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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Rath (b)

There is a small burying ground in the Townland of Creggaunbwee called after the Townland name. There is a Holy Well in the same Townland called Tobar-Parthanane, i.e., Parthanane’s Well, at which a Patron and Stations were formerly held on St. Bartholomew’s Day, which they believe to have been also St. Blathmac’s Day, who was Patron of the Parish.

There is a ruined building, in the Townland of Machaire and near the burying ground and Well just mentioned, the west gable and about half the south wall of which have disappeared. It measures forty four feet three inches in length and thirteen feet ten inches in breadth, having a breach like a broken doorway in the north side, a broken window near the east gable in the south side, and a window in the east gable seven feet high and three feet eleven inches wide, square at top inside, but having its top and sides broken on the outside, so as to render it impossible to ascertain what its form might have been.

There is a semicircular arch of well cut stone springing from both the angles at the east end, about five feet from the ground and closing over the window at a height of about fourteen feet. The side walls are about fifteen feet high and three feet three inches thick, built of small square stones. The people here do not look upon this as an old Church at all, and yet some of them call it Teampall-a-Chregain-Bhuidhe, i.e., the Church of Craggaun Bwee. There is no burying ground immediately attached to it.

There is a small burial place for children in the Townland of Draighneach, called after the Townland name. This little place is set down in the Name Book under the name of Killnamuck, but this name is not admitted or known to any person that I enquired of on the spot. There is a small burying place on the Townland of Cahercurkane called Cill-Chaoidhe.