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Customs, Lore and Legend of Other Clare Days
by Michael Mac Mahon 

Folklore Collection in Ireland
Folklore Collection in Clare
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Clare's Rich Heritage

It is no exaggeration, although it is a metaphor, to say that the whole of the west and south and north-west coast of Ireland is today strewn thick with the dead and dying traditions of the past as the forest is with leaves after some great storm. The leaves are now gone and the tree is bare; they will never grow again, never - to use the Irish phrase - while grass grows or water runs.
Douglas Hyde, The Nation, April/May, 1890.

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Irish Folklore Commission, 'Schools Manuscripts Collection'. Available at Department of Irish Folklore, University College Dublin. Microfilm copies of Clare manuscripts available at Local Studies Centre, Clare County Library, Ennis.

Clare County Library wishes to thank Clare Local Studies Project
for preparation of text for this publication.

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