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Kilrush, County Clare: Notes from c 1760 to 1960 by Senan Scanlan

Kilrush Notes 1860-1879

1860 27th January (IT).
Banquet to Colonel Vandeleur, M.P.: -
On Tuesday evening a banquet, on a splendid scale was given by the constituency of Clare to Colonel Vandeleur, their senior representative in the Imperial Parliament in acknowledgement of his public services, and private worth as a resident gentleman, a benevolent landlord, and a just and upright magistrate. The banquet was held in the large room over the market place, in the town of Kilrush, and which is capable of accommodating at least 300 people. The room was tastefully decorated with laurels and other various descriptions of evergreens amongst which there were interspersed with the flags of various nations, whilst over the chair stood forth, in conspicuous position, the arms of Kilrush. -Limerick Chronicle.

1860 5th March (CJ).
Kilrush Packet Company:
We have much pleasure in directing public attention to the extraordinary dividend made by this company at their last meeting. In November last they paid off large and heavy liabilities and now after four short months they are able to make a dividend of 80%. - Clare Advertiser.

1860 23rd April (CJ).
A list of Cess payers;
Moyarta: --- George Taylor, Kilrush: ---William Blair, Kilrush: --- Irwin Paterson, Kilrush: ---- Michael Glynn, Kilrush; --- Thomas Chambers, Kilrush. ----

1860 12th July (IT).
Assize Intelligence: - Clare-Ennis, Wednesday, July 11. Murder.
Martin Hederman, a respectable looking man aged about sixty, was placed at the bar, charged with the wilful murder of Patrick Mahony, at Kilrush, upon the 3rd of April last. ---- The prisoner and Patrick Mahony were boatmen and carriers, plying their boats between Kilrush and Limerick. The deceased was to have gone to Limerick on the 4th April, and for that purpose had received about £30 from parties in Kilrush, to purchase goods, which he was to bring back to Kilrush from Limerick. On the evening of the 3rd he disappeared and nothing was known of him until the 8th (Easter Sunday), when his body was found in a pool of water near Kilrush, and from the cuts upon his face and neck, it was at once apparent that he had been murdered. He had been last seen in the prisoner's company about 10 o'clock on the night of the 3rd.

It appears that on the morning of the 4th, when deceased was first missed the prisoner was asked where he had parted company with him. The prisoner said he had left him near Kilrush, and that he (the prisoner) had gone home to his own house, which was about six miles from the town. Persons, however, had seen the prisoner at the ferry-house, which was not the direct way to the prisoner's home. This was at two o'clock on the morning of the 4th. Two men named Reid had crossed the ferry at that hour, and left the prisoner still at the ferry-house. Next day the prisoner's face appeared to be much scratched, and in answer to different persons who happened to ask him how it got scratched he gave various accounts at variance with each other. Before coming into Kilrush next day, he got a stocking washed, which had a stain of blood upon it. On Good Friday the prisoner went to the Reids, and asked them to come before Mr. Cox, J.P., and make an affidavit that he (the prisoner) had, on the evening of the 3rd, gone in their company from Kilrush bridge, where he had been last seen with deceased, to the ferry-house. The Reads refused --------.
It has since appeared that the prisoner was at the time in some pecuniary difficulties, and had been lately decreed for a sum of £7 in the civil bill court on the 2nd April. It also appeared that a bill of the prisoner's for a sum of £20-5s fell due on the 4th at the Provincial Bank, and was duly taken up by him. About £16 was found with the prisoner. --------- It is not expected that the Crown can close their case to-night.

1860 3rd September (IT).
Execution at Ennis: - Ennis August 31st.
This was the day fixed for the execution of Martin Hederman, for the murder of Patrick Mahony, boatman, of Carrigaholt, at the Corcass, about a mile from the town of Kilrush, on the 4th April. -------- The execution took place at ten minutes past eleven o'clock. ------.

1860 22nd November (CJ).
At Kilrush Road Sessions the magistrates passed presentment for making a new circular road around Kilkee. The road will be of great importance to Kilkee taken in common with the improvements which are being carried out there by the Marquis of Conyngham and Major MacDonnell. Mr. Marcus Keane stated that as the terminus at the Kilkee railway will be at the new road it would be of very great convenience to the Public. The Marquis of Conyngham is bearing the chief part of the expense of the construction.

1860 10th December (CJ).
Dr. O’Donnell of Kilrush met with an accident on last Wednesday night his car was capsized by a heap of rubbish which his servant forgot was in the way, and they both were thrown to the ground but fortunately were very little injured.

1861 13th April (FJ).
Catholic Intelligence: Doonaha
Rev. Michael Meehan, P.P., Carrigaholt, most thankfully acknowledges Major A. MacDonnell's grant of the building stone required from his quarry at Kilkee, to enlarge the chapel of Doonaha. The masonry needs a superior quality of stone, but the gift from Major MacDonnell was enhanced by an unsolicited donation of £5 “to carry on the good work” He also begs to express his thanks to Randal W. Borough, Esq, Querrin, for his subscription of £2: and he tenders to the Right Rev. Dr. Flannery his grateful acknowledgements for the sum of £5, by which the improvements in the chapel was encouraged and commenced. --Clare Journal.

1861 10th June (CJ).
The Clare Militia: During the past week no less than fifty-two fine looking young fellows from the neighbourhood of Kilrush have taken the “shilling” in favour of her Majesty’s County Clare Militia Regiment. ----

1861 15th June (FJ).
Kilkee, County Clare-Handsome and Commodious Marine Residences to be sold. The following Houses Nos. 1,4,9,10, MacDonnell Terrace, West End, Kilkee: -
------ For further particulars apply to the Owners, Messrs. Charles MacDonnell and Son, Timber Merchants and Builders, Kilrush, County Clare.

1861 17th July (IT).
----- The spire of the Catholic church of this town was brought to a termination on Monday last. As soon as the last stone was placed in its situation, Mr. John Watson climbed to the pinnacle, above the lofty scaffolding and there commenced pirouetting on” topmost height”, (145 feet from the base), after apparent ease as if he was leaping off a car. On Tuesday the rash and perilous feat was imitated by several expert young men, natives of Kilrush, -Clare Journal.

1861 23rd July (IT).
Kilrush Union: -
There are 287 inmates in the Kilrush Union, with a balance to their credit of £28-0s-7d.

1861 24th October (FJ).
--- a sum of £87 was collected at Kilrush on Sunday for the curate of the parish, being the half-yearly collection-a triumphant proof of the very high estimate in which their indefatigable labours are held by the people.---Limerick Reporter.

1862 13th January (CJ).
Lieutenant T Vandeleur, 10th Hussars, second son of Colonel Vandeleur has arrived at Kilrush. ---

1862 28th January (FJ).
Post Office Savings banks.
The following money order offices in Ireland will be opened as Post Office Savings Banks on Monday the 3rd of February 1862. ----
Clare: Corofin, Ennis, Kilrush, Miltown Malbay. ---.

1862 17th March (CJ).
The Rev. Mr. Robbins of Kilrush has been confirmed by his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant in the appointment to the living of Templederry to which the late Bishop of Killaloe had nominated him a short time before his death.

1862 1st May (CJ).
Juvenile Ball: A correspondent from Kilrush informs us that a splendid Juvenile Ball was given on Monday evening in that town by Mr. Gibson, Naval paymaster to a large number of young people resident in Kilrush. Dancing was kept up with great spirit to a late hour under the admirable music, which was discoursed by Monsieur Nono’s string band.

1862 1st September (CJ).
Kilrush Rowing Regatta.
Canoe Race results: 1- Thomas Boland, 2- J Fall, Scattery, 3- J Scanlan Scattery.
Second Day: Canoe race between the spinsters and married women of Scattery Island won by the Scattery girls after a close contest.

1862 20th October (CJ).
Fatal Accident: On Thursday night John White, boatman was drowned in the Kilrush Creek, during a heavy gale, which blew from the S.S.W.

1863 5th January (CJ).
Good Landlord:
We learn that Thomas Chambers, Esq has made an abatement of 25% to the tenants on his property at Querrin, Kilrush. ---

1863 2nd February (CJ).
Kilrush Relief Fund: To the Editor of the Clare Journal:
Sir, Permit me through the columns of the Journal to acknowledge the sum of £2 each from Messrs. T. Remington and Co. and Cannock, Tait and Co. Limerick for the funds of the Kilrush Relief Fund; Yours--- James Melville, Kilrush,31st January 1863.

1863 29th April (FJ).
Michael O'Keeffe, of Kilrush, in the county of Clare, grocer and flour dealer, to surrender on Friday, the 8th of May and on Tuesday, the 26th of May.

1863 27th April (CJ).
The Kilrush Relief Committee have published an account of their labours for eleven weeks during that time they distributed relief to the amount of £270-8s.

1863 4th May (FJ).
Limerick: Two hundred and fifty emigrants male and female, and of all ages, left the Limerick terminus on Saturday morning for Dublin and Waterford, en route to Liverpool and other English ports for America, Australia, and Queensland. The larger portions of these people were from about Kilrush and that district of County Clare. -Limerick Chronicle.

1863 4th May (CJ).
Very Rev. T.Kelly, P.P., has received £21-11s-11d from Mr. Michael Galvin, of New York towards the relief of the poor of Kilrush.

1863 5th May (FJ).
To the Editor of the Freeman.
37, Frances Street, Kilrush, May 3rd.
Dear Sir – On part of the Kilrush Relief Committee permit me to ask you to acknowledge for them the receipt of £50, the third generous gift of the Central Committee for the relief of the poor of this town, conveyed in the following note from their courteous and kind-hearted hon. Secretary: -
Central Committee for the Relief of Distress in Ireland,
City Hall, Dublin, May 1st.
My Dear Sir – Need I say with what sincere pleasure I send you the enclosed £50 voted on yesterday by the Central Committee – I am .my dear Sir, your faithful servant,
R. J. Davit, Hon Sec.
Richard Foley, Esq, Hon. Secretary, Kilrush Relief Committee. -----.

1863 3rd June (FJ).
To the Editor of the Freeman.
37, Frances Street, Kilrush, 31st May 1863.
My Dear Sir-Permit me, through the columns of your excellent paper, to acknowledge most gratefully, on the part of the “Kilrush Relief Committee” the generous gift of £30 from the “ Central Committee” per R.J. Devitt, Esq, for the relief of the great distress prevailing in this town- I am, my dear Sir, very faithfully yours, Richard Foley, Hon. Secretary.

1863 10th August (CJ).
We are glad to perceive that this noble game is making strong progress in our county. We are informed that a match is arranged to be played on Friday next between the Clare and Kilrush Clubs in the ground of the former club at Ennis. --.

1863 9th September (IT).
Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency: Re Charles and Michael McDonnell.
The bankrupts were timber merchants and builders in Kilrush. The case came before the court on a question of charge and discharge. --------------.
Judge Berwick directed a sale to be made of the entire property, the assignees consenting, the proceeds to be lodged in court pending the investigation of the charge, the consideration of which was postponed until November, R. McKenna, Q.C. and Mr. J. A. Curran. with Mr. Geoghegan, solicitor appeared for the assignees.

1863 3rd December (CJ).
Court of bankruptcy: ---
-- The bankrupts Charles and Michael McDonnell traded at Kilrush, County Clare as Charles McDonnell and Son. In 1863? they were extensively engaged as timber merchants and contractors. It was alleged that in October in that year they applied to Mr. Garrett Doherty, a merchant in this town, to aid them with a loan of £1,500 for their general business. Mr Doherty having become their surety in a contract which they entered into for building a bank house for the directors of the National Bank at Ennis, made the advance necessary to carry on the building to the extent of £1,141 ---- His Lordship decided that Mr. Doherty claims for £1,500 and £1,141 were well founded and proved. ---

1864 17th August (Nenagh Guardian).
An amusing feature of the regatta to be held in Kilrush on the 24th August next is the canoe race between the Scattery and Reinvilla women for a prize of thirty shillings. We also notice that a fancy fashionable shawl of the best description is to be given to the young girl dancing the best jig, and the second day is to close with a superb display of fireworks, presented by the Commodore, Colonel C. M. Vandeleur, M.P.

1864 5th September (FJ).
Court of Bankruptcy and Insolvency – Bankruptcy.
In the matter of Michael McGrath, of Kilrush, in the County of Clare.
To be sold by public auction at the Market-House, in the town of Kilrush in four lots on Saturday, the 24th day of September 1864 at the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon----.
Lot 1: - All that and those, a plot of ground in the Town of Kilrush, next adjoining a house built by Michael McMahon containing in front of the street 29 feet 2 inches, on which Sarah Conway built two dwelling houses together with the ground to the rere thereof situate in the Town of Kilrush, Barony of Moyarta and County of Clare, upon which two Dwelling Houses, viz., Nos., 57 and 58,Frances Street, Kilrush are built, held under renewal of lease, dated 8th October 1857,for three lives, who are still in being, with covenant for perpetual renewal, subject to the yearly rent of 4s-6d per foot for the frontage of said Building Ground, and a peppercorn renewal fine. ----.

1864 17th September (Nation).
River Plate Steam-Ship Company.
Steam from Liverpool for Montevideo and Buenos Ayres Direct.
Agents: Patrick O’Connor, Market Place, Kilrush.

1864 15th October (IT).
Kilrush Agricultural Show.
On Wednesday the Kilrush and Killadysart Agricultural Society held their first Annual Show in the town of Kilrush, in the Distillery, which had been formerly worked by the enterprising firm of Paterson and Co. The spacious yard of the establishment was well suited for the purpose---------. At a later period of the day Lady Grace Vandeleur arrived with some members of her family, to the evident gratification of the people who received them with all the deference due to their rank and worth. -----------.

1864 5th December (CJ).
A Fatal Accident:
Last week F.O’Donnell Esq, Coroner for the district held an inquest on the body of Timothy Burns, a jingle driver, between Kilrush and Kilkee who died in Burton Street, Kilrush on the 27th inst. It happened in evidence the deceased on the 31st July last was driving three persons to Kilkee one of the passengers struck the horse with an umbrella and upset the cart when Burns leg was broken from the effects on which he died on the above date. ---.

1865 23rd January (CJ).
The Little Anne of Kilrush:
A meeting will be held in this town early in the ensuing week to take into consideration the best means of suggestions with the suffering survivors of the master and crew of the “Little Anne” which is believed was lost at sea on the night of the 1st December ’64 on her voyage to Ardrossan with a general cargo from Kilrush. ---.

1865 31st January (FJ).
Kilrush Commercial Ball: This event which was looked forward to with much interest came off on Wednesday night with marked satisfaction in the Market House, which, through the consideration of Colonel Vandeleur, M.P., has been dedicated to the use and accommodation of the public. The ball rooms were thrown open from an early hour on Tuesday, for the gratification of the curious – of those whose time denied them the pleasure of being amongst the general company on the occasion. The ballroom was most tastefully decorated with flowers, evergreens and flags, with many other appropriate devices, representing the genius of Erin, &c. All the delicacies of the season abounded in profusion, and mirth prevailed “till break o' day in the morning” when the gay circle parted with the hope and promise to be united soon again. -- From a Correspondent.

1865 10th July (CJ).
Sale in the Landed Estate Court:
Town of Kilrush, County of Clare in the matter of the estate of Wm. Spaight Esq owner and petitioner. Lot 1: Dincuig? House, Bonnie Doon Lawn, old garden, new garden with lodges at front in Frances Street held under fee farm grant: net profit rent £40-3-4: The lands contain 4a-1r-14½p statute measure. Mr McSheehy bought this in trust at £500. Lot 2: Store and Mill in Frances Street held under fee farm grant. Net yearly rent £72-8-0. Sold at £345. Lot 3: Store and Shops in Frances Street, held for 999 years net profit rent £110-1-6. Mr. McSheehy bought in trust at £600.
Mr. William Lane Joynt. Solicitor.
(Bonny Doon house and lawn and the present houses facing on to Frances St, Rushe, Lillis, Clancy, Farrell, Keating and Keating).

1865 14th August (CJ).
A fire broke out last week in the store of Mr. Michael Glynn, Crofton Street, Kilrush, which was with difficulty extinguished. The premises were insured.

1866 8th March (CJ).
Sir Colman O’Loghlen M.P., Colonel Vandeleur, M.P. and Captain Stackpoole, M.P. have returned to London to attend their parliamentary duties.

1866 12th April (CJ).
Meeting of the West Clare Agricultural Society: Colonel C.M. Vandeleur in the chair --.

1866 18th June (CJ).
Landed Estates Court Ireland: Formal Notice to Claimants and Incumbrances:
-In the matter of the estate of William Spaight, owner and petitioner:
Take notice that the schedule of incumbrances affecting the Mill, Store Houses, and premises situate in the town of Kilrush in the county of Clare, sold in this matter. ----.
-- Schedule above referred to:

Mortgage dated 7th May 1811 from James Paterson to John Trousdell for the sum of £300.
Mortgage dated 25th November 1815 from James Paterson to Thomas Vandeleur and another for the sum of £1,000.
Assignment dated 3rd September 1818 by James Paterson to George Maunsell to secure advances to the extent of £10,000.
Assignment dated 1st January 1823 by Robert Maunsell, Joseph Fisher and James Paterson to Geo LA Touché and others the consideration for which is not mentioned in memorial of deed.
Assignment dated 5th January 1841 by Robert LA touché, James Paterson and Crofton Moore Vandeleur to Francis J Fitzgerald the consideration for which is not mentioned in memorial of deed. ----.

1866 23rd July (CJ).
On Friday the Lord Bishop of Killaloe held a visitation in the Protestant Church of Kilrush and administered the sacrament of confirmation to a considerable number of postulants.

1866 2nd August (FJ).
Rejoicing in Kilrush:
Referring to the late marriage of Mr. Reeves and Miss Vandeleur, the Kilrush Gazette says: “In the evening a large bonfire blazed opposite Kilrush House, which could be seen for several miles around. On the bridal party proceeding through Mr. Reeves's estate at Burrane (Bessborough), where Colonel Vandeleur's yacht, the Caroline, lay at anchor in the river, gaily dressed with flags, waiting to convey the happy pair to Tarbert en route to Killarney, the Burrane tenantry were assembled on the shore, and heartily cheered the bride and bridegroom on their departure for the Lakes” In Kilrush and Burrane several houses were brilliantly illuminated in honour of the happy event. The vessels lying at anchor in the harbour put out their gayest bunting: the steamers were particularly remarkable for the display of flags, which gave an animated appearance to the port: and, to crown all, the weather was delightfully serene. Mr. Reeves was not unmindful of his tenants on this auspicious occasion. An order was given to have them entertained at dinner on the lawn, under a marquee. At Burrane House Colonel, Lady Grace and Miss Vandeleur, the Misses Reeves, Captain Hector Vandeleur, J.S. Blacker, D.L., Mrs and the Misses Blacker, Lieutenant John Vandeleur, Limerick, & c. were present. Over 70 farmers sat down “The health of Lady Grace Vandeleur was most warmly received. The other ladies who honoured the banquet with their presence were most cordially cheered. Hearty cheers were given for the distinguished party”.

1866 4th October (CJ).
West Clare Agricultural Society: 3rd Annual Show:
The establishment of agricultural societies in Ireland is one of the many proofs within the past few years of the increase and growth of that independent spirit of self-help which ought ever to help the tenant farmer. ---
-- In the evening the members and friends of the society dined together in the Market House.

1866 6th November (FJ).
Legal Postings: Court of Probate in Ireland. --
To Honora Mangan, of the City of Buffalo, in the State of New York, in America, the lawful sister and only surviving next of kin of Timothy Behan, formerly of Kilrush, in the County of Clare, Naval Pensioner, and late of Buffalo, aforesaid, deceased intestate, who died on the 23rd day of December 1865. --------.
Take notice that a citation has issued under the Seal of her Majesty's Court of Probate, dated the 31st day of October 1866,whereby you are cited to accept or refuse Letters of Administration of all and singular the Goods and so forth of the said deceased as of a person dying intestate: otherwise to show cause if any, why the same should not be granted and committed unto Stephen Hennessy, of Moore Street, Kilrush in the County of Clare, Draper, with an intimation that in default of your appearance the said Stephen Hennessy,or his substitute will be granted to the said Stephen Hennessy,or his substitute. -----

1866 3rd December (CJ).
Loss of a Kilrush smack on the Kerry coast: Dingle Thursday:
The smack Lord Berehaven of Kilrush, Denis O’Keeffe, master, foundered yesterday evening about 15 miles off the land, in Brandon Bay. Her crew consisting of three hands landed in their small boat. The little vessel was owned by a Mrs. O’Grady of Kilrush.

1866 13th December (CJ).
National Bank: Mr. P. Quinn, late teller of the National Bank,Charleville has recently been removed to a more important position in the Kilrush Branch.—

1867 14th January (CJ).
The man Gorman accused of the murder of his wife at Carrigaholt on the 3rd November last was found dead in his bed in the Kilrush Bridewell on Saturday morning.

1867 6th February (FJ).
James Morrissey, of Kilrush, County Clare, to surrender on Friday, the 15th of February, and on Friday, the 1st of March.

1867 18th February (CJ).
A Special Offer: A contribution of £5 sterling has been offered to the fund for presenting a valuable plate to be run for in 1867 on the Kilrush Race Course. ----.

1867 4th March (FJ).
The Late Henry S. Burton Esq. (From our correspondent).
A melancholy sensation was produced by the announcement of the demise of Henry Stuart Burton, Esq, D.L., at his residence, Carrigaholt Castle. The deceased gentleman was the eldest son of the much and deservedly respected Colonel Francis Burton, of Buncraggy -who for many years had been Governor-General of Canada-who was returned to represent the county of Clare in the Irish Parliament, who won the golden esteem of every creed, and class.----- As a magistrate he commanded confidence and respect, being painstaking, honourable, and impartial.--- The equitable and satisfactory letting system of his lands pre-eminently pointed him out as one of the best Irish landlords, and has won respect and esteem for his kind-hearted, and popular agent Thomas Keane Esq J.P.---- The coffin, which had been supplied from the old and respectable establishment of Mrs. E. McDonnell,Kilrush,was two-fold.-- The inscription cut on the breast plate was “ Henry Stuart Burton,Esq,D.L.,born 16th Sept 1808: died 10th February,1867,aged 58 years”--- The chief mourners including the loved and respected sons of the deceased, Colonel Vandeleur,M.P.: Thomas Keane, Esq,Ennis: Counsellor O'Gorman,Belvue: F. Keane,Hermitage, Ennis: Counsellor R.W.C. Reeves, Bessborough: Captain Studdert,Fort House, Kilrush. The tenantry of Mr. Burton from several and distant parts of the county attended and joined in the funeral cortege, -- they would not allow the honoured remain of their beloved landlord to be carried in the hearse, but borne on their shoulders as the farewell tribute of their great affection and regard for his memory. The great esteem in which Mr. Burton was held was well mirrored by the presence of the Catholic clergymen —Very Rev. Dr. Kelly, V.G., P.P.: Rev. L.J. Browne, C.C., Kilrush: Rev T. Breen, P.P.: Rev S. Malone, C.C., Kilkee: Rev. M. Quinlivan, P.P., Kilmacduane: Rev T. McMahon, C.C.: Rev. P. White, C.C., Carrigaholt, who wearing white scarf's were in front of the procession.

1867 9th March (IT).
Kilrush (from our own correspondent)
The loyal and respectable inhabitants of this town and neighbourhood were thrown into the greatest alarm and excitement when the news arrived in town yesterday that there had been a “rising” in Carrigaholt, and that the Coastguard Station there had been attacked, the Coastguards disarmed and murdered. Immediately, on the intelligence, Sub-Inspector Kennedy, of this town collected all the available men he had and left for the place, distant about sixteen miles.-----
--- On Tuesday evening a band of Fenians, said to be led or commanded by a National or Assistant National schoolmaster, attacked the Coastguard Station of Kilbaha ----. When the demand for arms was refused by the men at the station, the Fenians effected an entrance by force, tied one of the men, and inflicted five dangerous bayonet wounds on the chief boatman, named Wilmot.--- The names of most of those engaged in this cowardly attack are known to the police----. Her Majesty's cutter Fly left here yesterday having Lieutenant Jones, R.N., on board, for Kilbaha, and removed the men from the station to Carrigaholt, where there is a large force of Coastguards, a small battery, and a police barrack. Wilmot is said to be in a very precarious state, requiring constant and skilful medical treatment.----

1867 20th March (IT).
Kilrush: -Kilrush, Tuesday.
Mr. Kennedy, Sub-Inspector, with a party of constabulary, arrested on Saturday night a baker named Mahoney painter named Fagan, and the alleged Fenian regimental tailor, McDonnell, for being connected with the Fenian conspiracy. Four other men of the farming class were arrested at a neighbouring village named Cooraclare. They have been locked up in the Bridewell, whence they will be sent to Ennis Jail. We have got 30 Marines from the Frederick William, who are stationed in the harbour.

1867 21st March (IT).
Further Arrests in Ennis and Kilrush: -
---------------- In Kilrush and vicinity fourteen arrests took place on Monday, and the jail is guarded by Marines. It is alleged that a Special Commission will be issued for Clare in consequence of the numbers that are likely to be for trial, and in order to avoid the inconvenience of sending prisoners and witnesses to Limerick. Wilmot, the Coastguard at Kilbaha in the west of Clare, who fought five Fenians in defence of his station, rather than surrender his arms, is recovering.

1867 25th March (CJ).
Search for Arms In Kilrush: T Le Ban Kennedy Esq,S.I.C.,Head Constable Eaton and a party of constabulary under their command made a vigilant search for arms in Moore Street, Stewart Street and the Market square on Tuesday night but without discovering any ----
-- H.M. Gunboat Blazer proceeded from her moorings at Cappa at ten o’clock a.m., on Wednesday to Carrigaholt for the purpose of bringing Coastguards Lloyd and Staniford?. to Kilrush on route to Cork. Where it is said they are to be tried by court martial, on a charge of timorousness at the recent affray at Kilbaha. ---

1867 6th May (CJ).
Mr. Richard O’Brien, youngest son of P.B. O’Brien Esq, Marine Row, (Cappa ?) Kilrush has passed a most credible and critical examination at the Catholic University Dublin, taking a high place with honours in Classics, History, Composition and Mathematics among 59 competitors.

1867 10th June (CJ).
Mr. Michael Slattery has been recently appointed --- Bridewell Keeper, Kilrush –salary about £40 per annum.

1867 17th June (CJ).
Recognition of Merit: We are happy to announce that Sub-constable Whooley of Kilrush has been presented with a badge of merit – in re-arresting Michael Murphy. —the alleged Fenian.

1867 2nd September (CJ).
Death from hydrophobia: On Tuesday last the widow Scanlan of Grace Street of this town died from hydrophobia.---.

1867 4th October (IT).
West Clare Agricultural Society: - Kilrush Wednesday.
The money prizes, exclusive of medals, amounted to £200,and were awarded thus:
Cattle: -First-Class-Open to all-For the best bull over one year old, first-class medal, Michael Kenny, Freagh, second best do, second-class medal, George Blackhall, Killard.
For the best two-year-old heifer, first-class medal Henry Kane, Killatra, second best do, second-class medal, Colonel Vandeleur, Kilrush-----.
Best cow in calf-----
Third Class:
The immediate tenants of landlords who have subscribed £5 to the society.------.
Fourth Class:
Open to tenant farmers whose holdings are valued at £20 and under. -----.
The Banquet.
The usual loyal toasts having been given by the Chairman (Colonel Vandeleur), and duly honoured the “Health of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland” was drunk and responded to by the Vice-Chairman, Mr. Reeves. “The Army and Navy” was responded to by Captain Burton, of Carrigaholt, and Captain Studdert, R.N., Bunratty. “The West Clare Agricultural Society” was spoken to by Mr. Westby, who gave “The President of the Society, Colonel Vandeleur, and Lady Grace Vandeleur” The Chairman returned thanks. Several other toasts were given and responded to.
Letters of apology for non-attendance were read from Thomas Rice Henn, Esq, and the Lord Mayor of Dublin.

1867 19th December (CJ).
The Magistracy: We have much pleasure in announcing that Richard Massy Studdert Esq of Fort House, Kilrush has been appointed to the Commission of the peace for the County Clare.

1868 6th January (CJ).
Investigation at the police barracks Kilrush:
On Tuesday a lengthened investigation was held by the magistrates at the police barracks to investigate ---- the discovery of gunpowder in Mrs Keating’s cow house on the 20th ultimo ---- bail was accepted by the magistrates from the fathers of the young lads, Burke, Curtin and Carey----.

1868 27th January (CJ).
The effect of the recent storm at Kilrush:
---- Some windows were blown from the upper dormitory in the Kilrush Workhouse:
----- The windows shutters on Mr. R. H. Borough’s house at Cappa—were split like ribbons.

1868 19th January (CJ).
Kilrush: Kilrush
Births 35: Deaths: 36: Deaths below average: Thirteen died of infantile diseases: one was over 100 years: two over 80 and 17 over 60: Measles and Scarlatina were prevalent but mild.
(Statistics are probably for a month).

1868 24th February (CJ).
Robbery of Powder at Kilrush:
On Wednesday night last the stores of Mr. Andrew Madigan – were burgled and over 40llbs of powder, mainly blasting powder stolen therefrom. ---

1868 23rd March (CJ).
We have much pleasure in announcing that Mr. Thomas O’Brien the eldest son of P.B.O’Brien Esq of Cappa, Kilrush has been promoted to the office of accountant in the Roscrea branch of the National bank.

1868 29th February (Nation)
Robbery of Gunpowder.
A correspondent of the Irish Times, writing from Kilrush on Friday, says: -
On last night the store of Mr. Madigan, general merchant, was broken into and a quantity of gunpowder believed to be about 50 lbs., was stolen. Today an investigation has been held by the magistrates, and one of Mr. Madigan's workmen has been arrested and remanded pending further inquiries. This is the second robbery of gunpowder that has taken place during the past few months. The constabulary under Head Constable Eaton and Mr. Kennedy, S.I., are making diligent search after it.

1868 27th June (Nation).
The Irish Exodus.
Bodies of the peasantry are still departing from this county and Clare.----
The young and the old are escaping together, and many are severing the strongest ties of their nature, to be dis-enthralled from British rule and its land system. The partings are piteous. It is melancholy to witness the heart-rending separations that occur daily. At the quay of Kilrush, one morning this week, the distraction and agony of dividing families, were painful and woeful. The moaning of men was fearful to hear and the faces of several were flushed with passion as if they were enraged by the exile on which they were proceeding. There were smashing young men (whom) little training would turn into gallant soldiers and they were departing with deep grief indeed, with which their faces were quivering, when they were dragged away from friends: but it may be believed, with deeper hatred of the ruling power that forced them to go.
---- The heartiest young men, the healthiest young women, chiefly from the ranks and relays of the emigrants, and so it is that when you travel the country, the senile and juvenile are only apparent. ----.

1868 24th August (CJ).
Kilrush Harbour Regatta:
This regatta came off on Tuesday and Wednesday last with distinguished success. --- Among the gentry who were present were. —
Colonel Vandeleur M.P. and Lady Grace and Miss Vandeleur: R.W.C. Reeves and Mrs Reeves: The Knight of Glin and Mrs Desmond Fitzgerald: J. Blacker Esq D.L., and Mrs. Blacker: F.N. Burton Esq, Vice-Commodore: Thomas Lucas Esq, J.P., and the Misses Lucas: William Blair Esq and Mrs. Blair, and the Misses Blair: P.B.O’Brien Esq: T.B. O’Brien, H.R. O’Brien and R.Barry O’Brien Esqrs: Robert Borough, Mrs Borough and the Misses Borough: Thomas Keane Esq, J.P.: E.P. Westby Esq: captain Gore: Captain Studdert: N.S.O’Gorman Esq J.P. Mrs and the Misses O’Gorman: J. Rowe Esq,M.D.: E. Sullivan Esq,M.D.: P.J. Clarke Esq: Samuel Bourke Esq: Augustus Warren Esq: E.S. Lemon Esq and Mrs Lemon: Randal Borough Esq: H.B.White Esq: Robert Borough Esq junr: C.B. Ferguson Esq and Mrs Ferguson: William Hannan Esq: Richard Hannan Esq: J.Russell Esq; H.Murray Esq; S.Rice Esq: J.Bennett Esq: J.Hogan Esq: and c---.

1868 3rd September (CJ).
Death of an officer:
At London, Ontario, Canada in the 24th year of his age Patrick Kelly Esq, Ensign in the 69th
(The Welch) Regiment, British Army the youngest son of Matthew Kelly Esq, manager of the National Bank, Kilrush.

1868 12th October (CJ).
Kilrush Races:
These races – the first ever held in Kilrush – came off on the Leadmore course on Wednesday and Thursday. There was an immense attendance of people---.

Robbery at the Kilrush Race course:
A daring robbery was perpetrated on Thursday at the racecourse on one of the jockey’s by an ex-jockey named McInerney. The coat, watch – of the jockey was abstracted from under the stand-house. Constable Nicholls – succeeded in capturing the delinquent with the booty. ---

1868 21st December (CJ).
Kilrush Teachers Association:
The members of this society held a meeting in Kilrush on Saturday the 12th inst.,There were present:
Messrs: Finucane, Knockerra: Trousdell, Kilrush: Devine and Costelloe, Kilkee: Reidy and Neylon,Cree: Burke,Moyasta: O’Gorman, Kilmurry: Bermingham,Burrane: O’Gorman, Querrin: J.Cunningham,Cranny:Flynn,Baltard: Carey and Slattery,Cooraclare Downes,Kiltera:McInerney,Doonbeg: Patrick Clune,Coosheen:Luke Carey,Tarmon: Coyne,Carradotia: O’Callaghan, Leitrim: Blake, Doonaha: Trousdell, Brew and McGrath, Kilrush:.

1869 11th January (CJ).
School Fare, Award of Prises & c ,at Kilrush:
On Wednesday evening the children attending the Sunday school here were entertained with a Christmas fete in the Market House. The following ladies and gentlemen were present: Rev .Mr. and Mrs. Wolseley: Major and Mrs. Staples:Mrs.and the Misses Blair: George Hickson Esq and Mrs. Hickson and Miss Hickson:The Misses Borough: Lieutenant Palmer: J.Smith,S.I.,R.I.C.: The Misses Whyte: Mrs Studdert, Captain Studdert,J.P. ,and Miss Studdert----- The following prizes were adjudged--- 1st George Brew: 2nd M Taylor. ---- junior 1st William Humphries, 2nd James Neile.-----.

1869 8th March (CJ).
Kilrush Monthly Fair:
A public meeting held in Kilrush on Thursday evening for the purpose--- to improve the monthly fair. ---

1869 22nd March (CJ).
Death of the Very Rev. T. Kelly, P.P., V.G., Kilrush:
We regret to report the death of the most eminent and highly respected ecclesiastic at the Vicarage, Kilrush on Monday last in the 69th year of his age. ---

1869 29th March (CJ).
--- The Rev. Michael Dinan late of the parish of Ballinacally has been removed to Kilrush having been appointed P.P. and V.G.

1869 24th May (CJ).
Kilrush Butter Market:
It is with pleasure we notice an improvement in this market. There were a number of buyers present on Wednesday among which were: Messrs Walsh, McKnight, Howard, Carmody, Hanrahan, Egan, Stanley, Sullivan and Moody. ---.

1869 19th July (IT) and (CJ).
Rejoicing at Kilrush: -Kilrush, Friday.
Yesterday was made, especially at Kilrush House, the beautiful residence of Colonel Vandeleur, M.P., a day of rejoicing consequent upon the pleasing intelligence that Mrs. Hector Vandeleur had become the mother of a son and heir. Colonel Vandeleur's beautiful yacht, the Caroline, dressed in the gayest bunting, fired shots from cannon on board at intervals during the day, answered by that at Kilrush House. The workmen had a general holiday and were regaled with plenty of ale and porter. Lady Grace Vandeleur gave directions that all the work-people should get an extra day's wages. ----. (Seymour Vandeleur, born at Eccleston Square, London)

1869 24th July (FJ).
Kilrush Races. Moyne Steeplechase Course. Wednesday and Thursday August 25th and 26th 1869.
Stewards: R.W.C. Reeves, Esq, High Sheriff: Hector S. Vandeleur, Esq, D.L. Captain C. G. O'Callaghan D.L. Captain F. Gore, J.P. Richard Stackpoole, Esq, J.P. Thomas Keane, Esq J.P.
Judge: R. J. Hunter, Esq, 17 Adelaide Road, Dublin: D.S. Bulger, Esq, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer: Mr. Patrick Browne, Clerk of the Course.
First Race-First Day-Wednesday--- Counihan Plate;
Second Race; Kilrush Tradesmen's Plate Handicap: ---------.

1869 2nd August (CJ).
Mr. Purcell, solicitor so popularly known and appreciated in West Clare has commenced his practice in Kilrush. --.

1869 6th September (CJ).
Meeting of the Fishery Commissioners at Kilrush:
H.M., steamer Vivid, arrived in the harbour and on Wednesday the commissioners sat in the Court House for a short time investigating the conditions of the oyster fishery of this district. –

1869 11th October (CJ).
--- A well-known carrier of passengers, goods and luggage between Kilrush and Kilkee named Casey was suddenly killed on Thursday by falling off his car while in a state of inebriation. –

1869 19th October (CJ).
Randal Borough Esq of Querrin House has on the recommendations of Major W.E.A. MacDonnell, V.L., been appointed to the commissioners of peace for the County of Clare.

1869 15th October (FJ).
The late Henry Barry O'Brien, Esq.
The deepest concern was felt and shown in Kilrush for the bereavement that befell the respected, warm-hearted and amiable family of P. B. O'Brien, Esq, in the death of that gentleman's gifted and noble-hearted son above named. The kindly and neighbourly qualities of the inhabitants of Kilrush were manifested in every form in which they could be shown. All the places of business throughout the town demonstrated the feeling of general sorrow, and the coevals of every rank of the lamented deceased expressed their regret for the loss on one who led every feat and amusement, with the generous warmth and ------
In the Requiem High Mass, and the further religious observances the following clergymen officiated or assisted: Very Rev J. Dinan, P.P., V.G., Very Rev Dean Kenny, P.P., V.G., Rev P. Moran, P.P.,----- Amongst those who either were in the cortege on land, or continued in the steamer on the melancholy voyage up the estuary, were observed besides the clergymen – Matthew Kelly, Esq. National Bank: William Blair, Esq, Thomas Keane, Esq: William Kenny, Esq: George Blackhall, Esq: Robert Borough, Esq, J.P.: J. Sullivan,Esq: George Hickson,Esq:Dr. Foley, Doctor O’Donnell, William Brew,Esq: J. Bugler,Esq: Joseph Hannon,Esq: Michael Brew,Esq:R. Hannon,Esq:--- William Peacocke,Esq: --- Garrett Doherty,Esq:-------
--- Arriving at Foynes the body, followed in several carriages by a host of the residents of Kilrush was conveyed by rail to Patrickswell where a line of vehicles was in readiness ---- The mournful procession was then re-formed and proceeded until it reached the last peaceful ---- where the remains of the ancestors of the deceased rest in the family vault in the old burial place on the hill of Crecora. ----- The true hearted, eloquent Rev D.J. Browne came the whole way from the Cathedral Church in Kilrush and by him the burial service was read-----.

1869 27th November (Nation).
Catholic Intelligence: - The Right Rev. Dr. Power, Bishop of Killaloe, has appointed the Rev. Michael Culligan, C.C. of Kilkee, to be curate of Kilrush.

1870 8th January (CA).
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Kilrush yesterday acknowledged the receipt of £1 from William Foley Esq, M.D., in aid of the funds for relief of the poor visited by them.

1870 10th January (CJ).
The bazaar, which was to have been held last week, to aid the Convent of Mercy at Kilrush, has been postponed until after Easter owing to the severity of the season.

1870 15th January (CA).
Erasmus Smith Schools.
On yesterday a large number of very interesting books neatly bound books were given by Rev. W. H. Wolseley to the pupils attending the Kilrush Erasmus School.----

1870 17th January (CJ).
Kilrush Intelligence: Erasmus Smith Endowed Schools, Kilrush:
On Friday the annual distribution of prises to the pupils attending this school took place in the schoolrooms. Before Christmas the pupils had undergone a searching examination in Latin, Greek, French, Mathematics, History and General English. --- At the termination cheers were given to Col Vandeleur, M.P., patron, Lady Grace, Rev W. Wolseley, the teachers Mr. and Mrs. Neile.

1870 25th April (CJ).
We regret to announce the death of Major R.H. Wolseley father of the Rev. W.H. Wolseley, vicar of Kilrush. This gentleman lived to an advanced age and died at the Glebe House on Wednesday at 2 o’clock. -----.

1870 16th May (CJ).
The wife of a farmer named Crawford of Doonaha, died in Kilrush on Wednesday from the effects of a shock occasioned by an accident at a mill where she was purchasing flour.

1870 19th May (IT).
Limerick Markets Bill: -London, Tuesday.
--------- Mr Stephens said he proposed to call his witnesses first and reserve his remarks until the completion of the evidence.
Colonel Vandeleur, M.P., was then examined- He was one of the members of Parliament for the county of Clare and a large landed proprietor in that county: the supply of corn and grain in his county was by Limerick Market: until last week was not aware that this Bill was in Parliament: the agricultural produce of Clare was forwarded for sale to the markets of Cork, Waterford, and Limerick: thought an import duty on corn entering Limerick was objectionable: such a duty would tend to benefit the markets of Ennis and Kilrush.
Re-examined-No foreign corn entered Kilrush. ----------.

1870 13th June (CJ).
Kilrush Bridewell:
On Thursday last the Hon. Charles Bourke, Inspector General of prisons, inspected the Bridewell, and expressed himself highly pleased at the creditable condition of order and cleanliness in which it is kept by the keeper Mr. John Slattery.

1870 23rd July (FJ).
Insolvent Debtors: Petitions to be heard at Ennis, Oct 17th:
Chas. O.B. Hall, late of Cappa, Kilrush, in the County Clare, commander of coast guard stations.

1870 29th October (Nation).
Aid for the wounded soldiers of the French Army. Kilrush, Oct 21st, 1870.
Dear Sir, We have enclosed here a cheque for £85-10s the amount subscribed in this locality towards the French fund. We have also enclosed a list of the subscribers’ names for publication. The have both rich and poor, paid most cheerfully----- We are sir, respectively yours.
Garrett O'Doherty, Michael Hassett.

1870 7th November (CJ).
Testimonial to P.B.O’Brien Esq:
--- Hon Secretary of the West Clare Agricultural Society. ---- Popular agent for thirty years of the City of Dublin Steam Company. ----.

1870 14th November (CJ).
High Sheriffs for 1871---. Hector Stewart Vandeleur Esq, Kilrush. ---.

1870 18th November (IT).
Royal Irish Constabulary: -
Sub-Inspector Smythe has, at his own request, been transferred from Kilrush to the Depot. His successor has not yet been named.

1870 31st December (CA).
Lodge 135.
A meeting of this lodge was held at their Lodge Rooms, Kilrush on the 29th inst., to celebrate St. John’s Festival, and install officers for the ensuing six months.
The brethren dined at 6 o’clock at William’s Hotel, --- adjourned in peace, love and harmony.

1871 28th March (FJ).
Fatal Fire at Kilrush:
On Sunday night a fire occurred in Moore Street, Kilrush, in the house of Mr. Stephens, and, notwithstanding the most strenuous exertions, it quickly communicated with the one next, belonging to Mr. Hannon, and thence to that of Mr. Burns. In the first named the young members of the family escaped through the roof, but an old woman, Mrs. O'Loughlin, was burned to death. Some thousands of pounds worth of property have been destroyed. (Also CJ of 30th March 1871)

1871 6th April (CJ).
A man named Pat Atkins who is alleged to have been assaulted at Cooraclare near Kilrush on the 21st ult., died on Sunday. It is alleged that the perpetrator of the deed is John Atkins, cousin of the deceased who had a quarrel with him about grazing of cattle. The wound was inflicted with a shovel. Atkins has absconded.

1871 10th April (CJ).
Railway to Kilrush:
The Kilrush Advertiser says, we have reason to know that with the telegraph, which is in the course of being laid down from Ennis to Kilrush --- there is a line of railway also sketched out and before twelve months elapses (proposals) may be laid before Parliament to obtain the sanction of that august body. ---

1871 1st April (CJ).
Extention of the Telegraph:
Considerable progress has been made with the extention of telegraphic wires from this (Ennis) to Kilrush, which it is expected to reach in about a fortnight. The wires from Kilrush to Kilkee will then be constructed and afford great facility to visitors. The work is being carried out with great vigour -----.

1871 15th May (CJ).
The telegraph poles and wires to Kilrush and Kilkee being now complete offices will be immediately opened at each ----.

1871 15th May (CJ).
Kilrush May Fair:
Held on Wednesday last was tolerably well supplied and the prises for cattle and sheep ruled high. Springers rates from £23 to £27-10s and stores from £16 to £18. The average for mutton on the foot (shorn) was from 7d to 7¼ per llb. In pigs there was a reduction -- for bacon 40s per cwt.

1871 29th May (CJ).
Captain C.T. Vandeleur and Major Bennett have arrived per the yacht “Spider” at Kilrush.

1871 29th September (CJ).
This day a party of the staff of the Clare Militia with the band left Ennis for Kilrush to beat up for recruits. ---.

1871 20th June (IT).
The Clare Branch of the Diocesan Council.
The members of this council met on Monday at the parochial schoolhouse, Ennis. ---- The principal matters of interest brought forward were the reports of the rural deans as to the purchase of glebes and glebe lands, the amalgamation of parishes-------- it was stated that the gallant member for the county, Colonel Vandeleur, had given the munificent subscription of £500,and undertaken the purchase of Kilrush Glebe, &c. --.

1872 29th January (CJ).
- Potatoes are selling at Kilrush and neighbouring town of the county at 3¼d to 4d per stone.
Colonel Vandeleur, M.P., has quite recovered from a recent attack of gout.

1872 1st February (CJ).
Hector Stewart Vandeleur Esq of Kilrush is to be the High Sheriff of Clare for the present year and will be sworn into office next week.

1872 15th April (CJ).
Kilrush Science Class:
On Thursday evening Captain Dumaresq of the Royal Artillery inspected on behalf of the “Science and Art Dept.” the above class. He was received by the following M. Glynn, J. Egan, junr, Dr Coote, M.Morrissy, A, Madigan and J.A. Carroll, Sec. all of whom no less than the amenable and courteous inspector were pleased with the quick intelligent answering of a class of thirty pupils. Evidence was given of successful intellectual teaching and industry on the part of the pupils.

1872 22nd July (CJ).
We are pleased to notice that our enterprising townsman, Mr. Thomas Ford, builder was successful in obtaining the contract for erecting the large Parochial House of Cooraclare. There were several parties from Ennis and elsewhere competing. ---

1872 7th August (FJ).
---- The West Clare teachers met in the Town Hall, Kilrush, a large attendance being present. At all these meetings, presided over by teachers who have grown grey in the service of the board, the principal subjects under discussion were – 1,increase of class salaries at least 50 per cent: 2,pensions for incapacitated teachers; and 3,suitable residences or an equivalent in money, as recommended by the Royal Commissioners.---.

1872 29th August (CJ).
Sudden death in Kilrush:
On Tuesday night a well-known industrious cattle dealer named Benjamin Allender was found dead in his bed in his house in Moore Street, Kilrush---

1872 16th September (CJ).
Augustine Fitzgerald Studdert Esq:
We have to announce with regret the departure from Kilrush of Augustine Fitzgerald Studdert Esq fourth son of the late Thomas De Clare Studdert Esq, D.L., of Bunratty Castle, County Clare for Arleman, Rathkeale, Co. Limerick the ancient seat of the Studdert’s from that county. The name of the above respected gentleman must be familiar to the public in connection with his official position in the Provincial Bank at Kilrush. --- for 22 years he was officially connected as teller and accountant in the Provincial bank of this town. – He was retiring---.

1872 28th October (CJ).
A total Abstinence Society has been inaugurated in Kilrush.
The Kilrush National Schools were examined under the “Payment-by-Results” system on Monday and Tuesday last. ---.

1873 10th February (IT).
Kilrush: - A Seasonable Effort.
On the evening of the 6th inst. the Rev W.H. Wolseley, Rector of Kilrush, delivered an interesting lecture, illustrated by views from a magic Lantern, in the Town Hall, before a numerous audience. At the conclusion a cordial vote of thanks was on the motion of the Rev. Dr. Dinan, P.P., seconded by N.S. O'Gorman, Esq, conveyed to the Rev. Lecturer with applause. The proceeds of the entertainment were kindly given towards a fund for aiding the necessitous poor to obtain fuel during the present wintry season.

1873 13th February (CJ).
The Poor of Kilrush:
Through the praiseworthy exertions of the Rev. Mr. Wolseley, Rector of Kilrush a pleasant and profitable entertainment was given to the inhabitants of Kilrush on Wednesday evening. By means of a magic lantern he exhibited a number of photographs of neighbouring scenery taken by himself. The proceeds will be distributed among the poor. The surrounding gentry have contributed handsomely to the fund for the poor. ---.

1873 20th March (CJ).
Temperance and Religion:
An impressive scene was witnessed on Sunday last in the Parochial Church of Kilrush and no stronger proof could be given of the elevating influence of the Temperance Movement. Once clear, the brain of the degrading stupor and morbid atmosphere produced by the poisonous effects of drink, and a man becomes almost a new creature. He is socially and morally a better man. The time he used to spend in the public house he now spends in the observation of his religious duties. -- In accordance with the rules, the office-bearers and members of the Kilrush Temperance Society, to the number of 351 went to confession on Saturday evening. --.

1873 20th March (CJ).
St. Patrick’s Day in Kilrush:
On Monday a group procession of the Miltown and Kilrush Temperance Society marched through the principal streets of Kilrush after last Mass.----.

1873 27th March (CJ).
Kilrush Boat Club:
The annual meeting of the members of this club was held last week in the Kilrush Library, for the election of honorary officers and a committee for the coming year.
James Scanlan Esq was moved to the Chair. The others present were A Warren (Hon. Sec.): T. McInerney (Captain): T.Kelly, Solr: D.R. Hilliard, Solr: Dr J.F. Counihan: John Egan: W Burdge, Provincial Bank: Michael Lynch: James O’Connor: Michael O’Sullivan: T.C. O’Mahony: William O’Sullivan: Michael Morrissy: B.Glynn and P. Bourke, National Bank, Esqrs. -----.

1873 14th April (CJ).
Stone Throwing:
Last week a boy about eight years of age named James Kane died from lockjaw produced by a blow of a stone thrown by a playmate while playing with other children in the streets of Kilrush. ---. It appears that the dangerous practice of throwing stones is often indulged in by the children ---

1873 28th April (CJ).
Mr. James O’Connor, master of the “Jessie” belonging to Mr. Michael Roughan, Kilrush was trading between that port and Limerick, while issuing orders on Friday morning to his men on board to haul in the anchor, dropped down and died. An inquest will be held today before Francis O’Donnell Esq, coroner.

1873 13th June (FJ).
Situations Vacant:
A bandmaster is wanted to teach a Temperance Band at Kilrush: testimonials will be required, as to competency and character, to accompany tenders, and the charge per week. Applications to be addressed to R. O'Dwyer. Treasurer of Band Committee, Kilrush.

1873 4th September (FJ).
A magnificent mausoleum is being erected in the Kilrush Churchyard over the remains of the late Lady Grace Vandeleur, wife of Colonel Vandeleur, M.P.

1873 28th November (IT).
Kinahan and Sons: Wine and Spirit Merchants: By Special appointment to the Queen.
Beg to inform the Public that their bottled wines, brandy, and celebrated LL whisky, can now be obtained in most of the principal towns of Ireland, from their authorised Agents. Attention is requested to the Seals and Labels, by which the quality is guaranteed. Price Lists &c. on application to the Local Agents.----------------. Kilrush--------- Doherty Garrett.-----. Kinahan and Sons, Carlisle Building, Dublin, Great Titchfield Street, London.

1874 5th February (CJ).
Lord Francis Conyngham arrived at Kilrush on Monday evening accompanied by Lady Frances, Mr. Thomas Pilkington and Mr. Mathew Kenny conducting agent and was met outside the town by the trades with banners and an immense concourse of people. Lord Francis addressed the assemblage in Frances Street from his carriage in a very earnest speech declaring his views on the topics that now engross public attention, Denominational Education, Home Rule ------.

1874 13th February (CJ).
--- Michael Glynn Esq, Merchant’s Quay, Kilrush has also been appointed to the commission of Peace for the county.

1874 30th March (CJ).
--- We believe that a reunion of the Kilrush Total Abstinence Society will take place in the Market House on Easter Monday night and we doubt not that a goodly number of the members will give in their names at an early day.

1874 30th March (CJ).
Kilrush: Kilrush, W:-
The district altogether has been healthy for this quarter, however there have been some very bad cases of typhoid fever resulting from overcrowded dwelling places and the bad sanitary arrangements of the town: for a time it was greatly neglected.

1874 7th May (CJ).
The Mechanic’s Institute which was established under happy auspices in 1869 has collapsed. It is much to be regretted that the mechanics of this enterprising and flourishing town could not be implored to make a further effort to preserve that excellent institute which should in reality be looked upon as the germ from which the benefits of temperance in west Clare was first propagated.

1874 14th May (CJ).
The “Kelp Trade” has now commenced for the season in Kilrush and is bought up at good prices by that stirring and enterprising merchant John Egan junior Esq, Henry Street, Kilrush. Indeed the credit is due to him for having caused and raised an ancient trade from what was but waste and rubbish for years viz: the sea-weed on our shores.

1874 14th May (CJ).
--- During the past few days no less than 50 people have engaged passages for the coming week with an emigration agent in Kilrush.

1874 15th May (IT).
Incautious Use of Firearms: -
At Kilrush, a young man named Dowling, in firing off a gun, lodged some of the charge in two youths named Burke, who are said to be seriously injured. Dowling is in custody.

1874 21st May (CJ).
J.M. Loughman Esq, Inspector of National Schools of this district is conducting the annual examination for results in the Kilrush National Schools (Male) this week.

1874 1st June (CJ).
On Friday night Mr. A Laird’s popular company of comedians gave an excellent entertainment to a full and respectable public in the Market House, Kilrush.

1874 18th June (CJ).
The National Opera Company at Kilrush:
This company is now performing with the greatest success in Kilrush. This is the first time an opera visited Kilrush and it is needless of us to say that it is remarkably patronised by the leading gentry and inhabitants of the town and its vicinity.

1874 20th August (CJ).
We are glad to notice the safe arrival home from a visit to the United States of Mr .S. Gibson, at Island View, Kilrush the handsome residence of his father Thomas Gibson Esq.

1874 31st October (FJ).
New Barristers:
----- Richard Barry O'Brien, Esq, third son of Patrick Barry O’Brien, of Kilrush, in the county of Clare Esq. to be proposed by the Right Hon. Mr. Justice Fitzgerald.

1874 9th November (CJ).
Head Constable Philpot, Kilkee has been transferred to Kilrush as Head Constable, pro tem.

1874 9th November (CJ).
Kilrush Musical Literary Association:
As was arranged on Tuesday evening a public meeting was held on Thursday night in the Market House Rooms and seldom have I seen such a large and respectable assemblage of the inhabitants at any meeting. Dr. Dinan, Vicar General occupied the chair.

1874 16th November (FJ).
Fatal Accident. -Kilrush Saturday:
The sudden death of Mr. Michael Brew, of Vandeleur Road, which has just been announced, has caused much grief throughout Kilrush. Last night, on leaving his room, he fell from the upper staircase to the floor, where he was got this morning lifeless, in a pool of blood. The body of the deceased awaits an inquest. The occurrence is much regretted, -Correspondent.

1874 21st November (CA).
The Temperance Movement in Clare. (Abridged from the Clare Advertiser).
On Tuesday evening week, pursuant to circulars extensively circulated through town, a large meeting of the ladies and gentlemen of Kilrush met at the Market-House Rooms, to inaugurate the establishment of a Musical Association with the view of holding a series of concerts for the winter months. And to make the earliest possible preparations for the forthcoming concerts. The meeting, which was convened by Mrs. Bulger, was numerously and fashionably attended. Among those present were-Very Rev. Dr. Dinan, Rev M. Culligan, Rev. T. O'Meara, Mr. and Mrs. Bulger, Dr. and Mrs. Molony. On the motion of Mr. Bulger, it was unanimously resolved that the Very Rev. Dr. Dinan take the chair. The Very Rev. Dr. Dinan, who was loudly cheered, came forward and addressed the meeting in congratulatory terms, thanking them for the honour they had done him in appointing him to the chair, and expressing his gratitude that the people of Kilrush had at last awakened from their slumbers and come forward in a worthy and noble manner to create an intellectual development of the musical and literary talents of not only the male and female youth, but even of those more advanced in age of the inhabitants of Kilrush. The project was eminently worthy of success, and he (the chairman) was sure it would meet with such when the good intention of the fair and gentle, lovely ladies of Kilrush had been explained (hear, hear).
The funds, after expenses had been met, he (Dr. Dinan) had been assured would be devoted towards aiding the funds for the Kilrush Temperance Band, and he was sure that for that reason it would have the most hearty and sincere cooperation of all the ladies and gentlemen present before him, as old Kilrush, had ever aided every good and noble project deserving of its attention (cheers). Mr. Bulger next came forward and was cheered. He read over a list of the names of the performers for the first evening, which included the following names: - The Temperance Band performance, Mrs. Bulger will sing and play, also the Rev. Messrs. P. Roughan, Kilkee, and Rev. Messrs Culligan and O'Meara, Kilrush: Dr. and Misses Molony, the Misses Roughan (3), Mrs and Miss Dowling, Miss Quinn, Miss Scott, The Misses Taylor, Mr. Hassett, on the violin: Mr, Mescall, Mr. Morrissey, Miss O'Sullivan, Mr. Michael Roughan, Mr. Madigan, Dr. Counihan, Mr and Mrs T. McInerney, Mr Casey,M Maume,and Mr. Fitzgerald, National Bank.

1874 11th December (FJ).
Kilrush Rifle Club. Kilrush, Wednesday.
Yesterday at Bornehard, near Kilrush, the members of a newly-formed rifle club were to assemble to shoot at a target for a plate valued at £30 were it not for the rain and storm which set in at the appointed hour. Notwithstanding the extreme state of the weather several people were present expecting the match to commence, but at two o'clock it was announced the members had postponed the meeting until next week. The distance was 300 yards, and several smaller wagers were to be determined on for double and single rifle. The following gentlemen had entered their names to compete for the plate: Michael S. Brew, Esq, Ballyerra House: Michael Studdert, Esq, Bonnie Doon House: William Brew, Esq, Leadmore House: William Studdert, Esq, Doughmore House: William Dalton, Esq. Ferry Boat: & c. I also heard that some long riflemen from Tipperary were to contest the plate.

1874 31st December (IT).
Clare: -
The members of the Kilrush Musical and Literary Association gave their fourth Concert on Tuesday night, in the Kilrush Court-house to a very large and fashionable audience, there being upwards of 600 persons present, including the leading members of the aristocracy of the county. The programme was very tastefully selected from the best authors, and the entertainment throughout was marked with unequivocal success.

1875 7th January (CJ).
Kilrush Amateur Theatricals:
For the past two nights fifteen young men belonging to the Temperance Society gave entertainment in the Market Hall to overcrowded houses there being 500 people present on each occasion. The pieces were Gerald Griffin’s “Collegians” and “The Battle of Clontarf” ------

1875 20th January (FJ).
The National Teachers' Movement: Kilrush, Tuesday.
On last Saturday the National teachers held a very large meeting in the Market Hall, Kilrush, Mr. Thomas Finucane, of Knockerra, occupied the chair. This meeting was held to consider the recent proposal of the Irish Commissioners of National Education of £120,000 to be added to the “results”. -----.

1875 22nd January (IT).
Clare: - Outrage near Kilrush.
An outrage of a violent kind is just reported from Kilbaha, near Carrigaholt. It appears that on Wednesday night a woman from Ennis, and her daughter-in-law were drinking at a public-house, and in the course of the evening an altercation took place in reference to family matters, resulting in an affray, when the mother-in-law took up a candlestick, and left her companion on the ground. A priest and doctor were at once on the spot and information’s were sworn for the arrest of the assailant. The depositions of the woman were taken, who, it is stated, is in a dangerous state. No arrests have as yet been made.

1875 25th January (CJ).
Kilrush Wesleyan Sunday School:
The members of the Society held their annual meeting on Wednesday night in the Wesley Chapel, Burton Street. ---
(The chapel finally became the ESB workshop in Burton Street, and is now the site of the entrance to Place De Plouzane)

1875 27th January (IT).
Clare: -
Robberies by a tramp. - On Monday and a part of yesterday the police of the Kilrush, Kilkee, and Carrigaholt stations were actively engaged in pursuit of a tramp named Bat Falvey, who on Sunday, January 8th, committed several robberies in a house at Carrigaholt. It appears this tramp went to the house for a night's lodging, and obtained it. About one o'clock Falvey got out of bed, went to a chest where there was money, broke the lock, and took the money contained therein. He then proceeded to pack up all the clothes belonging to the family, with three pairs of boots, and on leaving took with him an ass and car. Yesterday Falvey was arrested at the village of Doonaha, by Sub-constable Walsh, of the Kilkee station, after having sold the ass and car and most of the clothes. He was then taken before Mr. Butler, R.M., in Kilkee, who committed him to jail, for trial at the ensuing assizes at Ennis.

1875 28th January (FJ).
Kilrush Musical and Literary Association: - The members of this society gave an entertainment on Monday evening in the Kilrush Courthouse Hall. The proceeds were given to aid the Temperance Society, whose band has been in attendance at each concert since these re-unions were established.

1875 3rd February (IT).
Clare: -Auditing Union Accounts: -
Mr. Henry Cruise of the Local Government Board, Dublin, has audited the Kilrush Union accounts, and at the conclusion expressed himself highly pleased with the clear and efficient manner in which Mr. Warren, the Clerk of the Union, had kept his books for the year.

1875 10th February (IT).
Clare: -The Public Health Act.
At a meeting of the Kilrush Sanitary Board on Monday, Colonel Vandeleur, D.L., in the chair. After disposing of a number of reports made by the Sanitary Officers in reference to the neglected state of sewerage of houses and streets in Kilrush, Kilkee and Carrigaholt, and also giving instructions to the officers of the Public Health Act in reference to the sanitation of houses in the townland of Shragh, where fever has broken out to a frightful extent. A letter was read from the Dublin Board to the effect, that in reference to the part of the 10th section of the Public Health Act of 1874, which provides that such part of the salaries or additional salaries, determined and approved as therein mentioned, as Parliament shall from time to time determine, shall be recouped out of moneys to be voted by Parliament. ----------.

1875 18th February (CJ).
The Late Mr. P. Foley:
On Monday morning the town of Kilrush was thrown into some predicament by the announcement that our respected townsman Mr. P. Foley was dead after a brief illness. The deceased who is deeply regretted leaves a large family, who happily are possessed of considerable property. --- Mr. Foley remains was carried to the family vault in Shanakyle.

1875 4th March (IT).
Clare: -Kilrush Convent of Mercy.
On Tuesday, at the chapel of the convent, Miss. Mary McDonnell-in religion, Sister Mary Columba-daughter of the late Mr. McDonnell, Tipperary, and sister of the Rev. Patrick McDonnell, recently of Kilrush, was received into the order of the Sisters of Mercy. Very Rev. Dr. Dinan, P.P., V.G., presided in the absence of the Bishop. There was a large attendance of clergy and laity, and at the close of the religious ceremonies, a numerous company was invited to a dejeuner splendidly served. The sacred music incidental to the reception was effectively rendered by the sisters of the

1875 27th March (Nation).
Kilrush: (From the Kilrush Advertiser)
The feast of our patron saint was observed with appropriate solemnity in the Kilrush Catholic church. Crowds of the country people in holiday attire, from all the surrounding parishes, flocked to the church, at each of the three Masses, and at which the clergy delivered eloquent sermons, suitable to the occasion. The collection for the O'Connell centenary at the gate created much interest, and amounted to the sum of £11-8s-5d. Precisely at six o'clock in the morning, the splendid brass band of the Kilrush Temperance Society struck up the air of Patrick's Day opposite the band-house, in Frances Street, and proceeded through the town playing for two hours this and a host of other national airs.

1875 3rd May (CJ).
The third grand Temperance demonstration of the members of the Kilrush Total Abstinence Society will take place on Thursday next the 6th inst, ----.

1875 4th May (FJ).
Fishery Inquiry at Kilrush:
Kilrush, Sunday:
Yesterday Thomas F. Brady, Inspector and Commissioner of Irish Fisheries, held a sworn court of inquiry into the alleged abuse of over dredging oysters in the lower waters of the Shannon, and if the commissioners found upon evidence such to be the case it was proposed to close the fishery for a period of three years. The commissioner was joined on the bench by Colonel Vandeleur, D.L.: R.W. C. Reeves, J.P.: Randal Borough, J.P.: Benjamin Cox, J.P. Among others in the court I observed Mr. Daniel Molony, Coolmeen: Mr. Simon McAuliffe, Knocklarge, fishery proprietors: Mr. William Morrissey, Kilrush: Mr. John Morony, Mr Thomas Kelly, solicitor: and also the coastguards, with a numerous lot of fishermen, the hall being very well crowded. ----.

1875 6th May (CJ).
On Sunday the proclamation of the Jubilee was made in the Kilrush Catholic Church with a solemn high mass celebrated by Fathers O’Meara, Culligan and Roughan followed by a procession of the Blessed Sacrament.

1875 1st June (FJ).
The Royal Irish Constabulary:
Constable Patrick Birmingham, of the Kilrush Police-station, has been removed, on his application, to Kildysart, Constable Carroll; of the Cooraclare station replaces Sergeant Birmingham at Kilrush.

1875 26th June (Nation).
The men of West Clare have held another of those great temperance demonstrations for which that district is becoming famous. On Monday the Miltown Malbay Temperance Society celebrated the third anniversary of its foundation by a great procession with bands, banners, and the other regalia usual to such occasions. Thousands poured into the town to join in the celebrations from Kilrush, Kilkee, Kildysart, Kilfenora and Lahinch. In the evening earnest speeches were delivered amidst the utmost enthusiasm: and then the assemblage dispersed in the same exemplary manner in which it came together.

1875 7th July (FJ).
Harvest Prospects (From our correspondents) Clare. Kilrush, Tuesday.
The weather during this week has been most favourable for crops, which in the districts adjoining are most promising. The moisture necessary for proper vegetation during the past month has been amply supplied, and the only thing required just now for a full maturity is a good deal of warmth and sunshine, and especially in the western districts bordering on the sea, where a humid element is always prevailing. The potato crop is healthy and promising and no appearance of the blight is yet visible. Oats are coming to ear, and there is every reason to expect a good produce. The wheat crop is extensively sown and is doing well. There will be an abundant crop of turnips and mangolds, and as regards the vegetables it is my pleasing duty to report in similar terms with the other classes. The hay, which is in all cases heavy, is being rapidly cut down, and in some cases saved. On the whole, the farmers' prospects in these districts are cheering.

1875 15th July (CJ).
The annual sermon in aid of the funds of the Kilrush Presbyterian Church will be preached by the Rev. William Sorsby on the 25th inst.

1875 7th August (FJ).
Kilrush: (Provincial Deputations re: O'Connell Centenary)
The remote town and district of Kilrush were numerously and respectably represented in the procession. This deputation was accompanied by the excellent and well-appointed Temperance Band belonging to the local Temperance Society, which has grown up and flourished under the zeal and fostering care of the venerated pastor of the town, the Very Rev. Dr. Dinan. The Kilrush contingent alone must have contained some hundreds. The deputation included, among others, Messrs. James Carmody, John Egan, Thomas Jordan, S. Donoughboy, D. R. Hilliard, solicitor: W. Brew, John Reidy, Stephen McMahon, Michael Morrissey, Michael Lynch, -all men of local standing and popularity. These delegates displayed a beautiful large banner of green silk, representing, in emblematic designs, Temperance and its natural ally, Domestic Happiness, with the words “Kilrush, Clare, and '28” on a scroll beneath. The band, which consisted of some 28 or 30 members, were all arrayed in the regalia of their Temperance Society, the National colour largely predominating. Their playing showed remarkable proficiency, and reflected most favourably on the efficiency of their bandmaster, Mr. Kelly, who on the present occasion wielded the baton -----.

1875 17th August (IT).
Kilrush Harbour Regatta: -
This was the first day of the Kilrush regatta. The committee were not fortunate enough with the weather, although in the early morning there was promise of a good day. The Strand line from the head of Cappa Pier to Borough's point was crowded. Much credit is due to the committee, who worked vigorously to make the regatta a success. The vessels at the quays hoisted gay bunting, as did the Kilrush Boat Club at their offices at the patent slip. The steamer from Limerick brought quite a number of excursionists. The harbour itself presented a gay appearance-in fact it was literally alive with craft and pleasure seekers.
First race for yachts of forty tons. Only one went out-Mr. Spaight's Queen.
Second race, at half-past one: four men canoes: first boat £5,second boat £2. For this race there entered Felix Brennan's Flying Cloud, Mr. Pilkington's Clear the Way, Sealark and Carrigaholt.
----------- Won by Flying Cloud second Clear the Way. ---------------
Third race at two o’clock, open sail under thirty feet—to be sailed by amateurs. -- Entries-Mr. Hugh Borough's Falcon, Kilrush: Mr. J Pegum's, Water Witch, Glin: Kilrush Boat Club's, Seagull, Kilrush: Mr. McInerney's Rambler, Kilrush: Mr. McInerney’s, Spray, Kilrush. ----- The rain here set in, in right earnest, and the people left before it was half finished-----------.

1875 31st August (IT).
Clare: -Death by Drowning.
Intelligence has been received at Kilrush that Mr. P. Bennett was drowned off Kilrush. It appears that the deceased, who is son-in-law to Mr. Walsh of Foynes, hotel proprietor, went to bathe in the bay, and having swam a little was observed to be in some trouble. Before any assistance could be rendered he sank, and his body was found shortly afterwards. The cause of death was purely accidental.

1875 7th September (IT).
Clare: - West Clare Agricultural Society.
The members of this society held a special meeting in the Assembly Rooms of the Market House, Kilrush, on Saturday evening, for the purpose of expressing regret at the sudden demise of the secretary, Mr. P. B.O'Brien, and appointing his successor. A vote of condolences was passed to the family of Mr. O'Brien for the irreparable loss they had sustained. Major Studdert was then unanimously appointed as Hon. Secretary.

1875 13th September (IT).
Supposed Railway Accident: -Kilrush, Saturday, 11 o'clock.
Private intelligence has been received here that either the mail train from Dublin to Limerick, or Limerick to Ennis, has suffered an accident this morning. The mail from Ennis, which is due here at half-past eight, has not yet come in up to the hour at which I write.

1875 2nd October (Nation).
The Butt Testimonial. The Movement in West Clare.
Patriotic Declaration of the Very Rev. Dr. Dinan, P.P.-Clare Advertiser of Saturday says:
The Catholic clergymen and laity of this deaconate have united to mark their appreciation of the generous and self-sacrificing conduct of Mr. Butt. The Very Rev. Dr. Dinan fixed on to-morrow for holding a collection at the church door. Eloquently and truthfully on Sunday last, the clergymen of this parish, at the several Masses, expounded the obligation which the people own to Mr. Butt for his ceaseless parliamentary vigilance, and for his praiseworthy exertions in forming and in rallying an Irish party, the largest and most energetic ever yet grouped within the senate halls of Great Britain, to demand for Ireland a redress of the grievances she has long complained of. On to-morrow the collection will be made in Kilrush.

1875 11th October (FJ).
West Clare Agricultural Society. Kilrush, Sunday.
A special meeting of the members of this association was held last night in the Market House Room, Kilrush, the President, Colonel Vandeleur, D.L., chairman. Michael Glynn, J.P., Major Studdert, J.P., George Taylor, and others were present. In consequence of the foot and mouth disease, which, I am sorry to say, is raging among the cattle in several of these districts to a frightful extent, and especially near Cooraclare, the following resolution was arrived at: “ That the show which was to be held on next Tuesday be adjourned, in consequence of the appearance of foot and mouth distemper in some of the districts, which precludes a good many from exhibiting their cattle at the present time-the secretary in the meantime to make every inquiry and report to the members the disappearance of the epidemic, with a view to holding the show at an early date”. It is strange that for some months past, while this disease was raging in these districts, and though we several times made inquiries of the police, who are looked upon as correct and reliable sources, those authorities still thought fit to withhold all information, and denied that it existed.

1875 12th October (FJ).
A meeting of the district National teachers was held in Kilrush on Saturday, at which resolutions were adopted thanking the guardians who had voted in favour of the union being contributory, and declaring that the teachers had at no time expressed an opinion as to the source from whence their present income ought to be supplemented.

1875 10th December (FJ).
Milliner: - Wanted, a first-class Milliner and Saleswoman (R.C.): one having knowledge of Mantle-cutting preferred. Apply to M. O'Connor, 1 Market Square, Kilrush.

1876 3rd February (CJ).
Retirement of Mr. Hickson, Manager, Provincial Bank of Ireland.
On Monday was held a meeting of the respectable inhabitants of this town in the Market House, to consider the necessary steps to be taken towards presenting Mr. George Hickson, manager of the Provincial Bank, Kilrush with a suitable testimonial on his retirement.---.

1876 3rd February (CJ).
Concerts at Kilrush:
During the last two nights Mr. Lyons’s Concert Company having given in the Market House of this town two very successful concerts to crowded houses.----.

1876 14th February (CJ).
Public Lecture at Kilrush:
Today the old walls of this town are objects of attraction by glowing announcements of a public lecture for Wednesday by Mr. Alexander O’Gorman at Mr. Godfrey Taylor’s, Moore Street --- covering the period 1803 to 1815 --- including the origins of the Peninsular War,---.

1876 2nd March (CJ).
Kilrush Boat Club:
The members of the club held a meeting yesterday at the Scientific and Literary Institute Rooms in the Market House. The purchase of additional boats and gigs was considered. ---.

1876 6th March (CJ).
County Clare Farmers Club: Kilrush, Thursday night:
On Wednesday the members of this association held their usual monthly meeting at their rooms at Captain Martin’s, in Frances Street of this town. --- we also observed the following members present: -- Mr. Michael Studdert,P.L.G.,Dromelihy,V.P.: --- Mr. James Lorigan,Henry Street, Kilrush: --- Mr. John Egan,junr.,Henry Street, Kilrush: Dr. Charles Coote,Frances Street, Kilrush: -- Mr. Patt Crowley, Kilrush. ---.

1876 10th March (FJ).
Maynooth College Church Fund:
We have much pleasure in publishing the following letter: Kilrush, 8th March 1876.
My Dear Dr. Russell- Enclosed in my subscription (£5) to the building fund of your new college church. In common with most, if not all, the subscribers, I rejoice that it has fallen to your lot to undertake a work which was so greatly needed, which long lay so near your heart, and which, from your well-known ecclesiological taste and knowledge, is sure to be worthily carried out.--
I remain, dear Dr. Russell, very faithfully yours, Thomas O'Meara, C.C

1876 10th April (CJ).
A Grand Ball:
The Kilrush St. Patrick’s Ball which stands postponed since March 17th last will be held on Easter Sunday in the Market House, Kilrush.

1876 20th April (CJ).
Cannibalism in Kilrush:
A man named Roche who bears the reputation of being a cannibal made a murderous attack upon an old shoemaker named Mangan and his wife in Kilrush on Saturday night. After kicking and beating the feeble old couple the savage assailant began to tear the old man’s nose and face with his teeth. Someone fortunately interfered and the fellow was arrested. Mangan and his wife are not expected to recover. (See Kilrush Court Sessions 27th April 1876)

1876 18th May (CJ).
Mr. Chambers’, second son of the late Thomas Chambers Esq, Kilrush has been appointed to the office of secretary to the Provincial Bank of Ireland.--.

1876 19th June (CJ).
Tumultuous proceedings at a public lecture in Kilrush. Mr. Alexander O’Gorman attempted to deliver a public lecture held the other night but the audience became so unruly that he did not get on with the proceedings.

1876 7th August (CJ).
Mr. Townsend Warren, son of Augustus Warren Esq, Broomhill, Kilrush, Clerk of the Union, passed an examination last week for a clerkship in the National Bank, in a most creditable manner.

1876 22nd November (FJ).
Kilrush Gas Works: - Manager, wanted for the Gas Works of the Kilrush Gas Co. (Limited): must thoroughly understand his business and be highly recommended as to character and competency, &c; salary £60 a year, with dwelling house, gas, and coal. Applications to be sent to the Secretary, Mr James Scanlan, on or before Saturday, 16th December 1876. -- Gas Company's Office, Kilrush, 18th Nov 1876.

1876 30th November (CJ).
Monthly Sale of Cattle:
Mr. Daniel Breen, auctioneer and valuator held his first monthly sale on last Saturday at Mr. O’Dwyer’s yard, Henry Street, Kilrush. There was a fair exhibition of cattle which reached good prices.

1876 16th December (IT).
Fever in the County Clare: -
Upwards of a dozen people have, within the past couple of weeks, fallen victims to a contagious disease supposed to be fever. The disease is at present confined to a narrow track of country, running from Kilrush through Labasheeda and Ballinacally, on to Sixmilebridge -a route which has been taken by a tramp, who but very recently left the Kilrush Union Infirmary, where he was treated for fever, and whence he is supposed to have come before quite recovered from the malady. The first victim of this fatal disease was the owner of the house in which this tramp lodged in Labasheeda: the second died in the house in Ballinacally where the same man stopped for the night: and thus the disease and its source have been traced to Sixmilebridge. Some persons who visited at these houses are among the dozen victims. ------.

1877 4th January (CJ).
Death of Mr. Joseph Carmody, Kilrush.
It is with feelings unfeigned regret your correspondent chronicles the early demise of this young man third son of James Carmody Esq, Henry Street, Kilrush.

1877 4th January (CJ).
The Temperance Movement; Great Demonstration in Kilrush.
--- On Saturday a great meeting of the members of the Kilrush Temperance Society affiliated with the order of the Sacred Thirst was held at the Market House, Kilrush.

1877 18th January (CJ).
--- Mr. John Brew, for many years assistant teacher in the Kilrush, No. 1 National School has been appointed principal teacher in Quin, National School, a post which he well deserved.

1877 22nd January (CJ).
Death of E. Kenny Esq, Solicitor, Kilrush.
--- feeling of regret I announce the death of Mr. Edmund Kenny, Solicitor, Kilrush at his residence last evening.

1877 12th March (CJ).
Funeral of Mr. Randal Borough, J.P.
--- On yesterday the funeral of this much respected and much lamented gentleman --- Mr. Randal Borough was a benevolent landlord --- as a magistrate he was esteemed for his great sense of justice – as a Poor Law Guardian he was indefatigable in his exertions to assist the poor --- Mr. Borough recently embraced the Roman Catholic Faith – cortege from Querrin House towards Templemend? Church Yard where is situated the family vault----

1877 31st May (CJ).
A Newspaper for Kilrush:
On Wednesday the 11th of July a newspaper entitled “The Kilrush Watchman and Kilkee Gazette” will be issued by Mr. P.J. Boyle of Kilrush Machine Printing Office, John Street.—

1877 7th June (CJ).
In Kilrush the anniversary of the Pope was celebrated by a torchlight procession accompanied by the local Temperance Band.

1877 15th October (CJ).
Testimonial to Mr. J. Carroll, Kilrush:
A preliminary meeting was held at Williams’ Hotel, Kilrush on Saturday 13th inst., for the purpose of getting up a testimonial in west Clare to Mr. J. Carroll of the “Advertiser”.
Dr. Foley our most respected fellow townsman and a host of other gentleman are instrumental in making it a success. It is considered that £200 will be subscribed to this testimonial so as to protect an honest and independent journal in west Clare, that some people from whom better might be expected would like to see stamped out and have a flysheet substituted in its stead.----.

1877 22nd November (CJ).
--- High Sheriff during the year 1878-1879. Nicholas Smith O’Gorman Esq, Belleview, Kilrush.

1877 24th December (CJ).
It is the intention of the magistrates of Kilrush and gentlemen of the town and country to convene a meeting on an early day for the purpose of presenting a substantial testimonial to C.E.A. Cameron Esq, Sub-Inspector of R.I.C., on his removal from Kilrush to the town of Galway after a service of five years in Kilrush.

1878 21st January (CJ).
A meeting was held on Tuesday evening in the Wesleyan Chapel, Kilrush in aid of the home and foreign mission society. The Rev. Mr. Baker in the chair.
Mr. Gorman of Limerick attended and the Rev. Mr. Sorsby of the Manse House, Kilrush gave a very appropriate address.

1878 21st January (CJ).
The late Mr. Chambers.
The remains of the late John Chambers Esq,manager of the Provincial Bank, at Tralee arrived by steamer at Cappa Quay, Kilrush at 1 o’clock pm, on Thursday the 17th inst.,where it was met by a hearse and a very large and respectable number of people from Kilrush, who formed a funeral procession and conveyed the remains to the family vault at Kilrush. The deceased was the son of the late Mr. Thomas Chambers Esq of Kilrush. ----

1878 28th January (CJ).
Funeral of the late Rev. M. Meehan, P.P., Carrigaholt.
On Saturday the steamer Ida arrived at the Boat-Quay, Kilrush from Limerick having on board the remains of the above named gentleman, which was enclosed in a magnificent polished oak coffin having massive gilt ornaments on it. The remains was escorted from Limerick by Mr. Harris, brother-in-law. ---

1878 31st January (CJ).
There will be a grand concert held in the Courthouse, Kilrush on the evening of Friday the 1st February next by the members of the Kilrush Boat Club. This entertainment is for the sole benefit of the boat club funds to meet current expenses.

1878 1st February (FJ).
The Late Rev. Michael Meehan.
The obsequies of this lamented clergyman were performed with great solemnity on Tuesday last. The Requiem Office and High Mass commenced at eleven o’clock, in the beautiful Ark Chapel at Kilbaha. The Most Rev. Dr. Ryan, Lord Bishop, presided. Celebrant, Rev, Matthias Kenny, P.P.: deacon: sub-deacon, Rev. M. McDermott, O.S.F.: master of ceremonies, Rev L.J. Browne, P.P. Cousin of the deceased.------- Rev. Thomas O'Meara, C.C., Kilrush--- The remains of the lamented reverend deceased were removed from Carrigaholt Church on Monday, attended by one of the most respectable and largest funeral corteges witnessed for many years in the county. Mr. Patrick McDonnell, Kilrush, was entrusted with the funeral arrangements, which he carried out in the most satisfactory way. The reverend deceased gentleman died universally regretted with his memory engraven on the hearts of a devotedly attached flock. R.I.P.

1878 5th February (FJ)
Education in Kilrush.
A meeting of the leading gentlemen of the town was held yesterday to make arrangements for the annual collection on behalf of the Christian Brothers' Schools to be held on Sunday. Dr. Dinan, P.P. and V.G., occupied the chair, and the Rev. Brother O'Sullivan acted as secretary. Several gentleman spoke at length of the great success of the schools and the blessings they have conferred on society. Such is the popular enthusiasm in favour of these admirable schools that £150 was subscribed on the spot. The respected chairman headed the list with £25.

1878 7th February (CJ).
Mr. W. Brew, Secretary of the Labouring Class Relief Fund, Kilrush has received £5 from Lord Francis Conyngham, M.P., towards the Labouring Class Relief Fund. ---

1878 4th March (CJ).
Mr. J.L. Hamilton, National Bank, Kilrush has been transferred to Limerick. ---.

1878 4th March (CJ).
On yesterday a very sudden death occurred at Ballynote, a young woman, wife of a man named John Coughlan, was preparing to go to Mass when she got a weakness – she sat down on the chair and expired.—

1879 13th January (CJ).
Death of the Rev. Dean Kenny:
--- through twenty years he managed the parish of Kilrush with a very wise and active zeal.----- “Father John” he was called familiarly in those days.

1879 18th January (Nation).
Death of the Very Rev. Dean Kenny, P.P., Ennis:
--- On the eve of the Clare election he was transferred to Kilrush, supposed, through the influence of the Vandeleur family, to be one of the strongholds of Mr. Vesey Fitzgerald. How the hopes of the Protestant party were destroyed is now a matter of history, but it is not so well known that the energy and prudence of Dean Kenny contributed largely to the victory of O'Connell. During the twenty years of his management of Kilrush his name was a household word in West Clare. His exertions during the famine years are recorded in more than one report especially those of Captain Hall, and were fully appreciated by another observer still better known to the reading public, the late Charles Lever. -- he had completed the fine parish church of Kilrush a noble monument of his zeal and enterprise. ---.

1879 20th January (CJ).
Vandeleur National School:
The school fete came off on Friday last and it was in all respects a gratifying success. The pupils to the number of 65 sat down at six o’clock to an excellent tea, with the usual concomitants of currant cake etc. Mrs. Wolseley, the Misses Wolseley and the Miss Taylors, Henry Street were indefatigable in their attention to all but especially to the wants of the little ones. When tea was over all adjourned to the Girl’s School from where Rev. Canon Wolseley had a magnificent magic lantern in readiness for exhibition .---- Prizes for good conduct ,proficiency, and regular attendance were distributed to the following pupils: Senior Division: Andrew Mitchell, William Robinson, John Robinson, Elizabeth Emery, Annie Brew, Anna M Hewitt, Flora Hewitt and Kate Blundell. Junior Division: Thomas Sullivan, Thomas Coote,Alice Lawlor,Jessie Brew, Ellen Gordon, Henrietta Bradley, Jane A Lawrence, Jane Brew and Alice Odger.----

1879 17th April (CJ).
On Easter Monday the Easter Vestry meeting was held in the Church Lecture-Room at Kilrush. The Rev Canon Wolseley presiding. He nominated Mr. G.H. Supple as church warden for the ensuing year. Mr. Augustus Warren was elected as the peoples’ church warden. ---- Colonel C.M. Vandeleur, Major Studdert and Mr. Theobald T. Taylor were again unanimously elected a parochial nominator for the next three years. ----- The select vestry men comprised the following: Colonel C.M. Vandeleur, Major Studdert, Mr. Land, M.George Taylor, Godfrey Taylor, Theobald Taylor, William Taylor, Mr. S. Brews, William Lawrence. Williams, Mr. Creagh and Doctor Moloney.

1879 17th July (KH).
Christian Education Kilrush:
On tomorrow, our good, pious and learned Christian Brothers will give the hundreds of pupils attending their excellent schools the annual mid-summer vacation. This will be a treat for the pupils and students attending St. Mary's Schools and indeed the Brothers also require some relaxation for more hard-working and more painstaking teachers there cannot be found.

1879 24th July (KH).
The Brigs “Mary and Gertrude” and “Enterprise” have arrived at Merchant's Quay with coals and salt consigned to Michael Studdert Gibson, Esq, Cappa.

On Sunday last the Odd Fellows Society of Limerick to the number of 500 chartered the Commodore steamer for an excursion to Kilrush. The members of the Brotherhood led by their excellent band proceeded to Colonel Vandeleur's extensive demesne. The popular gentleman having deputed his experienced and efficient gardener Mr. Tracey to show them through the grounds------.

1879 18th September (KH).
William Lane Joynt Esq, D.L., Crown and Treasury Solicitor arrived at Merchant's Quay House the residence of our worthy townsman, Michael Glynn Esq, J.P., on the evening and left for Clareville House, Ballyvaughan on Friday.

1879 18th October (IT).
Reduction of Rents: -
Colonel Vandeleur, D.L., Kilrush House, has made a reduction of 20 per cent to his tenants in West Clare. Many of them owe five years rent.

1879 11th December (KH).
--- The members of the Kilrush Dramatic Club will perform in the Market house on Thursday and Friday the 1st and 2nd of January 1880. The plays to be performed are the Mistletoe Bough” and the “Lady Audley's Secret” --- great credit is due to Mr. Moore, president and Mr. P. Redmond, manager,-------.

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