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Fortifications in the Shannon Estuary and Galway Bay by Paul M. Kerrigan

Fortifications in the Shannon Estuary: Corran Point Battery, Carrig Island

This battery commanded the southern part of the channel between Carrig Island and Scattery Island, a distance of about two miles, so that the passage of the river here was commanded by the two batteries. The moat and ramparts of the Corran Point battery have almost disappeared, the removal of the stonework causing the gradual collapse of the scarp and counterscarp. The guardhouse remains, the doorway having been altered and extended in recent years to form an opening at ground level. The gun platform at roof level with its positions for two guns is approached from the upper floor level by a staircase built within the wall thickness, as at Kilkerin. The inner face of the parapet and the banquette are constructed of regular ashlar masonry, the banquette having a shallow groove in the stonework for the iron rail of the traversing mount for each gun. The guardhouse has the usual battered-wall surfaces, constructed of squared rubble built to courses with regular masonry at the quoins and at the door, window and musket-loop openings. Plans indicate that the battery had the same layout as the other Shannon batteries, the curved front of the battery having the inner face of the parapet indented at each gun position, as at Kilkerin. Lewis, in his Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, describes the work as a battery and bombproof barrack for twenty men; by 1837 it had become a coastguard station. His similar descriptions of the other batteries at Scattery, Tarbert and Kilkerin also include the armament of 24-pounders and two howitzers at each place.


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