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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 9. Ui Fearmaic; Gleann Omra; Ui Bracain; Ui Floinn; Ui Ronghaile

Ui Floinn

Ui M‘Bloid was a generic name for the districts of Ui Floinn, Gleann Ómra, and Ui Toirdhealbhaigh. It included also a territory lying in Tipperary and Limerick, on the east side of the Shannon. According to MacGrath’s Wars of Thomond the families who inhabited it were those of Clan Turlogh and Clan Dermot, descendants of a branch of the O’Briens; the O’Kennedys, the O’Gunnings (of Castle Connell); the O’Coffeys, the O’Shanahans, the O’Hogans, the Aherns, the O’Muldoons (Malones); the O’Duracks (of O’Gonnello); the O’Lonergans, the O’Flahertys, the O’Moloneys. As regards those parts of Ui M‘Bloid situated eastward of the Shannon, as they form no portion of the county of Clare, they do not come within the scope of this work. We shall proceed to describe seriatim the several sub-denominations above-mentioned which lie within the boundaries of the county.