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County Clare Tithe Applotment Books  
Occupiers of land in the Parish of Rathborney [TAB spelling: Rathborny] on 14th February 1829.
Transcriber: James Maloney, San Jose, California, USA.

Surname Forename Title Townland Parish Note
Daly Mich'l   Lismacsheedy & Feenah Rathborney  
Hardy Wil'm   Lismacsheedy & Feenah Rathborney  
Clancy James   Lismacsheedy & Feenah Rathborney  
Carley Tim   Lismacsheedy & Feenah Rathborney  
Cahill Dennis Mr. Lismacsheedy & Feenah Rathborney  
O'Loghlin Patt   Faunrusk Rathborney  
Sullivan Patt   Faunrusk Rathborney  
Sharry Mathias   Faunrusk Rathborney  
Hogan John   Faunrusk Rathborney  
Connalen Patt   Faunrusk Rathborney  
O'Brien Mich'l Mr. Faunrusk Rathborney  
Linnane Thomas   Faunrusk Rathborney  
Cullinan   Rev. Mr. Faunrusk Rathborney  
Linnane Thomas   Faunrusk Rathborney  
Connolen Patt   Faunrusk Rathborney  
Toole Mich'l   Faunrusk Rathborney  
O'Malley Thomas   Faunrusk Rathborney  
Tierny John   Carhaghatiege Rathborney  
McDonogh Patt   Carhaghatiege Rathborney  
Sullivan John   Carhaghatiege Rathborney  
Flaherty Anthony   Carhaghatiege Rathborney  
McDonogh John Mr. Poulacopil Rathborney  
Gibbony John   Dumbrickane Rathborney  
Reedy Mich'l   Dumbrickane Rathborney  
Baker Tom   Dumbrickane Rathborney  
Gibbony Hugh   Dumbrickane Rathborney  
McNamara John   Burrenwee Rathborney  
Liddy John   Burrenwee Rathborney  
Noonan James   Cahiracunna Rathborney  
Linnane Thomas   Cahiracunna Rathborney  
Nestor Patt   Cahiracunna Rathborney East of the road
Noonan James   Cahiracunna Rathborney East of the road
Linnane Tom   Cahiracunna Rathborney East of the road
Nestor Patt   Cahiracunna Rathborney East of the road
Linnane Thomas   Moneen Rathborney  
Liddy Terence   Moneen Rathborney  
Connole Darby   Moneen Rathborney  
Irwin James   Moneen Rathborney  
Bermingham Martin   Moneen Rathborney  
Davoren Austin Mr. Lismorohane Rathborney  
Connole Darby   Croughbeg Rathborney  
Liddy Terence   Croughbeg Rathborney  
Donoghue   Widow Croughbeg Rathborney  
Halloren And'w   Croughbeg Rathborney  
Dowd Patt   Croughbeg Rathborney  
Dowd Patt Mich'l   Croughbeg Rathborney  
O'Loghlin Patt   Croughbeg Rathborney  
Fitzpatrick Mich'l   Croughbeg Rathborney  
Cullinan   Rev. Mr. Croughbeg Rathborney  
Quealy Austin Kerin   Croughbeg Rathborney Austin Kerin Quealy
Kerin Tho's   Croughbeg Rathborney  
Molowny James   Croughbeg Rathborney  
Linnane John   Clonmartin Rathborney  
Linnane Patt   Clonmartin Rathborney  
Linnane John Tom   Clonmartin Rathborney  
McDonogh Mich'l   Clonmartin Rathborney  
Rock James   Clonmartin Rathborney  
Dowd Patt   Clonmartin Rathborney  
McGann Bryan   Gragins Rathborney  
Woods Dennis   Gragins Rathborney  
Murphy Patt   Gragins Rathborney  
Slattery Thomas   Gragins Rathborney  
Murphy Peter   Gragins Rathborney  
McGann Bryan   Gragins Rathborney  
Martin John   Gragins Rathborney Park
McGann Bryan   Gragins Rathborney  
Kilday John   Gragins Rathborney  
Noonan Mich'l   Gragins Rathborney  
Callinan Mich'l   Gragins Rathborney  
Woods Dennis   Gragins Rathborney  
Cullinan James   Gragins Rathborney  
Carrick Patt Mr. Lislarheemore Rathborney  
O'Gorman Thom Mr. Killane Rathborney  
Moran James   Crough South Rathborney  
Kerin James   Crough South Rathborney  
Walsh Mich'l   Crough South Rathborney  
McGann Terence   Dooniwardane Rathborney  
Comyn Wil'm   Dooniwardane Rathborney  
Lee Patt   Dooniwardane Rathborney  
Noonan Mich'l   Dooniwardane Rathborney  
O'Loghlin Patt Fergus   Dooniwardane Rathborney  
Carrick Patt Mr. Cahirmacnaghteen Rathborney  
Foley John   Cahirmacnaghteen Rathborney  
Freel Patt   Cahirmacnaghteen Rathborney  
Shannon Patt   Cahirmacnaghteen Rathborney  
Cullinan Thady Mr. Lishilisheen Rathborney  
Brody John   Poulnabrockee Rathborney  
Davoren Austin Mr. Poulnabrockee Rathborney  
Fitz Patrick John   Poulnabrockee Rathborney  
Hynes Patt   Poulnabrockee Rathborney  
Markham John   Poulnabrockee Rathborney  
O'Loghlin Mich'l   Poulnabrockee Rathborney  
Kilday John   Lisgogane Rathborney  
O'Brien Mich'l Mr. Lisgogane Rathborney  
Connolen Connor   Lisgogane Rathborney  
Kenny Wil'm Mr. Berneen Rathborney  
McNamara John   Glaninchin Rathborney  
Kerin Mich'l   Glaninchin Rathborney  
Kerin Tho's   Glaninchin Rathborney  
Clancy Mich'l   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Folan John   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Francis Thomas   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
O'Grady Wil'm   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Carty Mich'l   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Callinan Patt   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
O'Loghlin Mich'l   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
O'Nelly James   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
O'Loghlin John   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Hastry Patt   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Rabbit Patt   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
O'Nelly Wil'm   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Minogue James   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Kelly John   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Cullinan   Rev. Mr. Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Kinnelly   Widow Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Donoghue Patt   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Hayley And'w   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Fitz Patrick Simeon   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Daly James   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
Walsh Thom's   Ballyalbon Rathborney  
O'Brien Mich'l Mr. Ballyalbon Rathborney  

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