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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Castles of Thomond (a)

                                                                                                                 10th Dec. 1839.

Dear Sir,
I here translate a list of castles found on a sheet of paper among the MS. Collection of Messrs Hodges and Smith, College Green, Dublin. It was written not more than one century since by some Irishman, who signs himself William O’Lionain. It is curious as shewing what Castles existed in the east of Thomond in the time of the writer, but his authority is not always to be received (without testing it) as to the founders of these Castles: “Here follow the names of the people who built the undernamed Castle in the County of Clare.”

  1. Cumy, the son of Mac Con, who was the son of Loughlin (Mac Namara) and his son Donogh, erected Daingean Ui Bhigin. - Now Dangan Castle in the Parish of Quin.
  2. Mac Con, the son of Cumy, erected the Abbey of Quin.- So called at this day.
  3. Shane, the son of Donogh, Cratloemore. - So at this day.
  4. Shane, the son of Teige, Cratloe Mael. - Is this shewn on the Ordnance Map?
  5. Sioda (Shudy) Cam erected Lecarrow. - Now Lecarrow about three quarters of a mile East of Feakle Village. See my letter.
  6. Sheedy, the son of Philip More, Ballintlea. - Sic hodie.
  7. Shane, the son of Donogh, Rosmanagher. - Sic hodie.
  8. Mac Con, the son of Sheedy and his son Donogh, erected Bunratty. - This is false history, for Bunratty was erected by De Clare. See my letter.
  9. Fineen, the son of Cumara, erected Cluain Mhuineach. - Sic hodie, in the Parish of Bunratty. Is this shewn on the Ordnance Map?
  10. Shane, the son of Sheedy, who was son of Donogh Cumarach, erected Baile na nGaibhne from the hall down, and his father that part of it extending from the hall up (What does William O’Lionain mean by up and down here? - J.O’D.) - Now Smithstown in the Parish of Drumline, about the one half of it is up.
  11. &
  12. Donogh, the son of Moreirtagh, who was the son of Conor Maglanchy erected Cluian Lochain and Baile an Cloiche. - Now Clonloaghan and Stonehall. Does the Ordnance Map shew the site of a Castle at Stone Hall?
  13. Conor, the son of Hugh Maglanchy, Urlinmore. - Sic hodie.
  14. Conor, the son of Conor, Baile Salach. - Now Ballysallagh in the Parish of Killonasoola.
  15. Shane, the son of Conor Roe, Baile na Craige. - Now Ballynacragga, in the same Parish.
  16. Loughlin, the son Teige, Rath Maolain. - Now Rath Maolain in the same Parish.
  17. Thomas, the son of Shane Mac Anerheny erected Druim Olainn. - Now Drumoland, the seat of Sir Lucius O’Brien.
  18. Donnell, the son of Rory erected Múchán. - Now Maoghaun in the Parish of Toomfinlough.
  19. Hugh, the son of Donogh, who was the son of Mac Con, Beal-Áith-Hinain. - Now Ballyhannan in the Parish of Quin.
  20. Shane, the son of Mac Con, who was the son of Sheedy, Crappoge, and the Chapel of Quin. - Now Crappoge in the Parish of Quin.
  21. Donnell of the Cavalry, the son of Shane an Ghabhaltais, Baile Ui Mharcachain. - Now Ballymarkahaun in the Parish of Quin.
  22. Teige, the grandson of Mac Con, Rath Laithin. - Now Rathlaheen in the Parish of Toomfinlogh.
  23. Sheedy Cam, and his son erected the house of Kincora for Brian Boroo and Ros Ruadh. - This is to be doubted, though it may be true. The Castle of Rosroe is in the Parish of Kilmurry.
  24. Donogh, the son of Donnell, Beal an Chuillin. - Sic hodie; jacet in Parochia de Kilfeenaghta.
  25. Conor na Srón O’Brien, Baile Ui Mhaoil Chaisil. - Ballymulcashel in Kilmurry Parish.
  26. Hugh, the son of Loughlin, Greanachan. - Now Granaghan in Toomfinlogh Parish.
  27. Conor, his son, Baile, Ui Chartha. - Now Ballycarr in eadem Parish.
  28. Owen, the son of Sheedy, who was the son of Shane, built Cuilleán. - Cullaun, in Quin Parish.
  29. Caisin, the son of Sheedy and his son Donogh, erected Kilkisin. - Sic hodie, in Kilmurry Parish.
  30. Shane, the son of Loughlin Oge, Daingean Breac. - Sic hodie, in Quin Parish.
  31. Conor, the son of Shane, Ceapach. - Which of the many is meant here?
  32. Donogh, the son of Teige, Baile Caisleain na Bhionnánach. - Now Castletown in the Parish of Doora.
  33. Owen, the son of Sheedy, Baile Ui Aille. - Sic hodie in Parochia de Templemailley.
  34. Torlogh, Bishop of Killaloe, erected Beal na Fior Bhearnan. - Now called Béal na Fior Bheannan - Bealnafeervaarnan or O’Brien’s Castle; it is in Inchacronan Parish.
  35. Mahon, the son of Sheedy, son of Gilduff, Corbally. - Corbally in Clooney Parish.
  36. Mahon, the son of Shane, Timadach. - Timadach evidently a mistake of the transcriber?
  37. The same erected Fionnloch. - Now Toomfinlough; the Castle is destroyed.
  38. Rory, the son of Philip, Lios Miodhachain. - Now Lismeehan in Tulla Parish.
  39. His son William, Lios Aodha Finn. - Now Lissofin in Tulla Parish.
  40. Donnell, the son of Hugh, Baile Ui Mhaoilin. - Now Milltown, alias Baile Ui Mhaoilin, in Tulla Parish.
  41. Shane, the son of Teige, Tulach. - Now Tulla Village; Castle destroyed.
  42. Donogh, the son of Rory, Garrumhrach. - Now Garrooragh in Tulla Parish.
  43. Teige, the son of Mac Con More, Feartan. - Now Fartaun in Tulla Parish.
  44. Donnell, the son of Mac Con Fin, Baile na Hinse. - Now Ballynahinch in Kilno Parish.
  45. Philip, the son of Rory O’Brien, the two Cuil Riabhachs. - Now the Coolreaghs in Kilno Parish.
  46. Donogh, the son of Donnell O’Grady, Cluaine. - Now Clooney?
  47. Donogh, the son of Brain Brugh, Scarriff. - Sic hodie.
  48. Owen, the son of Mac Con, Caislean an Locha. - Now the Castle in Lough Derg opposite Scarriff called Caislean Bán.
  49. Sheedy, the son of Teige, Aonach. - Now Aonach O’Floinn in the Parish of Clonlea.
  50. &
  51. Donogh, son of Donnell, the grandson of Ceallachan, Madhm Talmhan and Triuch. - Now ridiculously anglicised Mount Holland; it is in the Parish of Clonlea. 51. Now Trooagh.
  52. &
  53. 53. Philip, the son of Sheedy, Moin O’gCianachta and Tir Omhanainn. - Now Moanogeenagh and Tirovannin, both are situated in the Parish of Killuran.
  54. Baile Ui Chaollaidhe. - Ballykelly in the Parish of Kilseely.
  55. Fineen, the son of Mac Con, Dun Easa. - Now Dunass in Kiltinaanlea Parish.
  56. Donogh, the son of Conor na Sron, Clachan na Buidhe. - Non est inventum.
  57. Thomas, son of Richard, the Abbey of Clare. - Sic hodie.
  58. Donogh, the son of Teige by the daughter of O’Dea, Modhomhna and the Monastery of Corcomroe. - Now Mogowna in the Parish of Kilnamona in the Barony of Inchaquin.
  59. Donogh, the son of Turlogh O’Brien, Droichiod Ui Bhriain. - Now anglicised “O’Brien’s Bridge.”
  60. Donogh, the son of Morogh, Dun Ogain. Now Dunogaun in Kilmurry Ibrickan Barony.

The whole number (in the Co.) is one hundred and nine, 109. “I implore the blessing of the reader, whether I be living or dead.” William O’Lionain.

This list is certainly imperfect as appears from the summing up of the whole number which he had given, viz., 109. The Castles really mentioned in the copy before me is very little more than half that number. Mr. Sharkey will have a look out for these Castles on the Ordnance Map. I think they are all mentioned in our letters.

                                                                                                 Your obedient servant,
                                                                                                              John O’Donovan.