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Land and Lineage: The McEnerhinys of Ballysallagh in the Sixteenth Century
By Luke McInerney

   Introduction; Assessment of Sources

   McEnerhinys of Ballysallagh: A micro-study

   McEnerhiny land dispute: 1565-1632

   Concluding Remarks


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This paper extends on the author’s 2008 article in the Other Clare journal which referenced a sixteenth century feud between branches of the McEnerhiny (McInerney) lineage of Ballysallagh in Kilnasoolagh parish, County Clare. This paper details the context behind the intra-sept feud amongst the McEnerhiny deirbhfhine in light of a discovered Court of Chancery bill. The paper will explore conflict among the extended kinfolk of Irish septs and present evidence on landholding arrangements in the sixteenth century Mac Conmara lordship of West Clann Chuiléin.

Clare County Library is grateful to Luke McInerney for donating this article which was originally published in the North Munster Antiquarian Journal, vol. 49, 2009, pp 1-26.
Luke McInerney ( welcomes queries from people researching late medieval and early modern County Clare.

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Introduction; Assessment of Sources