Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808

By Hely Dutton

Chapter I - Section 1

Situation and Extent

THIS County was anciently called Thomond or Tuadmuin, that is North Munster. In the year 1565 it was made a county, and added to Connaught, but was restored to Munster in the year 1602. It was also called O’Brien’s country, from the numbers and influence of that family, which still continue, Sir Edward O’Brien being one of the representatives in parliament. At Ennis the Munster circuit commences. This county is almost insulated, for the river Shannon bounds it on the east and south, the Atlantic ocean on the west, stretching from Cape Lean or Loop-head to Black-head, and on the north by the bay of Galway; it extends about 33 miles from N. to S. and about 52 from E. to W.

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