Statistical Survey of the County of Clare, 1808

By Hely Dutton

Suggestions of Inquiry


Situation and extent,
Soil and surface,

Mode of culture,
Extent of it, and of each species of grain sowed,
Course of crops,
Use of oxen—how harnessed,
Nature and use of implements of husbandry,
Markets for grain,
Use of green food in winter.

Nature of it,
Breed of cattle—how far improved,
Breed of cattle—how far capable of further improvement,
Markets or fairs for them,
General prices,
Modes of feeding—how far housed in winter,
Natural grasses,
Artificial grasses,
Mode of hay-making,
Dairies—their produce,
Prices of hides, tallow, wool, and quantity sold.

Their size,
Farm houses and offices,
Mode of repairing them, whether by landlord or tenant,
Nature of tenures,
General state of leases,
——— of particular clauses therein,
Taxes or cesses paid by tenants,
Proportion of working horses or bullocks to the size of farms,
General size of fields, or enclosures,
Nature of fences,
Mode of hedge-rows, and keeping hedges,
Mode of draining,
Nature of manures.

Number and size of villages and towns,
Habitation, fuel, food, and cloathing of the lower rank—their general cost,
Prices of wages, labour, and provisions,
State of tithe, its general amount on each article—what articles are exempt, and what charged by modus,
Use of beer and spirits—whether either or which is increasing,
State of roads, bridges, &c.
— of navigations and navigable rivers,
— of fisheries,
— of education, schools, and charitable institutions,
— of absentee and resident proprietors,
— of circulation of money or paper,
— of farming or agricultural societies,
— of manufactures, whether increasing,
— of encouragement to them, and the peculiar aptness of the situation for their extension,
— of mills of every kind,
— of plantations and planting,
— of the effects of the encouragement heretofore given to them by the Society, particularised in the list annexed,
— of any improvements which may occur for further encouragement, and particularly for the preservation of the trees, when planted,
—of nurseries within the county and extent of sales,
Price of timber, and state of it, in the county,
Quantity of bog and waste ground,
Possibility and means of improving it,
Obstacles to it, and best means of removing them,
Habits of industry, or want of industry, among the people,
The use of the English language, whether general, or how far increasing,
Account of towers, castles, monasteries, ancient buildings, or places remarkable for any historical event,
Churches—resident clergy, glebes and glebe houses,
Whether the county has been actually surveyed, when and whether the survey is published,
Weights and measures, liquid or dry—in what instances are weights assigned for measures—or vice versā,
The weight or measure, by which grain, flour, potatoes, butter, &c. are sold.

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