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The Wreck of the ‘Edmond’
at Kilkee, 1850

Lists of Drowned and Saved:

No official return has yet been made of the names of the passengers drowned, but the following has been collected from the survivors, at the Emigration Office, Limerick.

DROWNED. Miss Ellen Rice, of Ballylongford, and servant girl; Mrs Bridget O'Grady, her son and two daughters, county Limerick; Julia Ryan, do.; Catherine Reidy, Ennis, and niece; John and Margaret M'Keogh, county Tipperary; Andrew and Michael M'Guane, Kilmeedy; John, Patrick and Mary Long, Ballyneety; Bridget Flynn, Ballybricken; John, Mary, Catherine and Mary (jun.) Barron, Askeaton; Mary, John and Patrick Murphy, Kilmeedy; Mary Linnane, Barefield; Mary M'Guire, Corofin; Mary, Ellen and Catherine Sage, Clondegad; Margaret Griffin and two children; Bridget Falahee, Bridget Fury, and Mary Kelly, Labasheeda; Honora Naughten and child, Clounanna; Catherine Holloran, do.; Mary Hassett, Tulla; Michael Long, of Ballyneety; and mother; Mary Sullivan, and niece, Ballyneety; Nancy Hurly and three children, Meelick; Nelly Hogan and three children, do.; Mary, Bridget and Patt Casey, Kildysary; Mary Casey, jun.; Bridget Reidy, Lacka; Bridget Falahee, and Bridget Kelly, Kilcarin; Judith M'Namara, Clounagh; John Gorman, wife and three children, Mary Carmody and child, Limerick; and Catherine Keough, Ballybricken; Michael and Bridget Sheahan, Catherine Sheahan, Margaret Sheahan, and Margaret Sheahan jun., Kildysart; Judith Ryan, Kilkenny; James Butler, wife, and child; Ellen Bourke, and four children; Margaret and Bridget M'Cormack, Thomondgate; Margaret Sage, Richaed Browne, Rathkeale, and child.

As a great number of the unfortunate people who lost their lives in the "Edmund," were from this County, we now subjoin the following authentic list of the passengers drowned on that melancholy occasion.

Charles Keough, aged 18; Catherine Keough, 19; Margaret Keough, 16; Daniel Keough, 14; Johanna Moyston, 44; Mary McGuire 18; Margaret Griffin, 30; Pat Griffin, 8; John Griffin, infant; Catherine Reedy, 14; Ellen Bourke, 30; John Hehir, 13; Pat Bourke 8; Edmond Bourke, 5; Margaret Doherty, 18; John Browne, 47; Mary Browne, 47; Kate Browne, 13; Mary Grady, infant; Mary Murphy, 12; Pat Murphy, 8; John Murphy, 6; Mary Long, 48; Pat Long, 18; Mary Long, 23; John Gorman, 45; Kate Gorman, 40; Micheal Gorman, 10; Bridget Gorman, 7; John Gorman, 6; Bridget Flynn, 22; Wm. Connors, 22; Margt. Neville, 22; Thomas Keough, Catherine Keough, infant; Biddy Harn, 14: Peggy Harn, 9; Anne Harn, 6: Michael McGuane, 18; Andy McGuane, 9 Mary Saffe, 36; Ellen Saffe, 8; Catherine Saffe, infant; Margaret Saffe, 58; Nancy Hurley, 30; Norry Hurley, 7; John Hurley, 5; Biddy Hurley, infant; Bridget Kelly, 40; Mary Kelly, 19; Bridget Fury, 15; Mary Keehan, 26; Hanna Keehan, infant; Honor Naughten, 26: Bridget Naughten, 3; Kate Halloran, 27; Eliza Corley, 20; Mary Casey, 40; Pat Casey, 5; Margaret Casey, Infant; Simon Loughlin, 6; Biddy Riedy, 40; Maryanne Molony, 22; Anne Ryan, 13; Honor Ryan, 10; Catherine Ryan, infant; Mary Linnane, 28; John Carmody, 36; Biddy Carmody, 28; Ellen Carmody, 9; Kate Carmody, 4; Biddy Casey 50; Winny Casey, 18; Michael Quinn, 4; John Quinn, 6; Mary Hurley, 40; Margaret McCormack, 16; Biddy McCormack, 20; Michael Connell, 31; Juila McNamara, 50; Mary Carmody, 30; Daniel Carmody, 5; Margt. Sheehan, 20; Ellen Sheehan, 2; Michael Sheehan, infant; Kate Sheehan, 18; Biddy Sheehan, 8; Norry Conway, 40—total intermediate and steerage passengers lost, Eighty-eight.
Cabin Passengers lost—Catherine Finn, age 20; Miss Ellen Rice, 17; Mary Butler, 49; Julia Ryan, 30 James Butler, infant; Bridget Grady, 48; Bridget Grady, 15; Margaret Grady, 13, Joseph Grady, 12—total cabin passengers lost, 9.
Crew lost—John Finn, Carpenter.

SAVED. John Liduney, Edward Sheehy, James Hare, Pat Jordan, Margaret Jordan, Mary Heiher, Mary M'Mahon, Richard Wall, Honor Leidy, Daniel Coney, Michael Coney, James Kean, Mary Considine, John Barran, Bridget Flanigan, Michael Healey, Briget Hickie, Susan Keeran, Anne Maloney, Biddy M'Mahon, Susan Meade, Margaret Meade, Mary Healey, Patt Nash, John Long, Michael O'Keeffe, Johanna O'Keeffe, Miss Rice, an interest[ing] young lady from Ballylongford, niece to Father M'Carthy of Tarbert, and said to have a large fortune,* Pat Davern, Margaret Griffin, Dennis Griffin, James Griffin, Connor Maghony, Murty M'Mahon, John Cluan, Michael Griffin, Michael Murry, Margaret Sheedy, Luke Madigan, Michael Hanneen, William Malone, Austin O'Dea, John Keahan, Eliza Slattery, Margeret Slattery, John M'Namara, Daniel M'Carthy, Bridget M'Carthy, Dennis Gready, Biddy M'Namara, Honor Kenelly, Mary Corbet, Bridget Ryan, Patt Ryan, John Corbet, Mary Murphy, Bridget Hannon, Mary Husset, John M'Carthy, Timothy Flynn, Michael Larkin, Margaret M'Mahon, Eliza M'Mahon, Daniel Donelly, James Horan, Margaret Flaherty, Anne Quinn, Matilda Gorman, Margaret M'Cormack, Biddy M'Cormack, Catherine Griffin, John Brown, Mary Brown, Maria Brown, Michael M'Namara, Michael Kearin, Maryanne Carmody, Margaret Carmody, Thomas Sheahan, John Sheahan, Patt Doheen, Mary Curtin.

HEAD CABIN PASSENGERS. Michael Butler, Michael Barry, Louis Kenyon, Ellen Moore, Mary Crotty.

"CREW" SAFE. John Wilson, "Master," William Thompson, "Chief Mate," Wm. English, "Cook," Patt O'Loughlin, "Steward," John Smith, Alickendon Scoot, William Grant, Alickendon M'Neill, Barney Mooney, James Connery, Michael Burns, Daniel Gorman, Michael Crotty, Jeremiah Long, William Collis, Joseph Walsh, Henry Harding, William Mansell, John Crotty.

ADDITIONAL PASSENGERS. Mary Pellin, John Doherty, Mary Doherty, Martin Kerin, Catherine O'Loughlin, John O'Halloran, Patrick Reidy, Michael Vaughan, Mary Connors.

SECOND CABIN. John Purtell, Peter Morgan, Lenin Healy.

[*We deeply lament to say this is an error. The amicable young lady was found lifeless in her berth, whither she had retired doubtless in alarm at the horrible din and crash of the wreck. Her body was removed by her afflicted relatives - and a general feeling of sympathy and sorrow has been excited by the announcement of her death.]

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