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Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808 by Hely Dutton
Chapter V - General Subjects
  1. Population
  2. Number and size of towns and villages
  3. Habitations, fuel, food, and clothing of the lower rank, and their general cost
  4. Prices of wages, labour, and provisions
  5. State of Tithe—its general amount
  6. Use of beer or spirits, whether either or which is encreasing
  7. State of roads, bridges &c. &c
  8. Navigation and navigable rivers
  9. State of fisheries
  10. — of education-schools, and charitable institutions
  11. — of non-resident and resident proprietors
  12. — of circulation of money or paper
  13. — of farming or agricultural societies
  14. — of manufacturers—whether encreasing
  15. — of mills of every kind
  16. — of plantations and planting
  17. — of the effects of encouragement heretofore given by the Dublin Society, particularised in the annexed list, and any improvement, which may occur for future encouragement, particularly for the preservation of trees when planted
  18. — of nurseries in the county, and extent of sales
  19. Price of timber, and state of it in the county
  20. Quantity of bog and waste ground—the possibility and means of improving them, and the obstacles to their improvement
  21. Habits of industry, or want of it amongst the people
  22. Use of the English language, whether general, or how far encreasing
  23. Account of towers, castles, &c. or places remarkable for any historical event
  24. List of Parishes
  25. Abbeys
  26. Ecclesiastical divisions of the Diocese of Killaloe
  27. Resident Clergy only
  28. Pillar-stones, &c.
  29. Whether the county has been actually surveyed?
  30. Weights and measures, liquid or dry; in what instances are weights assigned for measures, or vice versa?
  31. Morals, manners, and customs of the people
  32. Concluding Observations

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