynes 1
Hunt Honeen to Hynes 3
Hure Honeen to Hynes 11
Hurley Honeen to Hynes 28
Hurly Honeen to Hynes 11
Hurst Honeen to Hynes 1
Hussey Honeen to Hynes 1
Hussy Honeen to Hynes 7
Hyde Honeen to Hynes 1
Hynchey Honeen to Hynes 2
Hynes Honeen to Hynes 131
Ievers Ievers to Jurdon 6
Irvin Ievers to Jurdon 1
Irvine Ievers to Jurdon 2
Irwin Ievers to Jurdon 4
Ivers Ievers to Jurdon 5
Jackson Ievers to Jurdon 6
James Ievers to Jurdon 6
Janns Ievers to Jurdon 1
Jenkins Ievers to Jurdon 2
Jennings Ievers to Jurdon 1
Jephson Ievers to Jurdon 1
Johnson Ievers to Jurdon 6
Johnston Ievers to Jurdon 3
Joice Ievers to Jurdon 3
Jolly Ievers to Jurdon 1
Jones Ievers to Jurdon 24
Jons Ievers to Jurdon 1
Jordan Ievers to Jurdon 15
Jorden Ievers to Jurdon 1
Jourden Ievers to Jurdon 2
Joyce Ievers to Jurdon 8
Joynt Ievers to Jurdon 1
Judd Ievers to Jurdon 1
Jurdin Ievers to Jurdon 4
Jurdon Ievers to Jurdon 2
Kanavane Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kane Kanavane to Kelliher 5
Kanny Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kayes Kanavane to Kelliher 2
Keain Kanavane to Kelliher 2
Kealy Kanavane to Kelliher 6
Kean Kanavane to Kelliher 200
Keane Kanavane to Kelliher 170
Keany Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kearan Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kearen Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kearin Kanavane to Kelliher 3
Kearney Kanavane to Kelliher 8
Kearny Kanavane to Kelliher 2
Kearse Kanavane to Kelliher 9
Keary Kanavane to Kelliher 4
Keating Kanavane to Kelliher 79
Keaton Kanavane to Kelliher 2
Keefe Kanavane to Kelliher 22
Keeffe Kanavane to Kelliher 16
Keegan Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Keehan Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Keely Kanavane to Kelliher 5
Keenan Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kehan Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kelagher Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kelaher Kanavane to Kelliher 2
Keligher Kanavane to Kelliher 9
Keliher Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kelland Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Keller Kanavane to Kelliher 2
Kellerd Kanavane to Kelliher 1
Kelley Kanavane to Kelliher 2
Kelliher Kanavane to Kelliher 2
Kelly Kelly to Kennevan 366
Kely Kelly to Kennevan 1
Ken??dy Kelly to Kennevan 1
Kendal Kelly to Kennevan 3
Kendall Kelly to Kennevan 2
Kenedy Kelly to Kennevan 15
Kenehan Kelly to Kennevan 1
Kenelly Kelly to Kennevan 2
Kenevane Kelly to Kennevan 4
Kenivane Kelly to Kennevan 2
Kenly Kelly to Kennevan 3
Kenna Kelly to Kennevan 1
Kennally Kelly to Kennevan 1
Kennane Kelly to Kennevan 2
Kennedy Kelly to Kennevan 94
Kennelly Kelly to Kennevan 12
Kennevan Kelly to Kennevan 5
Kenney Kenney to Kyne 2
Kenny Kenney to Kyne 83
Keoagh Kenney to Kyne 2
Keogh Kenney to Kyne 15
Keough Kenney to Kyne 11
Keran Kenney to Kyne 3
Kerbey Kenney to Kyne 1
Kerby Kenney to Kyne 12
Kerin Kenney to Kyne 90
Kern Kenney to Kyne 1
Kerr Kenney to Kyne 1
Kerrane Kenney to Kyne 1
Kerreen Kenney to Kyne 1
Kerrin Kenney to Kyne 5
Kerse Kenney to Kyne 16
Kerwick Kenney to Kyne 4
Kerwin Kenney to Kyne 1
Kett Kenney to Kyne 2
Ketts Kenney to Kyne 1
Kevin Kenney to Kyne 3
Kielty Kenney to Kyne 1
Kiely Kenney to Kyne 1
Kierce Kenney to Kyne 4
Kilbride Kenney to Kyne 1
Kilcooly Kenney to Kyne 2
Kilday Kenney to Kyne 4
Kildea Kenney to Kyne 4
Kilderry Kenney to Kyne 5
Kilfoy Kenney to Kyne 1
Kilfoyle Kenney to Kyne 15
Kilkelly Kenney to Kyne 13
Killeen Kenney to Kyne 49
Killeene Kenney to Kyne 1
Killekelly Kenney to Kyne 1
Killen Kenney to Kyne 1
Killhory Kenney to Kyne 1
Killhouse Kenney to Kyne 1
Killmartin Kenney to Kyne 2
Killoury Kenney to Kyne 1
Kilmartin Kenney to Kyne 16
Kiltenane Kenney to Kyne 2
Kiltinnane Kenney to Kyne 1
Kimmane Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinane Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinedy Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinelly Kenney to Kyne 7
Kinerk Kenney to Kyne 4
Kinery Kenney to Kyne 2
Kinevane Kenney to Kyne 5
King Kenney to Kyne 53
Kingsley Kenney to Kyne 4
Kiniery Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinivane Kenney to Kyne 2
Kinna Kenney to Kyne 15
Kinnane Kenney to Kyne 44
Kinnavane Kenney to Kyne 6
Kinnelly Kenney to Kyne 19
Kinnere Kenney to Kyne 3
Kinnery Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinneva Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinnevane Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinniry Kenney to Kyne 4
Kinnivane Kenney to Kyne 3
Kinnoe Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinnoulty Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinnucane Kenney to Kyne 1
Kinsley Kenney to Kyne 1
Kirane Kenney to Kyne 2
Kirrane Kenney to Kyne 1
Kishane Kenney to Kyne 2
Kitchean Kenney to Kyne 1
Kitchen Kenney to Kyne 11
Kitsen Kenney to Kyne 1
Kitson Kenney to Kyne 1
Kneave Kenney to Kyne 1
Knight Kenney to Kyne 1
Knox Kenney to Kyne 2
Kray Kenney to Kyne 2
Kyne Kenney to Kyne 1
Lacey Lacey to Linihan 3
Lacy Lacey to Linihan 5
Ladder Lacey to Linihan 1
Laddett Lacey to Linihan 1
Laden Lacey to Linihan 1
Laferty Lacey to Linihan 3
Lafferty Lacey to Linihan 2
Laffin Lacey to Linihan 2
Laftery Lacey to Linihan 1
Laheen Lacey to Linihan 4
Lahiff Lacey to Linihan 16
Lahiffe Lacey to Linihan 2
Lally Lacey to Linihan 1
Lambert Lacey to Linihan 3
Landers Lacey to Linihan 5
Landsdown Lacey to Linihan 1
Lane Lacey to Linihan 2
Langan Lacey to Linihan 1
Langford Lacey to Linihan 1
Langly Lacey to Linihan 2
Lanheady Lacey to Linihan 1
Lanigan Lacey to Linihan 1
Lannard Lacey to Linihan 1
Lardner Lacey to Linihan 8
Larken Lacey to Linihan 1
Larkin Lacey to Linihan 24
Larkins Lacey to Linihan 1
Latchford Lacey to Linihan 5
Laughnane Lacey to Linihan 1
Laughrey Lacey to Linihan 1
Laughry Lacey to Linihan 2
Lavan Lacey to Linihan 1
Laverty Lacey to Linihan 2
Lawler Lacey to Linihan 38
Lawlor Lacey to Linihan 4
Lawson Lacey to Linihan 1
Lawsy Lacey to Linihan 1
Lays Lacey to Linihan 1
Lea Lacey to Linihan 1
Leacy Lacey to Linihan 3
Leaden Lacey to Linihan 17
Leader Lacey to Linihan 1
Leadin Lacey to Linihan 1
Leadon Lacey to Linihan 1
Leahey Lacey to Linihan 4
Leahy Lacey to Linihan 9
Leamy Lacey to Linihan 4
Lean Lacey to Linihan 1
Learhenan Lacey to Linihan 1
Learinan Lacey to Linihan 3
Learry Lacey to Linihan 1
Leary Lacey to Linihan 46
Leasy Lacey to Linihan 1
Ledane Lacey to Linihan 3
Leddan Lacey to Linihan 1
Leddane Lacey to Linihan 2
Leddin Lacey to Linihan 5
Leddy Lacey to Linihan 5
Lee Lacey to Linihan 13
Leecke Lacey to Linihan 1
Leighy Lacey to Linihan 1
Lellis Lacey to Linihan 1
Lenahan Lacey to Linihan 2
Lenahen Lacey to Linihan 3
Lenane Lacey to Linihan 2
Lenehan Lacey to Linihan 3
Lenihan Lacey to Linihan 3
Lennane Lacey to Linihan 27
Leo Lacey to Linihan 4
Leonard Lacey to Linihan 5
Lerhenan Lacey to Linihan 1
Lernihan Lacey to Linihan 1
Lewen Lacey to Linihan 1
Lewin Lacey to Linihan 1
Lewis Lacey to Linihan 10
Leydan Lacey to Linihan 2
Leyden Lacey to Linihan 15
Liddane Lacey to Linihan 20
Liddy Lacey to Linihan 30
Lillis Lacey to Linihan 72
Lilliss Lacey to Linihan 1
Linahan Lacey to Linihan 1
Linane Lacey to Linihan 12
Linchy Lacey to Linihan 4
Linehan Lacey to Linihan 3
Lingard Lacey to Linihan 1
Linihan Lacey to Linihan 1
Linnane Linnane to Lysaght 59
Lipper Linnane to Lysaght 2
Lister Linnane to Lysaght 1
Liston Linnane to Lysaght 2
Littleton Linnane to Lysaght 8
Littliton Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lloyd Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lockhart Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lockheart Linnane to Lysaght 1
Loftus Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lomus Linnane to Lysaght 1
Long Linnane to Lysaght 15
Longing Linnane to Lysaght 2
Looney Linnane to Lysaght 2
Loony Linnane to Lysaght 2
Loosey Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lopdell Linnane to Lysaght 2
Lophan Linnane to Lysaght 2
Loragan Linnane to Lysaght 3
Lorigan Linnane to Lysaght 8
Loughery Linnane to Lysaght 1
Loughlan Linnane to Lysaght 1
Loughlin Linnane to Lysaght 10
Loughnane Linnane to Lysaght 4
Loughry Linnane to Lysaght 1
Louney Linnane to Lysaght 14
Lourden Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lourhy Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lourigan Linnane to Lysaght 2
Lowrie Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lowry Linnane to Lysaght 1
Loyd Linnane to Lysaght 3
Lucas Linnane to Lysaght 26
Ludmore Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lunneen Linnane to Lysaght 4
Luoney Linnane to Lysaght 8
Lyddy Linnane to Lysaght 22
Lynane Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lynch Linnane to Lysaght 192
Lynchy Linnane to Lysaght 50
Lyndsey Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lyneen Linnane to Lysaght 2
Lyneene Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lynnard Linnane to Lysaght 3
Lynshy Linnane to Lysaght 1
Lyons Linnane to Lysaght 51
Lysaght Linnane to Lysaght 34
M M to Mann 1
M? M to Mann 1
MacAdam M to Mann 7
Mackay M to Mann 3
Mackee M to Mann 3
Mackeen M to Mann 9
Mackeey M to Mann 1
Macken M to Mann 3
Mackey M to Mann 10
Mackin M to Mann 1
Mackine M to Mann 2
Madagan M to Mann 6
Madden M to Mann 37
Maddican M to Mann 1
Maddin M to Mann 1
Madget M to Mann 1
Madgett M to Mann 1
Madigan M to Mann 78
Madigen M to Mann 1
Magaden M to Mann 1
Magan M to Mann 4
Magane M to Mann 2
Magaune M to Mann 1
Magee M to Mann 8
Magher M to Mann 3
Magines M to Mann 1
Magn'r M to Mann 1
Magner M to Mann 10
Magrath M to Mann 14
Magreath M to Mann 1
Maguane M to Mann 11
Maguire M to Mann 6
Mahan M to Mann 1
Maher M to Mann 11
Mahon M to Mann 19
Mahoney M to Mann 9
Mahony M to Mann 61
Mahor M to Mann 1
Makeen M to Mann 2
Malarky M to Mann 1
Malboro M to Mann 1
Malborough M to Mann 1
Malbrough M to Mann 1
Maley M to Mann 17
Mallard M to Mann 1
Malley M to Mann 4
Mallone M to Mann 1
Mallony M to Mann 1
Malloon M to Mann 1
Malone M to Mann 69
Malony M to Mann 6
Maloone M to Mann 4
Maly M to Mann 2
Manan M to Mann 1
Manaran M to Mann 3
Maneen M to Mann 3
Mangan M to Mann 6
Mangane M to Mann 25
Maning M to Mann 2
Manix M to Mann 4
Mann M to Mann 7
Mannaron Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Mannigan Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Manning Mannaron to McGinnis 4
Mannion Mannaron to McGinnis 4
Manogue Mannaron to McGinnis 6
Mansell Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Mantle Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Mara Mannaron to McGinnis 20
Maranon Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Marcam Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Marcum Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Marinan Mannaron to McGinnis 26
Marinen Mannaron to McGinnis 11
Markaham Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Markahan Mannaron to McGinnis 3
Markam Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Markeen Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Markham Mannaron to McGinnis 35
Markiham Mannaron to McGinnis 2
Marranin Mannaron to McGinnis 5
Marrannan Mannaron to McGinnis 1
Marranon Mannaron to McGinnis 2
Marrinan Mannaron to McGinnis 3
Marrinen Mannaron to McGinnis 8
Marsh Mannaron to McGinnis 4
Marshal Mannaron to McGinnis 2
Marshall Mannaron to McGinnis 5
Marten Mannaron to McGinnis 3
Martin Mannaron to McGinnis 34
Mason Mannaron to McGinnis 10
Massey Mannaron to McGinnis 3
Massy Mannaron to McGinnis 12
Maunsell Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McAllen Mannaron to McGinnis 13
McAuliff Mannaron to McGinnis 6
McAuliffe Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McBeath Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McBride Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McCarthy Mannaron to McGinnis 40
McCarty Mannaron to McGinnis 4
McCaul Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McCaw Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McCawe Mannaron to McGinnis 4
McCloskey Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McCooke Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McCormack Mannaron to McGinnis 21
McCormick Mannaron to McGinnis 12
McCoulen Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McCowen Mannaron to McGinnis 3
McCreagh Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McCuchen Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McDale Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McDermot Mannaron to McGinnis 4
McDermott Mannaron to McGinnis 8
McDonagh Mannaron to McGinnis 5
McDonell Mannaron to McGinnis 3
McDonnell Mannaron to McGinnis 57
McDonogh Mannaron to McGinnis 16
McDonough Mannaron to McGinnis 9
McDool Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McEnerney Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McEnerny Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McEvoy Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McGan Mannaron to McGinnis 12
McGanassy Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McGann Mannaron to McGinnis 19
McGannan Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McGannon Mannaron to McGinnis 9
McGarry Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McGee Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McGennis Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McGill Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McGinn Mannaron to McGinnis 1
McGinness Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McGinnis Mannaron to McGinnis 2
McGrath McGrath to McInnerny 175
McGregor McGrath to McInnerny 1
McGrin McGrath to McInnerny 4
McGrinn McGrath to McInnerny 3
McGuan McGrath to McInnerny 3
McGuane McGrath to McInnerny 37
McGuinis McGrath to McInnerny 2
McGuire McGrath to McInnerny 13
McGuiris McGrath to McInnerny 1
McHalpin McGrath to McInnerny 1
McIn?? McGrath to McInnerny 1
McIneherny McGrath to McInnerny 4
McInereny McGrath to McInnerny 10
McInerheney McGrath to McInnerny 13
McInerheny McGrath to McInnerny 149
McInerherny McGrath to McInnerny 4
McInerhery McGrath to McInnerny 1
McInerhiny McGrath to McInnerny 15
McInerhny McGrath to McInnerny 32
McInerkny McGrath to McInnerny 1
McInerney McGrath to McInnerny 63
McInerny McGrath to McInnerny 57
McInertney McGrath to McInnerny 4
McInertny McGrath to McInnerny 3
McInery McGrath to McInnerny 1
McInheny McGrath to McInnerny 1
McInherney McGrath to McInnerny 1
McIniry McGrath to McInnerny 1
McInnedy McGrath to McInnerny 2
McInnerhiny McGrath to McInnerny 1
McInnerney McGrath to McInnerny 7
McInnerny McGrath to McInnerny 2
McKa McKa to McLoughlin 2
McKee McKa to McLoughlin 2
McKeough McKa to McLoughlin 6
McKerin McKa to McLoughlin 4
McKey McKa to McLoughlin 1
McKinniry McKa to McLoughlin 3
McKnight McKa to McLoughlin 11
McLean McKa to McLoughlin 1
McLoughlin McKa to McLoughlin 1
McM McM to McMahon 1
McMahan McM to McMahon 7
McMahon McM to McMahon 719
McNally McNally to McNemara 1
McNamara McNally to McNemara 754
McNamarra McNally to McNemara 6
McNamora McNally to McNemara 1
McNemara McNally to McNemara 4
McNereny McNereny to Mollony 7
McNerney McNereny to Mollony 2
McNerny McNereny to Mollony 1
McNight McNereny to Mollony 1
McOwen McNereny to Mollony 1
McQuillan McNereny to Mollony 1
McTeague McNereny to Mollony 2
McTiege McNereny to Mollony 1
McTige McNereny to Mollony 2
McTigue McNereny to Mollony 11
McTygue McNereny to Mollony 1
Mead McNereny to Mollony 1
Meade McNereny to Mollony 41
Mealakan McNereny to Mollony 1
Mealy McNereny to Mollony 22
Meaney McNereny to Mollony 5
Meanny McNereny to Mollony 4
Meany McNereny to Mollony 56
Meare McNereny to Mollony 1
Mears McNereny to Mollony 6
Mee McNereny to Mollony 3
Meehan McNereny to Mollony 81
Meehean McNereny to Mollony 1
Meehon McNereny to Mollony 1
Meeney McNereny to Mollony 3
Meer McNereny to Mollony 12
Meere McNereny to Mollony 25
Megan McNereny to Mollony 5
Megrath McNereny to Mollony 2
Mehan McNereny to Mollony 1
Mehern McNereny to Mollony 1
Melefant McNereny to Mollony 1
Melican McNereny to Mollony 9
Melikan McNereny to Mollony 1
Melikin McNereny to Mollony 1
Mellican McNereny to Mollony 1
Mellifont McNereny to Mollony 1
Mellody McNereny to Mollony 2
Melody McNereny to Mollony 8
Menehan McNereny to Mollony 1
Meritt McNereny to Mollony 1
Merrett McNereny to Mollony 2
Merritt McNereny to Mollony 3
Mescall McNereny to Mollony 9
Mescill McNereny to Mollony 4
Meskeall McNereny to Mollony 1
Meskill McNereny to Mollony 21
Michael McNereny to Mollony 1
Mien McNereny to Mollony 1
Millane McNereny to Mollony 9
Miller McNereny to Mollony 3
Mina McNereny to Mollony 1
Minahan McNereny to Mollony 3
Minahen McNereny to Mollony 4
Minehan McNereny to Mollony 10
Mingane McNereny to Mollony 12
Miniter McNereny to Mollony 10
Minnane McNereny to Mollony 4
Minniter McNereny to Mollony 2
Minnitter McNereny to Mollony 1
Minoge McNereny to Mollony 1
Minogue McNereny to Mollony 56
Minouge McNereny to Mollony 4
Mitchell McNereny to Mollony 4
Miugane McNereny to Mollony 3
Mluney McNereny to Mollony 4
Mo???ey McNereny to Mollony 1
Molloney McNereny to Mollony 4
Mollony McNereny to Mollony 8
Molloy Molloy to Morane 5
Molone Molloy to Morane 10
Moloney Molloy to Morane 78
Molony Molloy to Morane 359
Moloone Molloy to Morane 1
Molowny Molloy to Morane 1
Moloy Molloy to Morane 2
Monahan Molloy to Morane 4
Mongovan Molloy to Morane 4
Mongovin Molloy to Morane 2
Monihan Molloy to Morane 1
Monsell Molloy to Morane 2
Moody Molloy to Morane 1
Mooney Molloy to Morane 5
Moony Molloy to Morane 2
Moor Molloy to Morane 1
Moore Molloy to Morane 19
Moran Molloy to Morane 82
Morane Molloy to Morane 1
Morassy Morassy to Mulrony 1
Moresy Morassy to Mulrony 2
Morey Morassy to Mulrony 2
Morgan Morassy to Mulrony 21
Moriarty Morassy to Mulrony 2
Moriaty Morassy to Mulrony 1
Morissy Morassy to Mulrony 1
Moroney Morassy to Mulrony 48
Morony Morassy to Mulrony 103
Morosey Morassy to Mulrony 1
Morosy Morassy to Mulrony 1
Morran Morassy to Mulrony 1
Morricy Morassy to Mulrony 8
Morrihy Morassy to Mulrony 1
Morris Morassy to Mulrony 7
Morrisey Morassy to Mulrony 1
Morrissey Morassy to Mulrony 1
Morrissy Morassy to Mulrony 27
Morrisy Morassy to Mulrony 1
Moy Morassy to Mulrony 6
Moyarty Morassy to Mulrony 1
Moylan Morassy to Mulrony 36
Moynahan Morassy to Mulrony 2
Muigane Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulally Morassy to Mulrony 2
Mulcahy Morassy to Mulrony 26
Mulconry Morassy to Mulrony 5
Mulcreevy Morassy to Mulrony 5
Mulcunry Morassy to Mulrony 5
Mulherill Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulholland Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulkeeny Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mullane Morassy to Mulrony 11
Mulleen Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mullehan Morassy to Mulrony 2
Mullens Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulligan Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mullin Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mullings Morassy to Mulrony 2
Mullins Morassy to Mulrony 46
Mullone Morassy to Mulrony 8
Mullony Morassy to Mulrony 16
Mulloon Morassy to Mulrony 22
Mulloone Morassy to Mulrony 2
Mullowny Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulloy Morassy to Mulrony 8
Mulones Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulowny Morassy to Mulrony 10
Mulqueeny Morassy to Mulrony 35
Mulquenny Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulqueny Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulquiny Morassy to Mulrony 13
Mulquny Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulready Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulreedy Morassy to Mulrony 2
Mulreidy Morassy to Mulrony 1
Mulroney Morassy to Mulrony 3
Mulrony Morassy to Mulrony 2
Mulvihil Mulvihil to Myles 3
Mulvihill Mulvihil to Myles 27
Mulvill Mulvihil to Myles 4
Mulville Mulvihil to Myles 1
Mungane Mulvihil to Myles 1
Mungavan Mulvihil to Myles 20
Mungavane Mulvihil to Myles 5
Mungavin Mulvihil to Myles 4
Mungovan Mulvihil to Myles 4
Mungovin Mulvihil to Myles 2
Muraghy Mulvihil to Myles 1
Murihy Mulvihil to Myles 3
Murnane Mulvihil to Myles 2
Muroney Mulvihil to Myles 1
Murphey Mulvihil to Myles 1
Murphy Mulvihil to Myles 181
Murrane Mulvihil to Myles 6
Murray Mulvihil to Myles 22
Murrehy Mulvihil to Myles 1
Murrey Mulvihil to Myles 1
Murrihy Mulvihil to Myles 13
Murrony Mulvihil to Myles 1
Murry Mulvihil to Myles 30
Murtagh Mulvihil to Myles 3
Murtogh Mulvihil to Myles 3
Myers Mulvihil to Myles 1
Myles Mulvihil to Myles 1
Nagel Nagel to Nurse 1
Naghten Nagel to Nurse 5
Nagle Nagel to Nurse 6
Nash Nagel to Nurse 27
Naughtan Nagel to Nurse 1
Naughten Nagel to Nurse 13
Naughtin Nagel to Nurse 9
Naughton Nagel to Nurse 1
Naylan Nagel to Nurse 4
Naylon Nagel to Nurse 2
NcNamara Nagel to Nurse 1
Neagle Nagel to Nurse 37
Neal Nagel to Nurse 6
Neale Nagel to Nurse 7
Nealon Nagel to Nurse 19
Neenan Nagel to Nurse 12
Nehill Nagel to Nurse 1
Neigle Nagel to Nurse 1
Neil Nagel to Nurse 21
Neile Nagel to Nurse 2
Neill Nagel to Nurse 1
Nelson Nagel to Nurse 11
Nester Nagel to Nurse 5
Nestor Nagel to Nurse 15
Nevan Nagel to Nurse 1
Nevile Nagel to Nurse 1
Nevill Nagel to Nurse 2
Neville Nagel to Nurse 12
Newton Nagel to Nurse 2
Neylan Nagel to Nurse 64
Neylon Nagel to Nurse 67
Nicholson Nagel to Nurse 1
Nihil Nagel to Nurse 17
Nihile Nagel to Nurse 1
Nihill Nagel to Nurse 34
Nilhill Nagel to Nurse 1
Nix Nagel to Nurse 2
Nixon Nagel to Nurse 9
Nocten Nagel to Nurse 5
Nolan Nagel to Nurse 13
Noonan Nagel to Nurse 45
Norcott Nagel to Nurse 1
Normile Nagel to Nurse 11
Normoyle Nagel to Nurse 9
Noulan Nagel to Nurse 1
Nowlan Nagel to Nurse 4
Nugent Nagel to Nurse 23
Nunan Nagel to Nurse 23
Nurse Nagel to Nurse 1
O'Brien O'Brien to O'Brine 487
O'Brine O'Brien to O'Brine 2
O'Callaghan O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 23
O'Callahan O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 2
O'Connel O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 1
O'Connell O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 32
O'Conner O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 5
O'Conners O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 9
O'Connile O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 1
O'Connill O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 2
O'Connor O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 110
O'Connors O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 25
O'Dea O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 159
O'Dell O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 3
O'Donnald O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 2
O'Donnel O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 1
O'Donnell O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 88
O'Donoghue O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 1
O'Donohoe O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 1
O'Donohoo O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 2
O'Dwyer O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 13
O'Dwyre O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 2
O'Flaherty O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 5
O'Flanagan O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 1
O'Gorman O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 18
O'Gormon O'Callaghan to O'Gormon 2
O'Grady O'Grady to Ownes 23
O'Halloran O'Grady to Ownes 8
O'Hara O'Grady to Ownes 12
O'Holleran O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Kearney O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Keefe O'Grady to Ownes 15
O'Keeffe O'Grady to Ownes 24
O'Kelly O'Grady to Ownes 12
O'Laughlin O'Grady to Ownes 8
O'Leary O'Grady to Ownes 2
O'Loghlan O'Grady to Ownes 4
O'Loghlen O'Grady to Ownes 56
O'Loghlin O'Grady to Ownes 80
O'Loughlan O'Grady to Ownes 3
O'Loughlen O'Grady to Ownes 8
O'Loughlin O'Grady to Ownes 91
O'Mailey O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Malley O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Mara O'Grady to Ownes 7
O'Meally O'Grady to Ownes 3
O'Mealy O'Grady to Ownes 4
O'Meara O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Mera O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Nail O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Neal O'Grady to Ownes 22
O'Neale O'Grady to Ownes 12
O'Neil O'Grady to Ownes 50
O'Neile O'Grady to Ownes 4
O'Neill O'Grady to Ownes 23
O'Nelly O'Grady to Ownes 2
O'Regan O'Grady to Ownes 5
O'Reily O'Grady to Ownes 2
O'Shaughessy O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Shaughnessy O'Grady to Ownes 3
O'Shaugnassy O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Shaugnessy O'Grady to Ownes 2
O'Shea O'Grady to Ownes 1
O'Sullivan O'Grady to Ownes 6
Orbey O'Grady to Ownes 1
Orby O'Grady to Ownes 2
Organ O'Grady to Ownes 16
Orley O'Grady to Ownes 1
Owen O'Grady to Ownes 2
Owens O'Grady to Ownes 3
Ownes O'Grady to Ownes 1
Page Page to Pynne 1
Palliser Page to Pynne 3
Palmer Page to Pynne 4
Pantrige Page to Pynne 1
Parker Page to Pynne 7
Parkinson Page to Pynne 4
Parnell Page to Pynne 5
Parsons Page to Pynne 1
Paterson Page to Pynne 2
Patt Page to Pynne 1
Pattridge Page to Pynne 1
Peacock Page to Pynne 1
Peacocke Page to Pynne 1
Pelkenton Page to Pynne 1
Pelkington Page to Pynne 2
Pender Page to Pynne 3
Pendergast Page to Pynne 7
Penefether Page to Pynne 1
Penn Page to Pynne 1
PenterPinter Page to Pynne 1
Peppard Page to Pynne 2
Pepper Page to Pynne 5
Perrott Page to Pynne 2
Perry Page to Pynne 5
Perse Page to Pynne 2
Pewter Page to Pynne 1
Phelan Page to Pynne 1
Philips Page to Pynne 4
Picket Page to Pynne 1
Pickett Page to Pynne 1
Pierce Page to Pynne 4
Piercy Page to Pynne 1
Pierse Page to Pynne 4
Pierson Page to Pynne 1
Pilkington Page to Pynne 20
Pilkintin Page to Pynne 1
Pinchin Page to Pynne 1
Pinder Page to Pynne 4
Pine Page to Pynne 3
Poe Page to Pynne 1
Pot Page to Pynne 2
Powel Page to Pynne 2
Powell Page to Pynne 35
Power Page to Pynne 49
Prendergast Page to Pynne 12
Price Page to Pynne 5
Punch Page to Pynne 2
Purcel Page to Pynne 2
Purcell Page to Pynne 28
Purcil Page to Pynne 8
Purcill Page to Pynne 6
Purden Page to Pynne 1
Purdon Page to Pynne 6
Purthill Page to Pynne 1
Purtil Page to Pynne 1
Purtill Page to Pynne 34
Pyne Page to Pynne 17
Pynne Page to Pynne 8
Quaely Quaely to Qunlevan 4
Quaily Quaely to Qunlevan 4
Quain Quaely to Qunlevan 4
Qualey Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quane Quaely to Qunlevan 5
Quealy Quaely to Qunlevan 45
Queely Quaely to Qunlevan 2
Quely Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quick Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quigley Quaely to Qunlevan 7
Quigly Quaely to Qunlevan 7
Quigney Quaely to Qunlevan 2
Quigny Quaely to Qunlevan 2
Quiligan Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quilinan Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quilivan Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quilky Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quillary Quaely to Qunlevan 4
Quilligan Quaely to Qunlevan 13
Quillinan Quaely to Qunlevan 2
Quilling Quaely to Qunlevan 3
Quilliny Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quilly Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quilty Quaely to Qunlevan 4
Quily Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quin Quaely to Qunlevan 121
Quineely Quaely to Qunlevan 2
Quinilivane Quaely to Qunlevan 1
Quinlan Quaely to Qunlevan 24
Quinlane Quaely to Qunlevan 3
Quinlivan Quaely to Qunlevan 53
Quinlivane Quaely to Qunlevan 2
Quinn Quaely to Qunlevan 41
Quirk Quaely to Qunlevan 3
Qunlevan Quaely to Qunlevan 2
Rabbit Rabbit to Roice 6
Rabitt Rabbit to Roice 1
Rahilly Rabbit to Roice 8
Raleigh Rabbit to Roice 1
Rannels Rabbit to Roice 1
Raymond Rabbit to Roice 2
Reacroft Rabbit to Roice 1
Read Rabbit to Roice 9
Reade Rabbit to Roice 3
Ready Rabbit to Roice 43
Reagan Rabbit to Roice 4
Reardan Rabbit to Roice 1
Reardon Rabbit to Roice 1
Reaves Rabbit to Roice 1
Reddan Rabbit to Roice 34
Reddane Rabbit to Roice 1
Redden Rabbit to Roice 3
Reddin Rabbit to Roice 14
Reedy Rabbit to Roice 9
Reeves Rabbit to Roice 5
Regan Rabbit to Roice 12
Reidy Rabbit to Roice 79
Reilly Rabbit to Roice 1
Reily Rabbit to Roice 6
Renolds Rabbit to Roice 6
Reordan Rabbit to Roice 2
Reynolds Rabbit to Roice 14
Rice Rabbit to Roice 5
Riedy Rabbit to Roice 16
Rieley Rabbit to Roice 4
Riely Rabbit to Roice 13
Rierdon Rabbit to Roice 4
Rieves Rabbit to Roice 3
Rigg Rabbit to Roice 1
Riley Rabbit to Roice 1
Ringrose Rabbit to Roice 9
Rite Rabbit to Roice 1
Roach Rabbit to Roice 7
Roache Rabbit to Roice 8
Robert Rabbit to Roice 1
Robertson Rabbit to Roice 2
Robeston Rabbit to Roice 1
Robinson Rabbit to Roice 4
Robisson Rabbit to Roice 1
Roche Rabbit to Roice 57
Rochford Rabbit to Roice 24
Rock Rabbit to Roice 2
Rodgers Rabbit to Roice 13
Rogers Rabbit to Roice 37
Roice Rabbit to Roice 4
Ronan Ronan to Rynne 12
Ronoo Ronan to Rynne 1
Rooney Ronan to Rynne 1
Roony Ronan to Rynne 1
Rorke Ronan to Rynne 1
Rose Ronan to Rynne 1
Ross Ronan to Rynne 7
Rosslewin Ronan to Rynne 4
Rotchford Ronan to Rynne 5
Rouen Ronan to Rynne 1
Roughan Ronan to Rynne 77
Rouine Ronan to Rynne 4
Roune Ronan to Rynne 1
Rourke Ronan to Rynne 16
Rowan Ronan to Rynne 2
Rowen Ronan to Rynne 9
Rowhan Ronan to Rynne 1
Rowine Ronan to Rynne 1
Rowland Ronan to Rynne 5
Ruan Ronan to Rynne 3
Ruane Ronan to Rynne 11
Ruin Ronan to Rynne 2
Ruinne Ronan to Rynne 1
Runan Ronan to Rynne 1
Rush Ronan to Rynne 2
Russell Ronan to Rynne 47
Russill Ronan to Rynne 2
Ryall Ronan to Rynne 1
Ryan Ronan to Rynne 305
Rynn Ronan to Rynne 2
Rynne Ronan to Rynne 14
Sadler Sadler to Synge 1
Sage Sadler to Synge 1
Sally Sadler to Synge 3
Salmon Sadler to Synge 9
Sampson Sadler to Synge 5
Sanders Sadler to Synge 1
Sapple Sadler to Synge 1
Sargent Sadler to Synge 1
Sarsfield Sadler to Synge 1
Saunders Sadler to Synge 2
Savage Sadler to Synge 2
Scales Sadler to Synge 22
Scanlan Sadler to Synge 81
Scanlon Sadler to Synge 13
Scanlun Sadler to Synge 1
Scott Sadler to Synge 26
Scullane Sadler to Synge 8
Scully Sadler to Synge 5
Seage Sadler to Synge 1
Sexton Sadler to Synge 108
Seymour Sadler to Synge 1
Shalloe Sadler to Synge 5
Shalloo Sadler to Synge 1
Shallue Sadler to Synge 4
Shally Sadler to Synge 1
Shaloe Sadler to Synge 6
Shaloo Sadler to Synge 1
Shanahan Sadler to Synge 3
Shanahon Sadler to Synge 1
Shannon Sadler to Synge 68
Sharry Sadler to Synge 12
Shaughnassy Sadler to Synge 4
Shaughnessey Sadler to Synge 1
Shaughnessy Sadler to Synge 40
Shaughnesy Sadler to Synge 1
Shaugnessy Sadler to Synge 2
Shaw Sadler to Synge 1
Shea Sadler to Synge 66
Sheady Sadler to Synge 1
Sheahan Sadler to Synge 17
Sheahon Sadler to Synge 1
Sheahy Sadler to Synge 1
Sheals Sadler to Synge 1
Shealy Sadler to Synge 8
Sheedy Sadler to Synge 66
Sheeh Sadler to Synge 1
Sheehan Sadler to Synge 33
Sheeheen Sadler to Synge 1
Sheehen Sadler to Synge 1
Sheehy Sadler to Synge 8
Shehan Sadler to Synge 5
Sheridan Sadler to Synge 6
Sherridan Sadler to Synge 2
Sherridon Sadler to Synge 2
Sherry Sadler to Synge 1
Shinners Sadler to Synge 3
Shinnors Sadler to Synge 2
Shone Sadler to Synge 2
Shouldize Sadler to Synge 1
Shuly Sadler to Synge 1
Silver Sadler to Synge 7
Simmons Sadler to Synge 7
Singean Sadler to Synge 1
Singleton Sadler to Synge 6
Sinon Sadler to Synge 2
Sitre? Sadler to Synge 1
Skeahan Sadler to Synge 7
Skeahen Sadler to Synge 7
Skehan Sadler to Synge 14
Skeritt Sadler to Synge 3
Skerret Sadler to Synge 1
Skerrett Sadler to Synge 1
Slatery Sadler to Synge 1
Slatterry Sadler to Synge 1
Slattery Sadler to Synge 68
Smith Sadler to Synge 7
Smyth Sadler to Synge 20
Smythe Sadler to Synge 1
Spaight Sadler to Synge 13
Spellecy Sadler to Synge 1
Spellesy Sadler to Synge 13
Spellicy Sadler to Synge 2
Spellissy Sadler to Synge 24
Spellisy Sadler to Synge 1
Spillicy Sadler to Synge 1
Spillisey Sadler to Synge 2
Spillissy Sadler to Synge 1
Spillisy Sadler to Synge 1
St. Laurence Sadler to Synge 3
St. Lawrence Sadler to Synge 4
St. Ledger Sadler to Synge 4
Stack Sadler to Synge 17
Stacke Sadler to Synge 1
Stackpole Sadler to Synge 1
Stackpool Sadler to Synge 2
Stackpoole Sadler to Synge 14
Stacpoole Sadler to Synge 28
Staimer Sadler to Synge 1
Stamer Sadler to Synge 5
Stammer Sadler to Synge 3
Stannard Sadler to Synge 1
Stanner Sadler to Synge 1
Stapleton Sadler to Synge 10
Steel Sadler to Synge 1
Stension Sadler to Synge 1
Stenson Sadler to Synge 5
Stephen Sadler to Synge 1
Stephens Sadler to Synge 11
Sterling Sadler to Synge 1
Stevens Sadler to Synge 5
Steward Sadler to Synge 9
Stokes Sadler to Synge 1
Storan Sadler to Synge 2
Storen Sadler to Synge 7
Storin Sadler to Synge 1
Strafford Sadler to Synge 2
Stritch Sadler to Synge 13
Studdart Sadler to Synge 3
Studdert Sadler to Synge 42
Stundon Sadler to Synge 2
Suley Sadler to Synge 1
Sulivan Sadler to Synge 12
Sullivan Sadler to Synge 95
Suly Sadler to Synge 5
Supple Sadler to Synge 1
Surname Sadler to Synge 1
Sweeney Sadler to Synge 7
Sweeny Sadler to Synge 19
Swyney Sadler to Synge 4
Swyny Sadler to Synge 3
Synge Sadler to Synge 29
Taaffe Taaffe to Thompson 1
Taffe Taaffe to Thompson 11
Talbot Taaffe to Thompson 1
Talty Taaffe to Thompson 55
Tamplin Taaffe to Thompson 3
Tarpy Taaffe to Thompson 1
Tarsnane Taaffe to Thompson 4
Taylor Taaffe to Thompson 17
Tearney Taaffe to Thompson 2
Teefy A238 Taaffe to Thompson 1
Teerney Taaffe to Thompson 1
Tent Taaffe to Thompson 1
Terry Taaffe to Thompson 13
Thomas Taaffe to Thompson 1
Thomond Taaffe to Thompson 77
Thompson Taaffe to Thompson 2
Thornton Thornton to Tyne 7
Thrassy Thornton to Tyne 1
Thyne Thornton to Tyne 3
Thynne Thornton to Tyne 22
Tidins Thornton to Tyne 1
Tierney Thornton to Tyne 27
Tierny Thornton to Tyne 11
Timberman Thornton to Tyne 1
Tinan Thornton to Tyne 2
Tinsley Thornton to Tyne 1
Toarpy Thornton to Tyne 3
Tobin Thornton to Tyne 19
Tobridy Thornton to Tyne 1
Toll Thornton to Tyne 1
Toohy Thornton to Tyne 2
Toole Thornton to Tyne 8
Torpey Thornton to Tyne 2
Torphy Thornton to Tyne 1
Torpy Thornton to Tyne 51
Toughey Thornton to Tyne 7
Toughy Thornton to Tyne 2
Touhey Thornton to Tyne 9
Touhy Thornton to Tyne 9
Tournour Thornton to Tyne 1
Townsend Thornton to Tyne 1
Tracey Thornton to Tyne 2
Tracy Thornton to Tyne 8
Trane Thornton to Tyne 8
Trassy Thornton to Tyne 3
Treassy Thornton to Tyne 1
Treasy Thornton to Tyne 1
Tresy Thornton to Tyne 1
Trousdale Thornton to Tyne 1
Trousdell Thornton to Tyne 6
Troy Thornton to Tyne 2
Tuahy Thornton to Tyne 1
Tuberate Thornton to Tyne 1
Tubridy Thornton to Tyne 14
Tuck Thornton to Tyne 1
Tucker Thornton to Tyne 2
Tudd Thornton to Tyne 1
Tully Thornton to Tyne 2
Tumpane Thornton to Tyne 1
Tuohey Thornton to Tyne 23
Tuohy Thornton to Tyne 24
Turner Thornton to Tyne 2
Tuthill Thornton to Tyne 14
Tuttle Thornton to Tyne 3
Twaddle Thornton to Tyne 5
Twohy Thornton to Tyne 38
Twomy Thornton to Tyne 1
Tymons Thornton to Tyne 1
Tyne Thornton to Tyne 1
Umphries Umphries to Whitestone 1
Uniack Umphries to Whitestone 1
Vance Umphries to Whitestone 1
Vand'r Umphries to Whitestone 1
Vandel Umphries to Whitestone 1
Vandeleur Umphries to Whitestone 10
Vandelieur Umphries to Whitestone 2
Vandelur Umphries to Whitestone 1
Vaughan Umphries to Whitestone 80
Vaughen Umphries to Whitestone 2
Vereker Umphries to Whitestone 2
Verlin Umphries to Whitestone 2
Verling Umphries to Whitestone 1
Vicarey Umphries to Whitestone 1
Vincent Umphries to Whitestone 1
Vize Umphries to Whitestone 1
Walch Umphries to Whitestone 2
Walker Umphries to Whitestone 3
Wall Umphries to Whitestone 17
Wallace Umphries to Whitestone 2
Wallnutt Umphries to Whitestone 1
Wallplate Umphries to Whitestone 1
Walsh Umphries to Whitestone 92
Walton Umphries to Whitestone 2
Ward Umphries to Whitestone 19
Warm Umphries to Whitestone 2
Warrant Umphries to Whitestone 3
Warren Umphries to Whitestone 1
Waters Umphries to Whitestone 9
Watson Umphries to Whitestone 5
Watters Umphries to Whitestone 1
Watts Umphries to Whitestone 1
Weeks Umphries to Whitestone 2
Weir Umphries to Whitestone 1
Welch Umphries to Whitestone 1
Weldon Umphries to Whitestone 1
Welsh Umphries to Whitestone 59
Westby Umphries to Whitestone 7
Westroop Umphries to Whitestone 1
Westrop Umphries to Whitestone 2
Westropp Umphries to Whitestone 10
Whealan Umphries to Whitestone 5
Whealon Umphries to Whitestone 15
Whelan Umphries to Whitestone 36
Wheleon Umphries to Whitestone 1
Wheylan Umphries to Whitestone 1
Whineen Umphries to Whitestone 2
White Umphries to Whitestone 52
Whitelock Umphries to Whitestone 2
Whitestone Umphries to Whitestone 5
Whitty Whitty to Young 4
Whyneen Whitty to Young 1
Wilkinson Whitty to Young 2
Williams Whitty to Young 16
Willis Whitty to Young 1
Wilson Whitty to Young 19
Wily Whitty to Young 1
Wincle Whitty to Young 1
Wing Whitty to Young 9
Winkle Whitty to Young 1
Winnitt Whitty to Young 1
Winters Whitty to Young 1
Wolfe Whitty to Young 1
Woodmason Whitty to Young 1
Woods Whitty to Young 24
Worrall Whitty to Young 3
Woulfe Whitty to Young 10
Wren Whitty to Young 4
Wrenn Whitty to Young 1
Wright Whitty to Young 5
Wynge Whitty to Young 1
Young Whitty to Young 1
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