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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part II. History of Thomond
Chapter 28

The Journal of Thomas Dineley, 1681



Mount Ivers

Mount Iver’s Castle, belonging to Henry Ivers, Esq.
Mount Iver’s Castle, [1], Belonging to Henry Ivers, Esq.
A. Rosmongher
[2]. B. Bunratty. C. Cappar [Cappagh] Castle [3].
D. Six-mile brig Town. E. The Six-mile brig River. F. The wood of the Oyl Mills.

Gentlemens Seats, Castles, and Places near this Town [Limerick] are these following, viz., within a quarter of [a] mile.

That Castle belonging to Henry Ivers, Esq. [5], well scituate and capable of very considerable improvement, a draught whereof I took on the other side this leafe. It is five miles and three quarters distant from Limerick.

The gentleman, owner hereof, came over (a young man, clerk to one Mr. Fowles [6], a Barrister), since the King’s Restoration, and hath in this time by his Industry, acquired one Thousand pounds a yeer. The first and chiefest of his rise was occasioned by being concerned in the Revenue as Clerk to the King’s Commissioners for settling the Quit Rents, and afterwards became their Deputy receiver, is now in Commission one of his Maties Justice of the Peace, not worth less than sixteen hundred pounds a year.

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