Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808

By Hely Dutton

Chapter V - Section 18

State of nurseries in the county, and extent of sales

THERE is a small one at Newhall in the barony of Islands, and another has been lately established near Kiltannon by Mr. Molony’s late gardener; as it is only in its infancy, the sales are but trifling; when completed, it will be of great use to the country: the proprietor has been for many years in England, and pays great attention to the propagation of the best kinds of fruit trees; but to the disgrace of the county he already begins to complain of want of punctuality in payments; strange, that this disgrace should attach to the gentlemen of the county, who are so wealthy! but it is the well-founded complaint of every nurseryman in Ireland; I have had a severe trial of it myself formerly. At present trees are generally bought at the nurseries in the county of Galway, Limerick, or from Dublin, and many in Scotland especially seedlings. No person, who intends to plant extensively, should depend on any nursery but his own; the superiority is not so much in saving money, as in saving time, and in being certain that the plants do not lie any time out of the ground, and also that many kinds difficult to move can be carried with balls of earth to their roots, which ensures their growth. This is particularly desirable in pine-aster, one of the most valuable trees we possess in bleak exposures; it is generally planted in small pots for the purpose of preserving the earth entire, which makes the planting of it on an extensive scale too expensive. It has been asserted by a reverend gentleman, of some celebrity as in an improver of land, that every particle of mould should be carefully shaken off every species of tree previous to planting; every gardener's labourer knows, that as much as possible should be preserved. This is akin to an assertion of another gentleman, who insists that cattle and sheep are not fond of white clover!

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