Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808

By Hely Dutton

To The Reader

This REPORT is at present printed and circulated for the purpose merely of procuring further information, respecting the state and husbandry of this district, and of enabling every one interested in the welfare of this country to examine it fully, and contribute his mite to its improvement.

The Society do not deem themselves pledged to any opinion given by the Author of this Survey; and they desire, that nothing contained in it be considered as their sentiments; they have only published it, as the Report of the gentleman, whose name is affixed, and they publish it for the comments and observations of all persons, which they entreat to be given freely, and without reserve.

It is therefore requested, that the observations on reading this work may be returned to the Dublin Society, as soon as may be convenient, and which will meet with the fullest attention in a future edition.

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