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Thomas Johnson Westropp
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The old burial ground of Dromelihy lies between Kilmacduan and Dunbeg. I only notice the place to record the reason why the townland is cut up into those extraordinary long sections called after the families of Burton, MacDonnell, Westby and Westropp on the map. Some of the original partition are being among the papers of Col. George O’Callaghan Westropp of Coolreagh. The process was curious, so I venture to abstract these documents though of late date-“Agreed between Lord Conyngham, Wm. Westby, John MacDonnell and Ralph Westropp, that the lands of Dromellighy, now out of lease, shall be divided between the several parties before April 1ST next. All costs for law and survey to be borne equally, and on notice (given ten days before) the owners shall draw lots. MacDonnell and Westropp to draw one lot which they undertake afterwards to divide by lot between them. Robert Keane Charles, Esq., to act as agent for all until next May; and all bind themselves to abide by the decision and execute all reasonable deeds at advice of Counsel, under penalty of £1,000. Dated Nov. 14th, 1809.” “Map of S.W. division of Dromellehy, in the parish of Kilmacduane, Barony of Moyarta, taken for John Macdonnell, of Newhall, and Ralph Westropp, of Limerick, 616 acres, this was divided into two lots-151a. or. 3p. bog, and 156a. 3r. 9p. profitable. Fras. Coffee, Registered Land Surveyor, 1813.” “North division” (on a slip of paper). “1813 May 4th, I attended this day at Stamers, jun., in the town of Ennis where I met Mr. John McDonnell and threw lots with him for our one-third of the lands of Dromellihy according to Coffee’s map, when I drew the north division and Mr. Mc. the S. Mr. Corns, O’Callaghan wrote on two distinct papers “South division” and North division,” the latter of which is the identical paper drawn by myself, R. Westropp [24].”

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