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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  
Occupiers of land in the Parish of Noughaval on 31st October 1827.
Transcriber: Anne Washington, Beaumont, SA, Australia.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
Ross   Major Deerpark Noughaval  
Ross   Major Caherpillane Noughaval  
Ross   Major Fahyfarre Noughaval  
Ross   Major Paddock Noughaval  
Cullinan Thom's   Shessimore Noughaval  
Cullinan Thom's   Parkbeg Noughaval  
Cullinan Tom   Park Paddy Noughaval  
Cullinan Tom   Mohercreevah Noughaval  
Cullinan Tom   Lackaraghfrastil Noughaval  
Cullinan Ralph   Shessimore Noughaval  
Cullinan Ralph   Parkbeg Noughaval  
Cullinan Ralph   Park Paddy Noughaval  
Cullinan Ralph   Mohercreevagh Noughaval  
Cullinan Ralph   Lackaraghfrastil Noughaval  
Finnucane Dan'l   Park Paddy Noughaval  
Butler Wil'm   Balligannor Noughaval  
Butler Wil'm   Castlepark Noughaval  
Butler Wil'm   Poulcoolicky Noughaval  
Butler Wil'm   Cragane Cligane Noughaval  
Butler Wil'm   Balligannorbig Noughaval  
Butler Wil'm   Paddock Noughaval  
O'Connell Dan'l   Balligannormore Noughaval  
O'Connell Dan'l   Mohernamalla Noughaval  
Hynes Patt   Noughaval Noughaval  
Hynes Patt   Cloun Noughaval  
Hynes Patt   Craignabrock Noughaval  
Kilderry Patt   Noughaval Noughaval  
Kilderry Patt   Wellpark Noughaval  
Kilderry Patt   Poulcoran Noughaval  
Hynes Mich'l   Noughaval Noughaval  
Hynes Mich'l   Church Park Noughaval  
Hynes Mich'l   Drombue Noughaval  
Kean And'w   Noughaval Noughaval  
Kean And'w   Commons Noughaval  
Kean And'w   Sallaghiska Noughaval  
Kean And'w   Lassananwalla Noughaval  
Fitzpatrick John   Lismoher Noughaval  
Fitzpatrick John   Hill Division Noughaval  
Fitzpatrick John   Fanaglinna Noughaval  
Fitzpatrick John   Sallaghiska Noughaval  
Neylan John   Rusheen Noughaval  
Neylan John   Poulbane Noughaval  
Neylan James   Rusheen Noughaval  
Neylan James   Poulbane Noughaval  
Neylan Francis   Carron Noughaval  
Neylan Francis   Lismoherbog Noughaval  
Quinlivan Edm'd   Kiltennane Noughaval  
Quinlivan Edm'd   Turlogh Noughaval  
Quinlivan Edm'd   Shanawaila Noughaval  
Armstrong Edm'd B.   Kieltane Noughaval  
Armstrong Edm'd B.   Hill Division Noughaval  
Armstrong Edm'd B.   Shanawaila Noughaval  
Armstrong Edm'd B.   Lisnagaun Noughaval  
Armstrong Edm'd B.   Lismoher Noughaval  
Armstrong Edm'd B.   Clounpollagh Noughaval  
Armstrong Edm'd B.   Mohernalica Noughaval  
Cullinan Thady   Cragane Riegh Noughaval  
Stacpoole And'w   Ballymahony Noughaval  
Stacpoole And'w   Poulacarrane Noughaval  
Stacpoole And'w   Mohernavar Noughaval  
Stacpoole And'w   Benroe Noughaval  
Stacpoole And'w   House Division Noughaval  
Stacpoole And'w   Moanduveen Noughaval  
Moran Austin   Ballymahony Noughaval  
Moran Austin   House Division Noughaval  
Moran Austin   Commons Noughaval  
Moran Austin   Moherbarmagh Noughaval  
Moran Austin   Beenroe Noughaval  
Moran Austin   Moneduveen Noughaval  
Toarpy John   Knockbrack Noughaval  
Toarpy John   Lackan Noughaval  
Toarpy John   Bog Noughaval  
Droney John   Knockbrack Noughaval  
Droney John   Valley Noughaval  
Droney John   Hill Division Noughaval  
Hogan Dennis   Knockavoreheen Noughaval  
Hogan John   Knockavoreheen Noughaval  
Linnane Patt   Knockavoreheen Noughaval  
Flanagan Mich'l   Knockavoreheen Noughaval  
Flanagan John   Knockavoreheen Noughaval  
Roughan Mich'l   Knockavoreheen Noughaval  
Mackey Patt   Knockavoreheen Noughaval  
Cullinan Thady   Ballymurphy Noughaval  
Reynolds Terence   Knockavoreheen Noughaval  
Cullinan Patt   Ballymurphy Noughaval  
Davoren Darby   Ballymurphy Noughaval  
Davoren Darby   Shruhshea Noughaval  
Davoren Mich'l   Ballymurphy Noughaval  
Davoren Mich'l   Shruhshea Noughaval  
Cahill Thom's   Shruhshea Noughaval  
Cahill Tom   Ballymurphy Noughaval  
Cahill Dennis   Ballymurphy Noughaval  
Cahill Dennis   Shruhshea Noughaval  
Hehir Stephen   Shruhshea Noughaval  
Hehir Stephen   Poulbue Noughaval  

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