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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Bs

Name Ainm Miniú
Ballagh Bealach The roadway.
Ballaghagleash Bealach Eaglais The road to the church.
Ballaghaline Beal Átha an Linna The mouth of the ford by the deep pool.
Ballaghfadda Bealach Fada The long roadway.
Ballard Baile Árd The high lying townland.
Balleen Baileín The little townland.
Ballina Baile na Átha A place near a ford.
Ballingaddy Baile an Gadáidhe The home of the thief.
Ballinlisheen Baile an Liosín The place of the little lios.
Ballinooskny Baile an Fhuasnadh The fighting place.
Ballinphunta Baile an Phónta A place where cattle were impounded.
Ballinruan Baile an Ruabhan The place of alder trees.
Ballinshin Baile Inhsín The little meadow beside the stream.
Ballintlea Baile an Tle The genitive of sliabh, a mountain; a mountain side.
Balliny Baile na Oi The sheep pasturage, a name which suits the place exactly.
Balllycorick Beal Átha an Chomhraic The mouth of the ford at the confluence of two streams.
Ballyaghboy Bealach Buidhe The yellow roadway.
Ballyalla Baile Aille A steep hill side.
Ballyallaban Baile Albain Scotland Town.
Ballyallia Baile ua Aille O'Healy's home.
Ballyartney Baile Airneadeach A place covered with blackthorn shrubs.
Ballyasheea Baile ua Asia O'Hassett's place of abode.
Ballybaun Baile Bán The white place, owing to the whiteness of the limestone rocks.
Ballybeg Baile Beag The little townland.
Ballyblood Baile Blod The home of Blod, the Irish name of a man.
Ballybornagh Baile Bóirinach The rocky land.
Ballybrack Baile Breac Speckled lands.
Ballybran Baile Bran The home of Bran.
Ballybreen Baile Bhrian O'Brien's land.
Ballybrody Baile Bruidín Mac Brody's property and residence.
Ballybroughan Baile Brughachán The face of a hill.
Ballycahan Baile ua Cathain O'Kean's place of abode.
Ballycahill Baile Cathal O'Cahill's home.
Ballycalley Baile Cealladh O'Kelly's home.
Ballycannan Baile Chonáin The home of Conán.
Ballycar Baile Cárrthadh The place of the pillar stone.
Ballycarroll Baile ua Chearbhaill O'Carroll's residence.
Ballycasey Baile Chathasach The home of Casey.
Ballycasheen Baile Caisín O'Cashen's habitation.
Ballyclancahill Baile Clan Cathail Home of the sons of Cahill.
Ballycloghessy Baile ua Clochasadh O'Cloghessy's home or dwelling.
Ballyconneely Baile ua Conáile O'Conneely's home.
Ballyconnoe Baile na Chnudh The place of nuts.
Ballyconnor Baile Chonchobhair O'Connor's patrimony.
Ballyconry Baile ua Conrói O'Conry's House.
Ballycorban Baile Cor Bán The townland in the white district.
Ballycorey Baile ua Córaidhe O'Curry's habitation.
Ballycorney Baile Córna So called after cornadh, a drinking cup.
Ballycotteen Baile Coitchionn Common land.
Ballycrighan Baile Critheán The place of the aspen trees.
Ballycrowm Baile Cróm Sloping ground.
Ballycuggaran Baile Cugurain This was the name of the confidential officer of Brian Boroimhe. (War of the Gaedhill with the Gaill.)
Ballycullaun Baile Coilleán Bears the same signification.
Ballyculleeny Baile Coillínach The place of the little wood.
Ballycullen Beal an Chuillen The front, or mouth of the hollywood.
Ballycullinan Baile Cuilleanáin O'Cullinan's residence.
Ballycunneen Baile Cuinnín O'Cunneen's homestead.
Ballycurraun Baile Corrán Lín The plant called corn spurrey.
Ballydeely Baile Díle Land liable to be overflowed with water.
Ballydonoghan Baile ua Donachán O'Donoghan's homestead, name extinct.
Ballydonohoe Baile ua Donchadha The residence of Donogh.
Ballyduff Baile Dubh The black townland.
Ballydunneen Baile Dunín Of the little doon.
Ballydura Baile Dobhara A place near water, or marshy.
Ballyea Baile Aodh The home of a man named Aodh.
Ballyeighter Baile Íochdar The lower townland.
Ballyellery Baile Eilair The place of the footpath.
Ballyelley Baile Eallach The place of flocks and herds - or of steeds - Felle.
Ballyfafdeen Baile Phadín Little Patrick's home.
Ballyfinneen Baile Finnén (MacNamara).
Ballygannor Baile Dhanair The strangers home.
Ballygarreen Baile Gár The place lying near at hand.
Ballygassan Baile Gasán The place of young shoots or branches.
Ballygastell Baile Gheastal This word signifies a deed or a fact; how it can be applied to a place is not easy to say.
Ballygeery   In O'Brien's Rental called Baile i Gadhra, O'Gara's residence, name extinct.
Ballygirreen Baile Ghiodarín The townland of little dung hills.
Ballyglass Baile Glas The green place.
Ballygoonan Baile Gunain O'Goonan's place of abode.
Ballygriffey Baile ua Gríobhtha O'Griffy's place of residence.
Ballyhannon Baile ua Aithneadhan O'Hannan's home.
Ballyharraghan Baile ua Ádhrachán O'Harraghan's residence, name extinct.
Ballyhee Baile Túibhe The probable meaning is the place of thatch or straw.
Ballyheean Baile Thíghean Rich or fat land.
Ballyheefy Baile ua Iafa O'Heefy's place of abode.
Ballyhehan Baile ua Shéadhachain O'Sheahan's home. A Bishop of Kilmacduagh of this name died in 1290.
Ballyhenna Baile Sinneach The resort of foxes.
Ballyhennessy Baile ue Áenghusa O'Hennessy's home.
Ballyherragh Baile Sheirg The land of clover.
Ballyhickey Baile ua Íocáidhe O'Hickey's were the hereditary physicians of O'Brien. When O'Brien came to reside at Bunratty, O'Hickey removed to Cappagh near Sixmilebridge.
Ballyhomulta Baile Thumaltach The house of Toomaltagh, a very common Irish name.
Ballyhurly Baile ua Uarláidhe O'Hurley's patrimony.
Ballyillaun Baile Oileán A small meadow beside a stream.
Ballykeel Baile Cáol The narrow townland.
Ballykeelaun Balie Caolán The narrow townland.
Ballykelly Baile Chealladh O'Kelly's residence.
Ballykett Baile ua Cheitt O'Kett's place of abode - or the word ceité means a fair.
Ballykildea Baile Giolla De O'Gildea's home, name extinct in Clare.
Ballykilty Baile ua Coiltedh O'Kilty's homestead.
Ballykincurra Baile Cin Coradh The place at the head of the weir, near Corofin.
Ballykinvaraga Baile Cinn Margadh The site of the market.
Ballyknavin Baile Cnámhín The place of the little bone.
Ballylaan Balie Léana Meadow land.
Ballylaghnan Baile ua Lachnáin O'Loughnane's residence.
Ballylannidy Baile Lann Síada That is Sheeda's patrimony.
Ballyleaan Baile Léana Meadow land.
Ballyliddane Baile ua Luidán O'Liddane's home.
Ballyline Baila an Láighean The place of the spear.
Ballymacahill Balie Mac Cathail O'Cahill's dwelling place.
Ballymacaula Baile Mac Áula The land of Mac Auley (O'Hehir).
Ballymacconna Baile Mac Conadh O'Conna's home.
Ballymacdonnell Baile Mac Domhnall The residence of Mac Donnell.
Ballymackea Baile Mac Áodh The property of Mac Aodh, Anglicised Hugh.
Ballymaclinan Baile Mac Linán Mac Linnane's place of abode.
Ballymacloon Beile Mac Clún O'Clune's residence.
Ballymacnevin Baile Mac Neabhain The homestead of the son of O'Nevan.
Ballymacooda Baile Mac Cúdadh O'Cooda's habitation, name extinct in Clare.
Ballymacquiggin Baile Mic Cuigín Mac Quiggin's habitation name extinct.
Ballymacravan Baile Mac Rabháin Mac Ravan's home, the name is extinct.
Ballymacrinan Baile Mac Rianán Mac Rinan's abode, name extinct.
Ballymacrogan Baile Mac Rogain Mac Rogan's residence.
Ballymacurtain Baile Mac Curtáin O'Curtin's patrimony.
Ballymahony Baile ua Mathghamhna O'Mahony's place of abode.
Ballymaley Baila ua Maillaidhe O' Malley's homestead.
Ballymalone Baile Maollúin The mule's, or rather Malone's land.
Ballymarkahan Baile ua Marcachán O' Markahan's residence.
Ballymihil Baile Michíl The home of a man named Michael.
Ballyminoge Baile ua Minóg O' Minogue's abode.
Ballymoloney Baile Maoldhomhnaigh O'Moloney's home.
Ballymongaun Baile ua Mongán O' Mangan's home.
Ballymorris Baile Muirgís The home of O'Murgis, but more probably the home of Magnus the Dane of Limerick, whom the Irish called Maurice (Keating).
Ballymulcashel Baile Maol Caisil The town of the partly levelled stone fort.
Ballymulqueeny Baile Maolcúine Mulqueen's place of residence.
Ballymurphy Baile ua Murchadha The abode of O'Murphy.
Ballymurtagh Baile Muircheartach The home of Murtagh (Mac Mahon).
Ballynabinnia Baile na Binnia The mountain top.
Ballynabrone Baile na Brón The champion's land.
Ballynacally Baile na Cailléádh The nuns' land, because it belonged to the nuns of Killone.
Ballynacarhagh Baile na Carrach Rocky or stony ground.
Ballynacragga Baile na Creaga The place of stony fields.
Ballynagard Baile na Gárda, or Baile na Ceard The place of the guard or of the artificers.
Ballynagleragh Baile na Cléirach The property of the Church of Killaloe.
Ballynagonachtagh Baile na Connachtach The property of Connaught men.
Ballynagranagh Baile na Greanach The place of gravel pits.
Ballynagun Baile na Con So called after hounds.
Ballynahinch Baile na Inse The place of the island or of the water meadow.
Ballynahown Baile na Úaimhan The place of caves, which describes its character exactly.
Ballynalackan Baile na Leacan The hill sides.
Ballynamweel Baile na Míl The place of animals.
Ballyneillean Baile ua Nialáin O'Neylan's habitation.
Ballynevan Baile ua Neabháin O'Nevan's homestead.
Ballynew Baile Cnúdh Nut producing land.
Ballynock Baile Cnoich The hill.
Ballynoe Baile Núadh The new town.
Ballynote Baile an Fhóta Means storming or invading.
Ballyogan Baile ua Ógáin O'Hogan's residence; three townlands in Clare are so named.
Ballyonan Baile ua Onáin O'Honan's home.
Ballyortla Baile Ordlach The home of the hero; but I am not sure of the correctness of this meaning.
Ballyoughtera Baile Uachdarach The high lying land.
Ballyportry Baile Pórtraithe Hogstown.
Ballyquin Baile ua Cúinn O'Quin's residence.
Ballyreen Baile ua Rín O'Reen's residence.
Ballyroe Baile Ruádh The red townland.
Ballyroughan Baile ua Rabhacáin O'Roughan's place of residence.
Ballysallagh Baile Salach Muddy townland.
Ballyscanlan Baile ua Scanláin O'Scanlan's homestead.
Ballyshanny Baile ua Seannach O'Shanny's house.
Ballysheen Baile Oisín The home of O'Oisín.
Ballyslatterry Baile ua Slataradh O'Slattery's property.
Ballysteen Baile Stáon Land lying in an oblique direction.
Ballytarsna Baile Társna A townland lying athwart or across.
Ballyteerna Baile an Tighearna The land of the chieftain.
Ballyteige Baile Thaidhg The habitation of Teague (McNamara).
Ballyurra Baile Urradh The chieftain's query property, or it means contention urra.
Ballyvally   Properly Baile Boroimhe, the place where Brian's tribute cattle were kept.
Ballyvanna Baile Banach The foxes home.
Ballyvanneen Baile ua Mainin O'Manning's abode.
Ballyvannon Baile Banadh Common land.
Ballyvarra Baile Bhearradh The place of little hill tops.
Ballyvaskin Baile Bascain Baile Bascain, who was son of Conaire the great, 122nd monarch of Ireland.
Ballyvelaghan query Baile Bhelachán The place of the pathway.
Ballyvergin Baile Mheirgin The place of signals.
Ballyveskill Baile ua Mesgil O'Mesgill's property.
Ballyvoe Baile Both The place of the hovel.
Ballyvoghane   Called Baille bothán clain Cinneíde in O'Brien's Rental, A.D., 1340 - that is, the tract of the Clan Kennedy.
Ballyvonavaun Baile Bonnamhán The home of the small family.
Ballyvorda Baile ua Bhórda O'Borda's home; the name is extinct.
Ballyvorgal Baile Mhorghail The place of great slaughter.
Ballyvoughalan Buaile Bhuchaláin The milking place of the rag weed.
Ballyvranneen Baile Bhranín The little resorting place of rooks - a rookery.
Ballyvrislaun Baile Brisleán Land producing tansey.
Ballyvroghaun Baile Bhruachán Sloping ground.
Ballyvulligan Baile Bholgán Cow's pasture.
Balyvaghan Baile ua Bheacháin O'Beahan's residence.
Bansha Báinseach A sheep walk.
Barbane Bár Bán The white hill top.
Barloughra Bár Luchair The hill top covered with rushes.
Barnageeha Bár na Gáotha The windy hill top.
Barntick Bear na Tine query The gap of the bones.
Baunkyle Bán Coill The white wood.
Baunmore Bán Mór The great field.
Bauntlieve Bán Sliábh The white mountain.
Baur Bár A hill top.
Bauragegaun Bár an Geagán The hill top of the branch (of a tree).
Bauroe Bár Rúadh The red hill top.
Beaghy Beitheach Birch producing land.
Bealcragga Béal Craiga A gap through a stony field.
Bealickana Beal Licana An outlet amid flag stones.
Bealkelly Béal Coille The entrance into the wood.
Bealnalicka Beal na Lica An outlet beside a flag stone.
Bearnafunhin Bearna Fuinsín The gap of the little ash trees.
Behagh Beitheach A place abounding in birch trees.
Bellia Bile A large tree.
Belvoir Baile Mhaghair Called in Irish Baile Mhaghair, and signifying arable land.
Beneden Binn Eadan The hill top of the forehead.
Benvoran Binn Moráin The hill top covered with rushes.
Berneens Biorrach Marshy fields.
Bishopsquarter Ceathramhadh an Easpuig  
Blackwater Abhan Dubh Abhan Dubh, is its Irish name.
Blean Bléin A tidal creek.
Bleanmore Bléin Mór The great creek.
Boghil Bó Cóill The wood frequented by horned cattle.
Boheraroan Bothar an Rón The road of the hairy man.
Boherboy Bothar Buidhá The yellow road.
Boherbullog Bothar Bolg The cows road.
Bohyadoun Both Sodán The prosperous hut.
Bolooghera Both Luacaire The hut standing on rushy land.
Boloona Ból Úana Lamb's pasture.
Boolanacausk Búaile na Cásc The mountain side pasture to which cattle were driven at Easter.
Boolavaun Búaile Bhan The white mountain pasture.
Boolinrudda Búale an Rúdha The mountain pasture by the wood.
Booltiagadine Buailtighedomhan The low lying milking places.
Booltiagh Buailetighe The plural of a milking place.
Booltydoolan Buailte Dubhlán This word means a challenge to fight.
Boolybrian Buaile Bhriain O'Brien's booly.
Boolyduff Búale Dubh The black mountain pasture.
Boolynagleeragh Búaile na Cléirach The priests' mountain pasture.
Boolynaknockan Búaile na Cnocán The booly of the hillocks.
Boolynamiskaun Búaile na Miosgán The booly of the dishes of butter.
Boolyneaska Buaile Náosga The snipe's booly.
Bouleevin Buaile Áoebhin The pleasant milking place.
Breaghva Bréach Mágh The wolf's field; it also means the place of badgers. Query
Breckinish Bréac Inis The speckled Island.
Brickhill Cnoc na Bríce Cnoc na Bríce, has always been its Irish name.
Brisla Brisleach The place of defeat.
Bunavory Bun Abhorraigh The literal meaning is the foot of a hill producing borage.
Buncraggy Bun Craige At foot of the stony field.
Bunnabinnia Both na Binna The milking place on the mountain top.
Bunnagat Bun na Cat The hollow of the cats.
Bunnahow Bun na Abha The place abutting on the river.
Bunnow Bun Abhain Land sloping towards the river (Fergus, near Clonroad).
Bunratty Bun Raite The mouth of the river Raite, which it appears, was the ancient name of the river O'Garney.
Burrane Barrán A low hill.
Burren Boirinn Rocky land.
Burrenfadda Boirinn Fada A long streak of rocky land.
Burrenwee Boirinn Bhuidh The yellow rocky ground.