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The Heritage of County Clare

Our sense of heritage is intrinsically linked to our sense of identity. R.S. Thomas portrays this as “we only know who we are by knowing where we are. A particular place creates around us a unique culture, that gives us not only our identity, but also our vision and values.” Our values and understanding of heritage will inform our actions in the future.

The Heritage Act, 1995, defines heritage for the first time as including the following thirteen elements: - monuments, archaeological objects, heritage objects, architectural heritage, flora, fauna, wildlife habitats, landscapes, seascapes, wrecks, geology, inland waterways, heritage gardens and parks.

In addition, the Clare Heritage Forum has recommended that elements of cultural heritage, such as genealogy, placenames, the Irish language, traditional music and oral history recording should also be included in the Clare Heritage Plan 2011-2017.

County Clare has a rich heritage tradition and resource. The natural and built heritage of the county is vast, it represents unique features as well as many of the best examples of their kind in the country and further afield.

The challenge is to allow for change while retaining the character and quality and the integrity of the landscapes and seascapes for all to enjoy.

What's New:

Banner Rocks - The Geological Heritage of County Clare
Clare Biodiversity Action Plan
National Monuments in State Care (Clare)
Banner Wetlands - the wetlands of County Clare
Industrial Heritage Review of County Clare 2008
Clare Coastal Architectural Heritage Survey 2008
Clare Wetlands Survey 2008
Loophead Survey 2008
West Clare Railway Line as a Walking and Recreational Route Feasibility Study 2006
Clare Traditional Boat and Currach Project 2008
Ennistymon Shop Front Survey 2003
Bats, Birds, Buildings and You
Buds of the Banner
A guide to growing native trees and shrubs in Clare.
The Living Farmland
A guide to farming with nature in Clare.
Landscape Guidelines
Guidelines for Incorporating Landscape Features into Development (PDF)
Local Community Heritage Network
will allow the Clare Heritage Forum and Heritage Office to liaise with local community groups
Clare Placenames &
PDFs 19th May 2005