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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare

Chapter 14. History of the County of Clare from 1580 to 1641

  1. First measures taken for the conversion of Thomond into an English County; Indenture to that effect between Sir John Perrott and the principal inhabitants; Names of these
  2. Terms of agreement
  3. Revolt of Mahone O’Brien of Clondoovan; A gaol established at Ennis, and seventy persons hanged at the assizes there; Extracts from the Annals of the Four Masters of contemporary events
  4. The Spanish Armada
  5. Expedition of the Earls of Thomond and Inchiquin to the North; Death of Inchiquin; Attempt of the Bourkes of Castleconnell to dispossess his widow of the lands of Portcrusha; Disputes as to the exclusive right of the eldest son to succeed to the whole of his father’s estate; Teige Caech MacMahon captures a derelict ship
  6. Pernicious Political Institutions of the Irish
  7. Raid made on Clare by Red Hugh O’Donnell in 1599; Another raid in 1600
  8. Soldiers sent from Galway to compel the chiefs of Thomond to submission; Assizes held at Ennis; Sonnet attributed to Sir Turlogh O’Brien of Ennistymon
  9. Donogh, Earl of Thomond, attacks Teige Caech MacMahon; Death of Teige Caech, and extinction of the line of the chiefs of West Corcabaskin
  10. Raid made by the Bourkes of Galway on Clare; The Earl of Thomond supports the English; Strafford fraudulently seeks to break landowners titles to their estates



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