Mason's Parochial Survey, 1814-19

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Union of Kilrush, Killard, Kilfieragh, Moyferta, and Kilballyhone

XI. Natural Curiosities, Remarkable Occurrences, &c.

Cliffs, Puffing Holes, Natural Bridges
Among the natural curiosities of this place, may be reckoned the cliffs on the coast of the Atlantic ocean at Baltard, Kilkea, and Moveen, with the Bishop’s Island, near Kilkea, the Puffing holes at Clahansevan, and the natural bridges of Ross. Some of these cliffs are three hundred feet high. The Bishop’s Island is nearly inaccessible, but contains the ruins of a house, in which, it is said, a bishop was starved to death; from which circumstance it derives its name, “ilawn an aspug usthig,” the island of the starved bishop. The Puffing holes of Clahansevan are considered as great a curiosity as any on this interesting coast; but it is only in a certain state of the wind and tide, that they play in any degree of perfection. At that conjunction, the wind and tide strongly impelling the water into the horizontal fissures in the cliff, the air forced inwards by the weight of water, suddenly reacting against the spent force of the waves, repels it with a sound similar to that of the discharge of heavy artillery. The natural bridges of Ross are formed by the excavation of the loose earth by the tide among the rocks, on this low and wild part of the coast.

This neighbourhood has produced no eminent men but Saint Senanus, and those of the MacMahon and O’Brien family, already mentioned in this account. Lieutenant General Blakeney Borough, and Sir Eyre Coote, received part of their education in this union.

List of incumbents, extracted from the First Fruits’ Records.

Rect. sive prebend. de Kilrush, Marcus Lynch, student, deprived; the preb. sequest. to Rob. Tuesden, val £30.
Robert Wilson, admiss. et insitut. fuit ac installat. prio. die Oct. 1670, in Præbend. de Eniscathie, als. Kilrush, in Com. Clare, £4 ster.
Guliel. Bedell, insitut. et collat. installat. fuit prim. die Septemb. eod. anno (1670,) in Prebend. de Enniscathie, als. Kilrush, in Com. Clare, £4 ster.
Johes Paterson, Cler. institut. et installat. fuit 25o die ffebruar. 1685, in Prebend de Inniscathy, als. Iniscatrie, als. Kilrush, et eod. die institut. fuit ad et in Vicar. de Killard, Killfieragh, Killballihone, et Moyarta, Com. Clare.
Johes Vandaleur, Cler. in Artibs. magr. collat. fuit 6o die May, 1687, ad Prebend, de Iniscathrie, als. Kilrush £4. Vicar. de Moyferta 10s., Killard 10s., Killfeiragh 20s.‚ et Killballyhane 13s. 4d., Com. Clare.
Richard Bullen, Rect. Kilrush, 1 Nov. 1752.
William Lewis, Rect. Kilrush, 4 June, 1753, Clare.
William Watson, R. Kilrush, 1 Aug. 1767, Clare.
Irwine Witty, collated 24 July, 1777, P. Enniscathrie, £4. Kilfieragh, Moyarta, Killballyhone, and Killard, Clare, n.t.
George Baker, A. B., instituted 9 April, 1779, R. Kilrush, Clare.
George Gustavus Baker, instituted 1 Aug. 1796, R. Kilrush, Clare.
Standish Grady, instituted 19 June, 1805, vice G.G. Baker resigned, who held, 7 August, 1796, R. Kilrush, Clare.

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