Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808

By Hely Dutton

Chapter V - Section 12

State of circulation of money or paper

BEFORE the emission of silver coin of different values by the Bank of Ireland, this county in common with every part of Ireland, except the North, was obliged to submit to the acceptance of small notes, from 6d. to half-a-guinea; every petty trader circulated his notes in multitudes; they, as might be expected, being destitute of capital and some of honesty, heavy losses have been sustained by those, who could least afford it. It will be scarcely credited in Dublin, that at this day, 1st of October 1807, they are publicly negotiated in Ennis, and of the value of 1s. 1d. to a guinea. Since the liberal circulation of silver coin by the Bank of Ireland, there can be no possible excuse for the emission of paper for small sums. If every landholder adopted the plan of Sir Edward O’Brien, of refusing all notes but those of the Bank of Ireland or Limerick, kites would soon fly to some other country; but the landlord should give previous notice of his intention, otherwise the poor tenant would have to pay a very heavy discount for those notes. 

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