Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808

By Hely Dutton

Chapter IV - Section 4

Taxes or cesses paid by tenants

OWING to the fines for private stills, many parishes pay above 5s. per acre; this has been found the only method to detect them; the poor people now in their own defence inform against them, but the profits are so great, that many are still at work. There is always so much road-jobbing, that, independent of this, the cess will always be high; but if, however, the roads were well made, the people would pay chearfully for the accomodation of gentlemen. Many parts of Burrin pay no cess or other charges, for, as they were not thought of any value, they were not included in the Strafford Survey; since that they have become valuable for feeding sheep, and some even for cattle.

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