The Churches of County Clare
By T. J. Westropp, M.A.
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Holy Wells [193]

As in addition to the well-lore of Ireland, I may be permitted to add a list of those which have not been already noted in the previous pages in connexion with the patrons or the church sites. Some have supposed the following to be pre-Christian:—Tobereevul, the well of Aoibhill, the great banshee of the Dalcassians on Craglea, above Killaloe. Tobereendowney (so Mr. R. A. S. Macalister), [194] at Kiltumper, and on border of county Galway. Tobersheela (so Mr. M. Keane) [195] and Tobergrania (cromlech used as a well), in Ballycroum. [196]
Tobercruhnorindowan at Killard is dedicated to the Creator of the world.

Only one well, Toberisa, near Bunratty, is named after our Saviour, and, besides her three churches, three wells, Tobermurry, are dedicated to the Virgin, in Drimelihy Westby, Kilmacduane, and Killadysert. St. John has wells at Killone and Tromra. St. Patrick at Rossalia, Correen, and Clooney (Bunratty). St. Martin is patron of the wells at Moyarta, Ballynecally, and Lemaneagh. St. Michael at Kilbrecan, Cappa (Bunratty), and the Kilmihils. St. Augustine at Garrynaghry and Kilshanny. The Holy Cross at Gleninagh. An Angel at Kilcorney.

The other wells we may group under their parishes:—Kilfenora, Toberdane. Clooney (Corcomroe), Tobermooghna. Kilkeedy, Tobereenatemple, near Templenadeirka, and Tobercollure. Dromcliff, Tobernalettan and Toberateaskan. Quin, Toberlannive, Tobernachtin, Tobercrine, Toberaneeve, Toberkeeghaun, and Toberandillure. Doora Toberdooran. Templemaley, Tobernacoolia. Clooney (Bunratty), Tobernalaghan, Tobercreile, Toberavannan. Bunratty, Tobernamarkauv. Kilmurry ne gall, Toberfailia. Kilfinaghta, Tobernavogue. Tulla, Tobermacshane in Uggoon, Toberbugvile, Toberknockall, and Toberslattery. Moynoe, Tobernagat. Ogonnelloe, Tobersraheen. O’Brien’s Bridge, Tobernasool. Kilfarboy, Tobermurrish. Kilmurry Ibrikcan, Tobernahallia and Tobervan. Kilballyowen, Toberooan. Kilrush, Toberaneddan. Kilmurry mac Mahon, Toberyrowarta. Kilfearagh, Tobermanorha. Killadysert, Tobernamonastragh (Canon’s Island).

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