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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix IV - Grand Juries Co. Clare, in the years 1732, 1784, 1799, and 1805, from the Crown Book, Ennis.


Francis Burton.
William Westby.
Patrick French.
George Hickman.
Poole Hickman.
Thomas Spaight.
Luke Hickman.
John Southwell.
Edmond Brown.
Thomas Bellasyse.
Terence M‘Mahon of Clenagh.
John Ringrose.
Robert Maghlin of Ballinphunta.
William Stacpoole.
Richard Henn.
Robert Harrison.
William Ivers.
John Brady.
William Fitzgerald.

Thomas McMahon of Ballykilty, High Sheriff.


Sir Hugh D. Massey.
Edward FitzGerald.
Crofton Vandeleur.
Francis M‘Namara of Doolin.
John A. Ivers.
Philip Stacpoole.
William Blood.
William Stamer.
John Arthur.
Francis M‘Namara of Moyriesk.
Thomas Morony.
Marcus Paterson.
Thomas Studdert.
Francis Casey.
James Creagh.
Donogh O’Brien.
Poole Westropp.
Thomas Crowe.
John Rosslewin.
Edmond Arthur,
George Studdert.
James Butler.
. . . . (Illegible.)

William Stacpoole, High Sheriff.


Hugh Dillon Massey.
Hon. F. N. Burton.
John Ormsby Vandeleur.
Augustine FitzGerald.
Edmond Brown.
William Causbon Purdon.
Joseph Peacock.
Henry Brady.
George William Stacpoole.
Thomas Studdert.
Thomas Arthur.
Poole Westropp.
Laurence Comyn.
John O’Callaghan.
Thomas Moroney.
Michael Blood.
William Daxon.
Richard Palliser.
Jonas Studdert.
James Creagh.
Charles FitzGerald.
Bindon Scott.
William Spaight.

George Studdert of Kilkishen, High Sheriff.


Hon. F. N. Burton.
Sir Edward O’Brien.
Francis M‘Namara.
Rt. Hon. J. O. Vandeleur.
Thomas Studdert.
Henry Brady.
Laurence Comyn.
John Colpoys.
Bindon Blood.
Bindon Scott.
Simon O’Donnell.
Thomas Steel.
Robert Young.
David England.
Richard Barclay.
George Stacpoole, jun.
Thomas Moroney.
Matthew Canny.
Thomas M‘Mahon.
St. John Bridgeman.
Richard Creagh.
Richard Studdert.
William Bentley.

Thomas Studdert, junior, of Bunratty, High Sheriff.