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A History of Kiltacky Church and Graveyard by Claire Keane


Kiltacky Graveyard with Headstone Transcriptions

Many of the graves of Kiltacky are unmarked or marked by simple stones. The majority of Surnames on gravestones are families who have lived in neighbouring townlands for generations.

The oldest inscription in the graveyard dates from 1794 for the Hynes family. There are 20 inscriptions in total dating from the 1800’s. The following pages contain a list of graves indicated on the diagram overleaf.

Graveslabs and Headstones

Headstones are important features of the historic landscape and frequently provide information to understanding our past.

Kiltacky Church and Burial Grounds hosts many fine examples of 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st Century graveslabs and headstones.

Detailed stonework of grave no. 44 dating from 1794
Detailed stonework of grave no. 44 dating from 1794

Kiltacky Graveyard Graveslab

Detailed stonework dating from the 1800s
Detailed stonework dating from the 1800s

Kiltacky Graveyard Transcriptions

Transcribed in 2000.

Map of Kiltacky Graveyard

Grave No.
1 Conlon In loving memory of Mary Conlon Coolourty, Died 11 May 1970 Aged 96 Years RIP. Erected by her son John Purcell.
2 Unknown Uninscribed stone
3 Unknown Uninscribed stone
4 Unknown Uninscribed stone
5 Unknown Uninscribed stone
6 Unknown Baby John Died June 1983 at 2 Months.
7 Unknown Uninscribed stone
8 Hennelly Jim Hennelly 1963. Also his Wife Nora (Nee Rielly) 1972
9 O'Donoghue In loving Memory of Nora O’Donoghue, Kilkeedy Died 8 January 1946. Her Husband Patrick Died 5 May 1962. Their Sons Frank & Thomas Died 23 April 1984 & 4 October 1983. Their Daughter in Law Ita O’Donoghue Boston Died 12 April 1986. Her Husband Michael, Died 12 January 1994. Their Son Gus, Died 28 May 1997. Jack died in Bournemouth 8 June 1992. [Plaque] In Loving memory of Baby Fidelma O’Donoghue 11-11-1985 RIP.
10 O'Donohoe Erected by John O'Donohoe, Rockvale In Memory of his father Pat who died 16th November 1886 aged 68 years. Also his Mother Mary who died 7th June 1908 Aged 67 years. For his Daughter Ann. May their souls rest in peace Amen. John O’Donohue 1851 - 1936. Anne O’Donoghue (nee Leech) 1859 – 1945. Thomas O’Donoghue 1893 – 1990. [Plaque] “Baby Donal O’Donoghue 11-12-1972 – 5-1-1973
11 Donohue [Graveslab] O Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Donohue alias Lander who departed this life AD 1821. This monument was erected by her son Thomas Donohue for him and posterity
12 Unknown Uninscribed stone
13 Unknown Uninscribed stone
14 Unknown Uninscribed stone
15 Unknown Uninscribed stone
16 Unknown Zac Much loved Son of Sylvie & Dave. Born 15-5-1990 Died 9-11-1990.
17 Unknown Uninscribed stone
18 Unknown Uninscribed stone
19 Unknown Uninscribed stone
20 Unknown Uninscribed stone
21 Nugent In Loving Memory of Mary Nugent (Nee Waters) Kilkeedy. Died 29th June 1964 Aged 86 years. Martin, Died 9th Nov 1972 Aged 95 years. Anne Nugent (Nee Corry) Died 25 May 1968 Aged 50 years. Michael, Died 9th March 1979 Aged 63 years. Jackie Nugent Husband of Anne Died 21 January 1998. Aged 80 years RIP
22 Unknown Uninscribed stone
23 Unknown Uninscribed stone
24 Unknown [Graveslab]Erected by Patrick McMahon
25 Unknown Uninscribed stone
26 O'Donoghue In loving memory of Michael O’Donoghue, Ballybroughan, Sixmilebridge Died 23-May 1986 Aged 34 years RIP. Erected by his loving Wife Chris.
27 O'Donoghue In Loving memory of John Joe (Crown) O’Donoghue, Aglish. Died 16 May 1982 Aged 72 years. His Wife Mary died 9 Nov 1997 Aged 78 years. Their Son John Joe Died 9 Oct 1996 aged 55 years RIP.
28 Mullins In Loving memory of Michael Mullins Kiltacky. Died 29 Nov. 1980 Aged 66 years. His Daughter Marion 8th may 1957 Aged 5 years. His Wife Nora died 14 Oct 1987 Age 67 years RIP. Erected by his Wife & Family.
29 Mullins In loving memory of Thomas Mullins, who died 22nd Nov 1918 Aged 72 years. Erected by his Children
30 Mullins Erected by Martin Mullins, Kiltacky in memory of his father Martin who died 2nd May 1906 aged 80 years. Also his Mother Julia who died 8th June 1925 Aged 97 years. His sister Bridget Aged 15 years May their souls rest in peace
31 O'Connor [Infant]
32 O'Grady In loving Memory of Rose O’Grady (Nee Waters) Turloughmore, Died 13th August 1988 Aged 77 years. Her Husband Michael (Mick) Died 14th Feb 1999 Aged 86 years. May they rest in Peace.
33 Lee In Loving Memory of Sarah Lee, Quakerstown who died 20 June 1979. Also her Husband Michael who died 23 Nov. 1979. RIP.
34 Lee Sacred Heart of Jesus Have mercy on Patrick Lee, (Leitra) who died 6th Feb 1955. Sarah Lee, Died 24th Sept. 1963. Their Son James Died 25th Jan 1976
35 Fitzgerald In Loving Memory of John Fitzgerald, Kiltacky. Died 30th July 1968, Age 86 years. His Son Gerry, Died 2nd August 1972 Aged 20 years. Agnes Fitzgerald, Died 9th May 1990 Aged 82 RIP. Erected by his Wife & Family
36 Unknown Uninscribed stone
37 Unknown Uninscribed stone
38 Unknown Uninscribed stone
39 Unknown Uninscribed stone
40 Moracy [Graveslab] O Lord have mercy on the soul of Bride Moracy alias O’Donoghoe who departed this life Oct. 17th 1811 Aged 63. This Monument was erected by her husband William Moracy for him, her and Posterity.
41 Unknown Uninscribed stone
42 Unknown Uninscribed stone
43 Unknown Uninscribed stone [Jack Flaherty, Bouleevin]
44 Hynes [Graveslab] Here lies the body of Connor Hynes who departed this life 8th January 1794 aged 69 years. Erected by his son Andrew Hynes for him and Posterity
45 Kearney O Lord have mercy on the soul of Mary Kearney alias Kelly who departed this life A.D. 18__. This Monument was inscribed by her beloved husband Denis Kearney & Sons Denis & Thomas Kearney for them and Posterity
46 Keeffe/Purcell O Lord have mercy on the soul of ? Keeffe who died A.D. 1899 This monument was erected by his son Dan Keeffe. [John Purcell is buried here also.]
47 Unknown Uninscribed stone
48 Unknown Uninscribed stone
49 Unknown Uninscribed stone
50 Unknown Uninscribed stone
51 Unknown Uninscribed stone
52 Unknown Uninscribed stone
53 Unknown Uninscribed stone
54 Unknown Uninscribed stone
55 Ruane In Loving memory of Patrick Ruane Died October 1928 Aged 58 years. And of his Wife Annie Died Sept 1908 RIP. Erected by their Sons. In Loving Memory of John & Catherine Ruane, Tiermanagh. Their Son John Aged 10 years. Their Son Patrick Died 22nd Nov. 1983 Aged 76 years. Their Daughter Norah Died 27th Aug 1991 Aged 70 years. Their Son Peadar Died 29th July 1990 Aged 76 years. His Wife Catherine Died 7th Jan 1992 Aged 71 years. Rest in Peace. Erected by Gerard, Margaret and Family.
56 Unknown Uninscribed stone
57 Unknown Uninscribed stone
58 Flaherty Pray for the soul of John Flaherty Died 30th Nov. 1974 R.I.P. Erected by his Sons & Daughters. Patrick Flaherty Died 15-5-87 Aged 36 R.I.P.
59 Flaherty In Loving Memory of John Flaherty. His Wife Ann and Son Michael R.I.P.
60 McMahon In Loving Memory of Patrick McMahon, Pouleenabouna. Died 21 Feb. 1994. His Wife Ellie Died 27 March 1979.
61 Quinn In Loving Memory of Michael Quinn, Killenmacooca who died 18th Jan. 1917, Aged 68. Of His Wife Mary who died 10th June 1910 Aged 51. And of his Son Nicholas who died 1st October 1916 Aged 21. Also their Children Bridget Died Nov. 1st 1960. Michael Died Nov. 6th 1964. James Died July 22nd 1965.
62 McMahon [Graveslab] This Monument was erected by Walter McMahon. In the Memory of Michael McMahon his Father who died Feb. 1840. Also his Son Martin McMahon who died March ? Aged 62 years.
63 Unknown Uninscribed stone
64 Unknown Uninscribed stone
65 Hynes [Graveslab] This Tomb was erected by Edmond Hynes Son of Edmond Hynes of Roughan in the year ? For him and Posterity.
66 O'Donoghue In Loving Memory of Mary O’Donoghue Carnagoul, Boston who died 3rd August 1981 Aged 52 years. Her Son John O’Donoghue, Died October 1951 aged 5 mths. Her Husband Frank Died 7th August 1987 Aged 73 years. RIP. Erected by her loving husband & Family
67 Conroy Sacred to the memory of Michael Conroy who departed this life Dec. 27th 1859 Aged 48 years. Erected by his Sons Michael & Patrick Conroy. May He Rest in Peace Amen. For Bridget Conroy and Posterity. In Loving memory of Tom Conroy Kilkeedy. Died 17th Jan. 1948. His Parents Patrick died 3rd March 1970. Margaret died 24th October 1970. His Sister Rita interred in France died 8th Jan. 1983 RIP. Erected by his Parents Patrick & Margaret Conroy.
68 Walsh In Loving memory of Paddy Walsh Kilkeedy, Tubber. Died 16-May-1983 Aged 50 Years RIP. Erected by his Wife & Daughters. In Loving Memory of Mrs. Bridget Walsh Kennedy, who died August 3rd 1966. Her Daughter Kathleen died July 11th 1939. Timothy Walsh died May 5th 1973 RIP.
69 Unknown Uninscribed stone
70 Walsh Erected by Martin Walsh in memory of his beloved Father. Thomas Walsh Died February 22nd 1868 Age 53 years. May He Rest in Peace Amen.
71 Walsh In Loving Memory of Michael Walsh Turloughmore. Died 21-Feb 1968. His Wife Mary Died 9th June 1995.
72 Connole Uninscribed stone [Margaret Connole]
73 Moylan In Loving Memory of John Moylan Boston. Died 11th June 1975 aged 74 years RIP. Erected by his loving Wife Delia. [Delia Moylan is buried here also]
74 Cunningham In Loving Memory of Norah Cunningham, Rockforest who died 14th June 1946 aged 67 years. Her Husband Francis Died 24th Feb 1952. Their Son Francis died 11th May 1977. Jesus mercy Mary Help RIP. Erected by her husband Francis & family. Patrick Cunningham Died 22nd May 1985”
75 Flaherty In Loving Memory of Mrs. Mary Flaherty Leitra who died 1902. Her Husband Michael died 1912 and her Two Sons Patrick died 1920 and James died 1949. Jesus Have Mercy RIP.
76 Unknown Uninscribed stone
77 Walsh Erected by Thomas Walsh. In Memory of his beloved Father & Mother who departed this life in October 1845. For him & posterity May they Rest in Peace
78 Walsh Sacred to the Memory of Michael Walsh who departed this life. May 8th 1863 Aged 40 years. Erected by his father Bartholomew Walsh for him & Posterity. RIP.
79 Waters In Loving Memory of James Waters Ballyeighter who died Nov. 18th 1942 Aged 52 years and his nephew Matthew who was killed felling a tree Feb. 25th 1945 aged 22 years. Also His Brother Thomas who died June 7th 1945 aged 69 years. Paddy died Aug 29th 1947. Bridget died Sept 6th 1967. Todd died Feb. 16th 1987 R.I.P. Erected by Bridget Waters & Family
80 Waters In Loving Memory of Jack Waters Glencolumbkille. Died 10th September 1972 aged 58 years. His Mother Mary Died 13th September 1956 Aged 83 years. His Father John Died 23rd January 1975 Aged 93 years RIP. Erected by his Wife Bridget
81 Unknown Uninscribed stone
82 Unknown Uninscribed stone
83 Unknown Uninscribed stone
84 Unknown Uninscribed stone
85 Unknown Uninscribed stone
86 Donoghue/Lee [Graveslab] O Lord Have Mercy on the soul of Mary Donoghue who died 1816 Aged 43. This tomb was erected by her Husband Mick Lee for him & Posterity A.D. 1828
87 Unknown Uninscribed stone
88 Unknown Uninscribed stone
89 Conroy [Graveslab] Erected by Patrick Conroy and Wife Mary Hynes for Michael ?
90 Lee In Loving Memory of Jack Lee Coolourty. Died 3rd Aug. 1964 Aged 47 His Parents Patrick 1932 Delia 1953 RIP
91 Unknown Uninscribed stone
92 Unknown Uninscribed stone
93 Unknown Uninscribed stone
94 Conroy Martin Conroy Died 9th February 1969 Aged 78 Years. Ellen Controy Died 5th June1984 Aged 93 years. Joseph Controy Died 18th January, 1991 Aged 62 years. Rest in Peace
95 Unknown Uninscribed stone
96 Unknown Uninscribed stone
97 Unknown Uninscribed stone
98 Lee [Graveslab] This tomb stone inscribed by Patrick Lee & his Wife Judy Lee alias O’Connor in affectionate memory of his beloved father John Lee who died May the 12th 1806 Aged 70 years. Also his mother Mary Lee alias Rourke who died January 1st 1831 Aged 73 years. For him and Posterity May they Rest in Peace Amen
99 Divany Erected by Luke Stephenson Gort In Memory of Michael Divany of Caherlough and his Wife Mary Divany. Also his Daughter Mary Fahey of Baltimore U.S.A. but late of Gort who died 12th of March 1900 Aged 55 years. Requiescant in Peace.
100 Divany Erected by Luke Stephenson Gort In Memory of Michael Divany of Caherlough and his Wife Mary Divany. Also his Son Patrick Divany Junr who died 11th December 1897 Aged 70 years. Requiescant in Peace
101 Unknown Uninscribed stone
102 Donohue [Graveslab] Thomas Donohue 1828
103 Waters In Loving Memory of Lena Waters Died 16th Dec. 1921. Aged 33 years. Patrick Waters Died 3rd February 1958 Aged 84 years. Thomas Waters Died 24th March 1966 Aged 82 years. Erected by their Family. [Paddy Waters is buried here also]
104 Waters In Loving Memory of Matthew Waters, Skahard, Boston. Died 5 February 1942. His wife Margaret Died 5 February 1954. Sean Waters interred in Germany 1944. Thomas Waters died 28 Nov. 1984 RIP. Erected by Family
105 Brogan In Loving Memory of Michael Brogan Boston, who died 30th May 1930 Aged 23. And of his Grandmother Anne died 10th Nov. 1902 Aged 54. And of his Grandfather Patrick died 14th Mar 1892 aged 54. Michael Brogan died 11th Jan 1964 Aged 82. Thomas Brogan died 11th Feb 1972 Aged 66. Ann Brogan Died 29th September 1946 Aged 67 RIP. In Loving Memory of John Joe Brogan, Boston died 17th June 1993 Age 76 years. His Wife Margaret (Dolly) died 21st April 1998 Aged 71 years RIP.
106 O'Shaughnessy Comyn In Loving Memory of Patrick O’Shaughnessy Boston died 22nd July 1966. Margaret Comyn died 23rd June 1950. Her Husband Frank died 12th March 1963 R.I.P. Erected by Albert Comyn
107 Unknown Uninscribed stone
108 Unknown Uninscribed stone
109 Unknown Uninscribed stone
110 Forde / Kelly Sweet Jesus have Mercy on the Soul of James Forde, Ballyglasss, died July 23rd 1930. His Wife Margaret died April 13th 1959 RIP. In Loving Memory of John Kelly Ballyglass died Nov. 4th 1991 Aged 74 years RIP
111 Rourke / O'Rourke Sacred to the Memory of John Rourke who departed this life 29th June 1878 Aged 74 years. May his soul Rest in Peace Amen. Erected by his beloved Wife Bridget Rourke for her and posterity 1880. Our Dear Father John O’Rourke Glanquin died Dec. 30th 1965. His Wife Katie died Nov. 22nd 1971. Their daughter Kathleen died Jan 22nd 1950. Their Sons Sean died Jan 24th 1960. Jimmy died April 6th 1985. Uncle Mattie O’Rourke died July 11th 1966
112 Unknown Uninscribed stone
113 Unknown Uninscribed stone
114 Unknown Uninscribed stone
115 Waters In Loving Memory of Mary Waters Carrownaghoul. Died 29th September 1987 Aged 69 years. Her Husband Michael (Halvey) died 19th March 1989 Aged 80. Years. RIP. Erected by her Husband & Family
116 Roche Erected by John Roche in memory of his beloved Father Michael Roche of Templebanaugh who died 12th February1870 Aged 55 years. Also his mother Julia Roche who died April 17th 1890 Aged 67 years. Michael Roche died 14th February 1948 Aged 19 years. Patrick Roche died 7th September 1948 Aged 60 years. Thomas Roche died 26th January 1973 Aged 82 years. May they Rest in Peace, Amen. In loving memory of Helen Roche Kilkeedy Died 13th March 1967 Aged 69 years. Her Husband died 10th October, 1969 Aged 85 years RIP
117 Roche Erected by Michael Roche Ennis in loving memory of his Parents, his Father John who died 17th October 1885, his Mother Bridget who died 11th March 1893 RIP
118 Hardy / O'Loughlin Erected by John Hardy in memory of his Father and Mother. Also his Daughter Mary and his Son Michael. Also Patrick Hardy George O’Loughlin died 27th July 1982 RIP.
119 O'Rourke Erected by Patrick Francis O’Rourke San Diego California in memory of his Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters. Also his Sister in Law Mary O’Rourke.
120 Unknown Uninscribed stone
121 Unknown Uninscribed stone
122 Unknown Uninscribed stone
123 Unknown Uninscribed stone
124 Unknown Uninscribed stone
125 Unknown Uninscribed stone
126 Unknown Uninscribed stone
127 O'Connor In Loving Memory of Martin O’Connor Boston who died June 13th 1941. His Wife Bridget died Nov. 3rd 1910. John died 23rd May 1971. Elizabeth died 25th March 1981. Erected by their children
128 Unknown Unmarked Grave
129 Unknown Unmarked Grave
130 Unknown Unmarked stone
131 Donoghue [Graveslab] This Tomb Sacred to the memory of ? Donoghue who departed this life on the 26th Dec 1826.
132 Unknown Unmarked Grave
133 Unknown Uninscribed stone
134 Unknown Uninscribed stone
135 O'Donoghue Markham Nugent Erected by Mary O’Donoghue in memory of her beloved husband Thomas O’Donohoe who died Nov. 11th 1875 Aged 62 years. May he Rest in Peace, Amen. [Mary O’Donohoe (Nee Lee) is also buried here. Their daughters Julia O’Donohoe and Bridget O’Donohoe, Sons in Law John Markham & Thomas Nugent are buried here also.]
136 McMahon Glynn In Loving Memory of James McMahon Carrownagoul died 21 April 1945 Aged 50 years. His Wife Bridget (Delia) died 18 July 1988 Aged 81 years. Erected by John McMahon In Loving Memory of his Father, James McMahon who died June 27th 1894 Aged 82. Also his Mother who died Sept. 24th 1893 Aged 75. And his Sister Nora who died April 19th 1894 Aged 35. John McMahon died 4th Sept. 1901. His Wife Bridget died 8th Jan 1939 Aged 88. Nora (Honor) Glynn died 1st Nov 1953 Aged 84.
137 Kelly Unmarked grave [Kelly]
138 Kelly In Loving Memory of Peter Kelly Boston. Died 4th September 1974 Aged 87 years R.I.P, Erected by the Family
139 Unknown Unmarked grave
140 Unknown Uninscribed stone
141 Unknown Uninscribed stone
142 Unknown Uninscribed stone
143 Unknown Uninscribed stone
144 Flaherty In Loving Memory of Martin Flaherty Leitra. Died 5th September 1980 Aged 82 years. His Wife Mary died 28th March 1999 Aged 80 years. Erected by his Wife & Family
145 Keane Pray for the soul of Bridget Keane who died 22nd October 1904. Aged 56 years Erected in Loving Memory of her Husband Michael Keane and by her Children. May they Rest in Peace, Amen.
146 Unknown Uninscribed stone
147 Unknown Uninscribed stone
148 Unknown Uninscribed stone
149 Unknown Uninscribed stone
150 Unknown Uninscribed stone
151 Unknown Uninscribed stone

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