Antiquities Near Miltown Malbay

Thomas Johnson Westropp
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Carncreagh (O.S. Map 39)

There is another “Labba” to the east of Doolough, a dreary treeless place in a monotonous undulating country, with no good distant views. Doolough only enjoys the legendary fame of being the place where St. Senan, after defeating the horrible monster Cata on Iniscatha, or Scattery Island, deposited it in chains till the last day. Where the road past the lake turns northward we find in a marshy field on the edge of a slope a fallen dolmen, a long, tapering chamber of gritstone slabs, five to the north and three to the south. It is 17 feet 2 inches long over all, the chamber being 13 feet long and tapering from 6 feet 5 inches to 2 feet 9 inches. One cover remains, and traces of a parallel row of slabs along the northern face. It lies on the extreme edge of the long parish of Kilmaley. Carncreagh and Booleybanuff were sold as confiscated lands in 1652, to Murtagh MacMahon and Benjamin Lucas.





Plan of Carncreagh Dolmen - T.J. Westropp, 1902

Plan of Carncreagh Dolmen - T.J. Westropp, 1902

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