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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 6. West Corcabaskin

Moyarta Parish

Magh Fearta, the Plain of the Graves, is the name of this parish as originally spelled. No ancient church existed in the crowded graveyard of Moyarta. In the townland of Kilcredaun are found the remains of two churches, the more northern being called Teampul Shearlais, from the circumstance that Charles MacDonnell of Kilkee was buried there. The other, named Teampul-an-aird, has no burial ground attached. A holy well, called Tobar Cradaun is observed not far off, with its waters issuing from the face of the cliff. It is covered by the tide at high water. It cannot be satisfactorily ascertained who the saint was to whom it is dedicated, but in the Life of Senan reference is made to a St. Caritán. That certainly was the person, for in Killinny is a graveyard with the same name, and another in Kilcasheen. The townland of Lisheencrony contains the remains of the church of Kilcrony, with its graveyard and holy well. Among several virgin saints of the name of Croiné it is impossible to discover the particular one whom the church of this place commemorates. In the list of 1580 four castles are named for Moyarta parish, all of them belonging to Turlogh MacMahon. 1. Carrigaholt, the chief residence of the MacMahons Lords of West Corcabaskin, beautifully situated on the bay of that name. 2. Dunlicky. 3. Moyarta now utterly demolished. 4. Knocknagarhoon also level with the ground.