Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808

By Hely Dutton

Chapter IV - Section 6

General size of fields and inclosures

IN those farms adapted solely to feeding sheep the fields are generally of great extent, usually with only a boundary fence; sometimes the fields are divided by stone walls, but frequently all are thrown into one by gaps made in the walls. Those in cultivation vary between one acre and twenty, but there are very few of the latter. The proportion of grass-land to that of tillage is very various; in the baronies of Burrin and Inchiquin, the quantity of land under corn bears no proportion to that occupied in grazing; in Inchiquin the latter is probably at least eight to one, in Burrin considerably more; in the baronies of Tullagh, Moyferta, Ibrickan, and Clounderalaw grass lands also predominate, but still a good quantity of oats is cultivated after potatoes in burned ground; in those of Bunratty, Islands, and Corcumroe tillage and grass divide the soil more equally between them.

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