The Augustinian Houses of the County Clare:
Clare, Killone, and Inchicronan

Thomas Johnson Westropp
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Clare County Library


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10. Told me, when a boy, by an ancient retainer of the Stacpooles of Edenvale, John (Shaneen) O’Halloran, whose ripe old age of over 80 years, at his death, was magnified to 110 years by the local press.
11. The floor is paved with numerous tombstones, dating from 1760 to the present century. The names of the following families appear:—Commane, Conden, Corbett, Cusack, Daly, Donnelly, Egan, Galvin, Lillis, MacInerney, Molony, Neagle, O’ Falvy, O’Keefe, Power, Ready, and others.
12. We found a wild duck’s nest within the ruin on the occasion of our first visit.
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15. I must thank Mr. James Mills, Deputy Keeper of the Records, for assistance with documents relating to the ruins; and Mr. Richard Stacpoole, Miss Gwendoline Stacpoole, not only for photographic and other help, but for notes on the conditions and repairs of Killone and Clare during their restoration.

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