Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808

By Hely Dutton

Chapter I - Section 2


THIS county contains about 476200 acres, or 744 square miles, of which 220144 acres are deemed profitable and pay cess. Since the period when the Down survey was taken, much land, that was then deemed unprofitable, and consequently not chargeable with any cess, has been since reclaimed, and still pays none, by which means many farmers pay more than their proportion.

The baronies are Tullagh containing 57147 acres,—Bunratty 38357,—Inchiquin 29523,—Clounderalaw 24148,—Ibrickan 13473,—Moyferta 18782,—Islands 17311,—Corcomroe 16663,—Burrin 10040,—so that, if the Down survey was exact (which it probably was not,) 256056 acres either are waste or pay no cess.

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