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Captain Wynne's Public Works Relief Lists 1846-1847


Public Works Relief Lists from the parishes of Abbey, Clondagad, Inagh, Killaspuglonane, Kilmacrehy, Kilmoon, Kilnamona and Oughtmama, County Clare, 1846 and 1847

The following names are taken from “The Report from the Select Committee on Captain Wynne’s letters; together with the minutes of evidence, appendix, and index” published by the House of Commons on 22nd July 1847.

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Captain Edmond Wynne was a temporary Inspector of Public Works in Clare, from October 1846 until January 1847. See ‘Intrepid fire-eater: Captain Edmond Wynne’ in Ciarán Ó Murchadha’s “Figures in a famine landscape” (London, 2016), and David Fitzpatrick's ‘Famine, entitlements and seduction: Captain Edmond Wynne in Ireland, 1846-1851’, in the “English Historical Review,” June 1995 at pp. 596-619.

This abstract of names from the parliamentary report was compiled at the Local Studies Centre of Clare County Library. Personal names and place names are given as they appear in the report, including with repetitions and variant spellings. Some personal names occur across more than one list. The report and the lists of names on the public works, including women and girls in receipt of relief labour tickets given at the end of the report (pages 776-780), are vivid reminders of Ireland’s Great Famine.

Relief Lists by Name

Tullig, Co Clare 1849
Tullig, Co Clare. Image from “Illustrated London News”, 15 December 1849

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